Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 10

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Business Trip 

“Of course!” Blair exclaimed. “Did you think it’d be easy to get his personal number? I’m already glad I got his work number. It took two attempts before I got accepted. He probably rejected it personally the first time, so I’m guessing the second time would have been his assistant. The assistant must’ve been impressed by our beauty.”


Serena looked at Blair’s WhatsApp picture. It was a photo of the two of them together, taken at the end of the previous year when they were traveling in Japan and soaking in a hot spring. Their faces were veiled, but their skin tone was soft because they had soaked in the hot spring, and their eyebrows were full of charm. Blair was very satisfied with this set of photos and had casually changed one to her WhatsApp profile picture, proudly saying, “Let them see what a true natural beauty looks like.”

“So he agreed to help you?” After all, Blair was a rare beauty, and who wouldn’t like beauty?

“No, Penn said he wasn’t in charge of this and told me to contact their HR department directly,” Blair remembered this response, which was a voice message from Penn himself after she sent three self-


Blair didn’t feel frustrated by the rejection at all. She didn’t remember anything but Penn’s voice was so d*mn s***y. It sounded so good!

“As long as he doesn’t delete my WhatsApp, we’ll talk later. There’ll always be opportunities.”

“Then go for it.” Serena liked Blair’s me*ntality, unlike her who wanted

to block him after being rejected once.

“Go for it too. Is it really okay to go to Boston?” Blair was still worried about her going back to Boston.

“Don’t worry, Emma is willing to take me on a trip for a project this time. It’s a rare opportunity.” She had been at the law firm for most of the year and was only responsible for some odd jobs. Emma intended to grind the newcomers’ temperament and would only give them projects if they could pass her tests.

Serena also understood that this trip to Boston was Emma’s way of examining them from a business perspective. The significance of bringing her and Nina along with her was self-evident: cooperation is also competition. Serena was aware of the significance of Emma’s focus on cultivation, which, without exaggeration, could directly determine their future career development.

“Serena, don’t stress about your work. You’re already great. Worst case. I’ll support you and your mom.” When they came out of the hot pot restaurant, Blair suddenly hugged and comforted her.

“I know.”

Serena hadn’t been back to Boston for years, and when she got off the plane with Emma and her group, she could hear Boston accents from passersby in the airport-an accent that she knew all too well. It had been many years since Serena spoke in her native Boston accent, as she had trained herself out of it to sound like everyone else. The familiar voices, scenery, and air that she thought she’d forgotten were so overwhelming that she felt slightly dizzy.

Nina had already carried Emma’s luggage, and the reserved car was waiting at the airport, so Serena quickly adjusted her mind and hurriedly followed.

Nina was excited and kept firing questions at Serena as she saw the sights outside the car

“What are the interesting attractions in Boston?”

“What is the food like in Boston?”

Nina had a lively personality and often acted naive and innocent. She was also a very resilient person. She could be crying one moment after being scolded by Emma, but then the ext moment, she could be following Emma and sucking up to her without a care in the world about being scolded in public.

Serena knew she could never do that, so she was always very careful not to make mistakes and always avoided being scolded. She hardly ever made mistakes and was never criticized, and within this safe range, she and Emma had always kept their distance. Nina, on the other hand, always made mistakes and was always being scolded, but she’d broken that distance with Emma and had become close to her.



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