Let Love Takes Away All This Pain By Jenna Writes chapter 170

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain By Jenna Writes chapter 170

Chapter 170, what should I do?

After Flora got in the car, she called Mr. Zack.

She was worried, and she felt uneasy after thinking about it.

So, she had to call her grandfather.


“Grandpa, I’m in Lake Town. I just met Uriah and talked to him. He told me directly that he wouldn’t let Alva and Jackson be together, and that he would interfere with Alva’s marriage.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

She was afraid of what Uriah would do if she continued like this.

“You went to look for Uriah?”

“No, Jackson called me last night and asked me to…..”

Flora tells Mr. Zack what Jackson told her last night and what she learned here.

After speaking, there was no sound on the phone.

But Flora knew Mr. Zack was listening.

She didn’t rush, waiting for her grandfather to answer.

No way, Uriah’s character, except for grandpa to suppress him, no one can suppress him.

After a while, Mr. Zack’s voice came, “I see.”

Hang up the phone.

Flora frowned as she heard the busy tone on her phone.

Grandpa knows, and then what?

Mr. Zack hung up the phone and looked into the distance, a wrinkled face.

Alva asked Jackson to fetch her laptop from the hotel and her laptop.

She finished reading the Embroidery Secrets book and had an idea in her mind.

She has to write it down.

Jackson went to the hotel and got what she wanted.

As soon as the things were brought in, Alva got busy and went into work.

Jackson looked at her busy and didn’t bother her.

It stands to reason that he would not agree to her, but she endured for a few days before saying that he would be inhumane if he did not agree.

Flora is back and Alva is still busy.

“What is Alva doing?”

Flora couldn’t help but ask.

As soon as she came in, she saw Alva with a pen writing and drawing on white paper.

“She’s creating. Let’s not disturb her.”

Jackson whispered.


Flora looked at the pencil in Alva’s hand, understood, put the bag down, and pulled Jackson out.

“Tell me, what are your plans now?”

The conversation with Uriah made her heart feel like a stone, heavy.

Jackson looked at Flora and asked without answering, “Did he say something to you?”

From his mother’s expression, he knew what the two said, but he didn’t know what they said.

Flora sighed, “He told me.”

“What did you say?”

Flora looked at Jackson with mixed feelings, “He said he won’t let Alva be with you, let alone let Alva marry, marry any man.”

Jackson smiled, but this smile was not warm as before, but cold.

“Mom, which ex-husband would ask his ex-wife not to marry him after divorcing him?”

“Do you know why he asked for this?”

Flora didn’t say anything, but she already had an answer in her heart.

“Because he likes Alva, and he can’t accept Alva marrying another man.”

Flora’s eyebrows tightened, “But I asked him today if he would marry Bella this year, and he said yes.”

Jackson smiled and said, “He said yes, then I hope so.”

I’m afraid it won’t be when the time comes.


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