Let Love Takes Away All This Pain By Jenna Writes chapter 163

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain By Jenna Writes chapter 163

Chapter 163: Alva, Marry Me

Alva looked into his eyes, and there was persistence, firmness, determination in his eyes.

As if she didn’t agree, he didn’t agree either,


She said yes.

Jackson laughed.

The next evening, Jackson brought his wheelchair over and said, “I’ll push you out for some fresh air.”

He was in a good mood, Alva could tell.

However, “I only hurt my hands, not my feet, so I don’t need a wheelchair.”

“In my eyes, you are very weak now.”

Alva had no choice but to be pushed down by him and came to the back garden of the hospital.

The back garden of the hospital is a place where hospitalized patients usually go for a walk. There are flowers and trees, pavilions, rockeries, running water, and greening are very good.

Alva hadn’t seen the scenery outside for a few days. It was not bad to come down and look at this strange place now.

Jackson pushed her along the white sand road and soon pushed her to a swing.


Alva looked at the swing and was surprised.

It was not because there was a swing, but because the swing was wrapped with green vines and colorful lights. It was very beautiful.

“I didn’t expect this to be in the hospital.”

Alva said with a smile.

“Well, sit on it.”


She hasn’t been on the swing for a long time either.

Alva sat up, and Jackson stood behind her, pulling back the ropes on both sides.

“Are you ready?”

Alva straightened her toes and curved the corners of her mouth, “Okay.”

“Then I’ll let go.”


Jackson let go, the swing swung forward, and Alva laughed.

The things I played when I was a child grew up and felt very different.

But soon, Alva froze.

Because it got dark all around.

It seems that all the lights are extinguished at this moment.

Is there a power outage?


But why are the lights outside the hospital still on when the power goes out?

Just as she thought about it, colorful lights lit up next to her.

And the lights are on the ground.

Wrap the swing in a heart shape.

People who had just been scattered came over with candles, stood outside the heart-shaped lanterns, and smiled at her.

Alva was stunned.

Jackson came to her and looked at her with a pair of eyes full of affection and love, “At my concert. I wanted to propose to you, but I didn’t arrange it. I also wanted to propose to you in Paris, but you were on a business trip soon. This time, I can finally propose to you with peace of mind.”

With that, he knelt on one knee, took out the velvet box, opened it, and looked at her, “Alva, will you marry me?”

Alva finally came back to her senses, but when she did, her mind wast buzzing.


He’s asking her to marry him.

Alva clenched her hands on the swing rope.

Seeing that she didn’t move, the person holding the candle next to her didn’t answer, saying, “Marry him, marry him, marry him…”

Alva stood up and looked into Jackson’s eyes, and there were many flashes in his eyes, longing, anticipation, nervousness, and caution.

Lips, “Okay.”


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