Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 158

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 158

Chapter 158 A Little Car Accident
Anna kept her word and never said a word to Penn or Nate, not to keep her promise, but to wait for the show and the Humphery Family
earthquake, lest the world will not be chaotic.
Serena was at a stalemate in the negotiations between Fortune Finance and Investment Company and Lalalala Entertainment. During the tug-of- war between the two parties, she was able to go back to work in the law firm.
Unfortunately, Emma is on a business trip, and Charlie is also busy with other projects. The two backbones are not there. She is not familiar with other lawyers, or other lawyers are deliberately avoiding her, even Jasmine and Olivia She tried not to interact with her as much as possible. She had nothing to do for a while, so she sat at her desk and began to seriously study the negotiation project of Fortune Finance and Investment Company, trying to find a condition acceptable to both parties to push the negotiation forward..
All in all, he is not someone who can sit idle.
On the way to the tea and indirect water, I swiped Whatsapp Moments, the first line was Anna, holding the script and pretending to read it, accompanied by a new script, a new start.
She casually liked it, forgetting that the little princess’s job is to be an actress, even though she is still on the 18th line.
Scroll down to Whatsapp Moments, it’s Blair ‘s, a photo of an exquisite breakfast for two, without text but the meaning is self-evident, it’s her breakfast with Naser.
She wanted to like it, thought about it and then forgot, and sighed in her heart. Just as she was about to leave the tea room, Jenny sent a Whatsapp
Chapter 158 A Little Car Accident
voice call.
She never talked nonsense, she simply asked,
What happened to Blair ?”
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A few days ago, when there was an uproar on the Internet, Jenny called to ask, and Serena Kelly simply explained the whole story, omitting her quarrel with Blair without mentioning half a word. Jenny agreed with her that such a man should stay away. At that time, Jenny ‘s original words were ” Blair has always been shrewd, it’s okay, she will figure it out in a few days, and she can run faster than anyone else.”
Yeah, running away was the Blair they knew.
But right now, looking at this photo, I just don’t look back without bumping into the south wall. Jenny hates it
“She wants to be mean, and no one else can stop her, so don’t worry about
her life.”
The relationship between Jenny and Blair is naturally not as good as that between Serena and Blair, and they are more ruthless when they scold
“Don’t say that about her, she’s not easy.” Serena didn’t want to say anything bad about Blair.
“It’s not easy, it’s easy for the original wife? Is it easy for the daughter of the original wife? Serena, as long as she treats you as a friend, she knows the taboo in your heart and won’t do such a thing. She has nothing to do with Kelly What’s the difference?”
“She was also cheated.” Hearing Jenny say this about Blair, Serena suddenly felt uncomfortable and distressed. Blair has been avoiding her recently, even neglecting her. She knows that it is because Blair cares about her, and the more he cares about her, the more he feels unable to
face her.
Chapter 158 A Little Car Accident
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And she, what kind of real friend? In Blair’s most difficult time, she, like outsiders, acted as a strict moral guard, asking Blair not to do this and not to do that.
But in her heart, the most real thought was that she just wanted Blair to be happy, no matter who she was with.
She sent a Whatsapp
“Blair, I’m sorry.” I want to give her a hug and tell her that as long as you are happy, I will be your strong backing.
But Blair didn’t reply, and didn’t reply until she got off work.
When getting off work, there was a heavy rain, which added to the already congested roads in the evening peak, so Serena chose to go home. late and wait for the peak to pass.
Penn called her, “Wait for me at the law firm, and I’ll pick you up.” Thinking that she was only a rookie in driving, she was worried that she would not dare to drive in such a rainy weather.
“No, I’ll be home by the time you come over.”
“Okay, then be careful.” In fact, what he didn’t say was that he was already on his way to her law firm. After looking at the navigation prompt, the road ahead was a lot red, and he was stuck in the middle of the road without moving for half a day. Hours.
Serena was the last one to leave the law firm. The roads around them were not as congested as before. The sky brightened up again in the evening after the heavy rain. There were two rainbows hanging in the distance. When waiting for traffic lights, many car owners took out their mobile phones Take a photo of a rainbow.
Serena also took a picture and sent it to Penn
“so beautiful.”
Chapter 158 A Little Car Accident
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Penn can also see the rainbow, but there are three small car accidents ahead of him, blocking the whole road, he was a little irritable at first, but when he saw the rainbow sent by her, his heart calmed down.
“I might be late today.”
When the light turned green, Serena turned on the turn signal and turned left. After two intersections, she arrived home.
Just when she turned a corner and entered the road with few cars in front, her car was suddenly rear-ended heavily. She slammed on the brakes and almost hit the steering wheel due to inertia. She was still in shock when someone knocked on the window. It was the car behind, driver.
After she came back to her senses, she became anxious. Can she still drive? Can she rear-end on such a wide road? He unbuttoned his seat belt, got out of the car angrily, and went to check the rear end of the car.
The one who knocked on her window just now was the owner of the car behind him. He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He was tall and tall. He stood at the junction of the two cars and looked at his car.
Serena was wearing a dress, and because of the driving and the change of flat shoes, she was extraordinarily petite, looking fragile and lacking in imposing manner.
The other party was driving a Mercedes-Benz S-class car with the license plate Sen A888xx. One look at this car is either rich or expensive, so the man in a suit and leather shoes should be the driver, because she saw him. sitting in the back seat of the car. Waiting for a lady, did not get out of the car, waiting for him to solve.
Serena didn’t think much about it at that time, only saw that her own rear headlight was smashed, while the opponent’s car was unscathed, before
Chapter 158 A Little Car Accident
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she could accuse the opponent, the driver of the opponent spoke arrogantly: “With you driving like this Is it? The straight road suddenly slows down, today is your fate, my car is driving slowly, and if I drive at the usual speed, I will crush your car.”
This is the first time Serena has seen such an arrogant and unreasonable person, and she has nothing to fear. On this occasion, momentum is also very important. She took pictures to save evidence, and scolded
“What’s wrong with my driving? The speed limit on this road is 40, you can’t see it? Also, you figure it out, it’s you chasing after me.”
Seeing that she was not a persimmon and not easy to bully, the driver walked back to his car and said something to the lady in the back seat. The lady seemed to nod, and the driver walked towards Serena Road again.
“Well, we have urgent matters and can’t wait for the insurance company to deal with it. Let’s go private. How much do you want? Ask for the number.”
With the face of a rich man, he looked down on her car and her people. Many people are willing to do it privately, that is, they take the indemnity, and then find a random reason to ask the insurance company for reimbursement, which is equal to double indemnity.


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