Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 319

Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 319

Chapter 319 All the Whitmans Are Great Actors

Harold was downstairs, sitting upright, feeling somewhat out of his element when it came to dealing with the romantic issues of the younger generation.

Chloe lowered her gaze and softly replied, “Yes, Grandpa?”

“Don’t worry. I assure you that Xavia will never appear in front of you again. You and Joseph should focus on living your lives well,” Harold assured her.

She widened her eyes in surprise. “Grandpa…”

Having been a soldier all his life, Harold’s face had been weathered by the sun, darkened to at deep tan. Being looked at like this, he blushed uncomfortably as he continued, “That’s settled then. The cat of a comrade of mine gave birth at home, so I need to go and take a look. Goodbye.”

Despite it being an accident, it was undeniable that Joseph had made a mistake, leaving Harold in the awkward position of having to come to his defense. The level of embarrassment he felt at that moment was unparalleled by whatever else had happened his entire life.

Chloe called out to him, “Grandpa, I’m grateful that you stand firmly on my side, but Joseph and I can’t go back to how things were.”

“No! Don’t say that. My heart can’t take it, and I might faint!” Harold exclaimed.

Chloe, well aware of Harold’s temperament as well as Joseph’s, turned pale with fear and dared not say another word.

“Chloe, I genuinely hope that you will continue to be my daughter-in-law. Since you entered this scoundrel’s life, he has undergone a remarkable transformation. He now knows how to laugh and to get angry. He has even become more vibrant and lively. He’s no longer the cold. and distant person he used to be.”

People always thought that being born into a prestigious family was wonderful, but they did not know the burden that came with it. It might seem like Joseph was only focused on Fairlight, but in reality, the entire Whitmans relied on him to thrive.

“Now, let me be clear. I don’t like Xavia. I suspect that this so-called accident involving Joseph was most likely her scheming once again. As long as I’m alive, she’ll never set foot inside the Whitman estate. With me as your support, you have nothing to fear.

“And if this scoundrel hurts you again, you don’t have to say anything. I’ll let you go,” Harold


Chloe’s heart was filled with a mix of emotions, and she could not help but feel a twinge of sympathy for Joseph. Behind his seemingly glamorous facade lay the untold hardships that nobody knew about. Furthermore, she had no idea that Harold held her in such high regard.

She pressed her lips together, neither accepting or rejecting his proposal. Instead, she tactfully changed the subject. “May I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” he replied.

“Who told you about our contract marriage?” she asked.

“Jonathan told me. He said his ex-girlfriend knows you,” he answered.

A cloud of suspicion crept over Chloe’s brow.

‘Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend? Ava?’

From a logical standpoint, there was no way she could have been aware of her contract marriage with Joseph unless someone had informed her. Almost involuntarily, she recalled the encounter with Icarus when she and Joseph were just about to enter City Hall. In hindsight, attributing it to mere coincidence seemed too far-fetched. It appeared more likely that someone had informed him.

‘No wonder Joseph had misunderstood…’

Deep in thought, Chloe pondered for a while before sending a message to Icarus.

[On the day of my divorce with Joseph, were you near City Hall for any specific reason?]

It might take some time for Icarus to respond to her message, so she decided to wait. As she headed upstairs to the restroom, Chloe passed by the study and caught the rhythmic sound of keystrokes emanating from within. It seemed like Joseph was replying to emails again.

At that very moment, Patrick happened to be carrying a tray of fruits and tea. Spotting Chloe, he contemplated handing her the items. “Ms. Chloe, why don’t you take these inside?”

“No, you should handle it,” she promptly declined.

She had no intention of continuing to serve Joseph. Though she felt a sliver of sympathy for him earlier, her own well-being took precedence.

Faced with a sense of helplessness, Patrick opted not to insist and placed his hand on his. waist, feigning discomfort. “Ms. Chloe, I’ve pulled my back. The pain makes it difficult to walk, so…”

“Fine, I’ll help you,” Chloe agreed, swiftly taking hold of the tea tray. “Go apply some medicated patches. If the pain becomes unbearable, consider taking a break and going to the hospital with Grandpa. As one grows older, it’s crucial not to delay tending to one’s health. You should never take your body for granted.”

“You’re right, Ms. Chloe. I’ll be leaving then.” Patrick turned around and left. Although his gait lacked a sprightly bounce, there was no indication of a back injury. He could certainly be

described as strong for his age.

Chloe’s lips twitched. It seemed to her that everyone in the Whitmans, be they an adult or a child, were great actors. Not only was Harold adept at deceiving others, but even his entourage. was no less impressive.

Feeling resigned to the situation, Chloe freed up one hand and rapped gently on the door.

“Come in,” came Joseph’s cool and languid voice from inside, a voice that was pleasing and magnetic to the ears.


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