Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 323

Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Noah Wants to Protect Chloe

“I will.”

Ava started to scheme. At first, she had not understood why Calvin had brought her here. But now, she began to see the whole picture.

Although Noah was a few years younger than her, they were about the same age. Other than pairing her off with Noah, what other reason could there be? Benjamin had done the same thing in the past. When two different parties came together to discuss business, they would. bring their children along. If their children fell in love with each other, they could have a business marriage.

Ava recalled Noah’s youthful and charming face. Although he was not her cup of tea, he was indeed handsome, and he had Exotic Star. She found him acceptable.

“Mr. Desmond!” When Calvin saw the old man, he immediately went forward to support him.

Desmond Sullivan was a man in his seventies, donning casual sports attire. His hair was white. but his body was still healthy and strong. He looked like a kind old man one met at the door of a neighborhood.

Noah stepped to the side and let the two of them talk.

“Well, you just made it worse. Why did you ruin your company like this for no reason?” Desmond criticized Calvin.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have let my emotions get the better of me.” He pointed at Ava. “Mr. Desmond, this is my goddaughter.”

Ava stood up and obediently smiled at Desmond. “Mr. Desmond, my name is Ava. You look so young that I thought you were only in your sixties.”

Desmond sized her up and commented lightly, “You’ve got a pretty sweet mouth.”

Noah and Calvin looked at each other before the former shook his head slightly. Desmond did not recognize Ava, and he did not have a very good impression of her.

Desmond then picked up a white jade teacup and used the cup lid to remove the floating tea leaves before he said slowly, “I watched you grow up, and will thus help with your company’s affairs. You’re getting up there in age now so stop acting impulsively.”

However, he was uninterested as to what caused the ruin of Calvin’s company.

Deep shame engulfed Calvin. Though he knew that Joseph was young, he had not expected Joseph to have such a bad temper.

After chatting a bit, Desmond retreated to rest. Noah then chatted with Calvin.

Ava could not find any chance to chime in after biding her time by the side. She felt that it was

because Noah was young and was still in university that caused him to be shy.

She then took the initiative to say, “Let’s exchange numbers.”

Noah raised his brows but he agreed to it because of Calvin.

Ava now confirmed to herself that he was shy. She then mischievously winked at him. “I just

got here, so I’m not very familiar with Docwood. Can you be my tour guide and take me

around the city?”

Stupefaction got the better of him before his face was overcome by an indescribable expression. “I’m sorry. I don’t have the time.”


After catching his gaze, she cracked a teasing smile. ‘Is he still shy? What a dork!’

“Uncle Calvin, please come with me.” Noah ignored Ava and addressed Calvin instead.

Calvin was unaware of Ava’s scheme. He just treated it like she was being friendly and loved to make friends.

“Ava, wait here. I’m going to talk to Noah for a bit.”

Ava nodded obediently. Though she had lost Jonathan she was satisfied with having Noah. She would teach Chloe a hard lesson for how Joseph humiliated her.

Under the tree shade, the mottled shadow of the leaves fell on Noah’s fair face. But it made his face gloomier, which was vastly different from his usual gentle and naive look.

Calvin was baffled. “What’s wrong?”

“Chloe is the new ambassador of Exotic Star. You can’t touch her.”

“Are you protecting her?”


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