Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 159

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 159

Chapter 159
Serena didn’t bother to take advantage of insurance, and was even more annoyed by her attitude, “Sorry, I can’t do it privately. Besides, whether it was insurance or private, if you rear-end my car, do you need a sincere apology from me?”
she said, pointing to the lady in the back of his car
“Is it your car? Or her car? You are in a hurry to smuggle away. Are you driving under the influence of alcohol? Or is there smuggling in the car for fear of being investigated?”
She also speaks out of reason, and admires the composure of the people in the car. When encountering such a situation, she just doesn’t get out of the car.
“My car is also driven by me. And please be more polite to me.” The driver’s attitude became even more arrogant. Seeing that she disagreed with the loss of money, he said as if he didn’t buy oil and salt. “Since you disagree, then We have to go to insurance. We have to leave first, but we have already reported the insurance, and the insurance company will arrive soon, please wait a moment. The photos and videos have been sent to the insurance company, and we are fully responsible.”
“What do you mean? Your car is leaving? I’ll wait for the insurance company myself?” Is there anyone more arrogant than this? Serena was even more convinced that the other party was doing something shady, and as a good citizen with a conscience, she couldn’t just let him go.
The other driver didn’t even bother to look at her again, so he was about to go back to his car and leave.
“Wait.” Serena stopped him from leaving.
Chapter 159
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She thought angrily, is it great to drive a good car? Hit someone else’s car and want to leave without even apologizing? And the owner of his car, who didn’t even show his face, was a little too arrogant. What’s more, there are still suspicions.
The driver was stopped by her with an impatient face, but he still ignored her. Instead, he picked up his mobile phone and called someone.
“You send someone over to deal with it, at the intersection of Yuntai Road and Chenguang Road.”
Serena is not afraid of a driver with a really serious tone and overpowering others, besides, the reason is on her side.
Coincidentally, Penn called her at this time
“are you home yet?”
“Not yet, I was rear-ended, and I’m dealing with it.” She said lightly.
Penn was nervous, “Is everyone okay? Where is it? Send me the location.” The road ahead of him also started to pass.
“It’s okay, you don’t have to be nervous.”
“Send me the location.” Penn ordered solemnly, and he could be heard turning the car around.
“Okay, drive slowly, I’m fine here.”
After Serena answered the phone, she saw that the traffic police had arrived, and it should be the person called by the driver to deal with it. The attitude of the traffic police is very good, just say
“Your cars are stuck at the intersection, which delays your work, and all the people who turn behind are blocked by you.”
Chapter 159
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As he spoke, he asked the driver to drive the Mercedes-Benz away.
Unexpectedly, after the driver moved aside, he rolled down the window to greet the traffic police and stepped on the gas pedal to leave. The lady in the back seat did not show her face from the beginning to the end. When the car passed by, Serena only looked at a side face. About 50 years old, very well maintained, and in good shape, even sitting in the back seat, he is sitting upright.
She didn’t have time to think about it, and was very dissatisfied with the way the traffic police handled it, but she couldn’t fault it. After all, she had been helping the insurance company to come and never left. I could only seriously say to the traffic police again, “So let them go? I suspect that he was either drunk driving or something ulterior in the car just now. Not only did he rear-end on such a wide road, but he also wanted to have sex with me just now, which is obviously a guilty conscience.
“No.” The traffic policeman replied without changing his expression.
The insurance company and Penn arrived at the scene almost at the same time. Penn strode towards her as soon as he got out of the car, as if he was afraid that she would be injured, with an anxious expression on his face.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine, are you disappointed?” she joked.
Penn angrily raised his hand and slapped her forehead heavily, “Nonsense!”
The insurance company here has also identified the liability accident, the other party is fully responsible, and the other party’s insurance is taken. Serena ‘s car was taken away by the insurance company.
When the bus left, Serena froze in front of Penn
“Fortunately, the other party hit me. If I hit the other party, my car is only
288 Vouchers
enough to accompany the other party’s headlight.”
“The most important thing is that people are fine.” Then he opened his car door and let her get into the co-pilot and speed away.
The Mercedes just now didn’t go far away, it was actually parked at a corner not far away to observe, the driver has been afraid to speak, the lady in the back seat is too aura, she is looking at the accident car and the car through the window. The owner frowned.
The driver is not a real driver, but a secretary of a certain department, surnamed Lake, who was temporarily called to perform a task. When he deliberately hit the car in front of him at the intersection just now, he was sweating because he was afraid that if the speed was not controlled, something serious would happen. There was no danger, except for the broken headlights, no one was injured.
Norman Lake has heard about this Mrs. Humphery for a long time, and being able to get in touch with her is an opportunity that many people work hard for a lifetime, so Norman Lake is very insightful, considerate in service, and never talks too much.
With his active mind, seeing the young man and woman embracing not far away, he immediately understood why Mrs. Humphery deliberately led this small car accident.
In the front is her son Penn, a young talent, a well-known figure in NY. And the girl in his arms is probably not an insider, that’s why today’s drama happened, and he didn’t dare to say more.
“Let’s go.” After waiting for a long time, after the young men and women drove away, Mrs. Humphery ordered him to drive, with a dignified tone.
As soon as the car drove, her phone came in. Norman didn’t know who the other party was, but Mrs. Humphery’s tone was indifferent, almost out of his nostrils.
“I see, she is an uneducated girl who doesn’t know the heights of the sky
and the earth.”
“Okay, I have a measure.”
The other party’s speech was also clear to Kelly, and there was no redundant word in the communication, and he hung up immediately after speaking.
Norman guessed that it should be the big man Andrew Humphery. According to internal sources, Andrew Humphery will be transferred back to Washington as soon as his term in NY expires this year. The power of the Humphery Family may not be the same in the future. Now is the critical moment, and half mistakes cannot be tolerated.
After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Humphery in the backseat finally showed a trace of fatigue, and gently pressed her temples with her hands to relieve them. Today, I deliberately arranged this unique first meeting, just to test the other party by surprise, so as to find out what kind of temperament the other party is. Is it okay to deal with it? The other half of his son Penn can’t be sloppy, and now that Andrew Humphery is transferred back to Washington, he can’t make a single mistake.
Hmph, is it Serena ? She wants to meet this girl for a while, to see how she can seduce Penn to fall in love with her, remembering Christmas Day, arranging Lane Family blind date for him, the way he got angry at her, it turned out that it was because of this Serena.


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