Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 193

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Diary
And that yellowed diary almost recorded Dad’s mental journey over the past ten years, both emotionally and professionally. She flipped through the pages one by one, and she didn’t understand why Kelly said those words when she was on the island. Why did they tell the difference between them being born in the same family, and why did they say that they are envious and jealous of her.
This is the first time that Serena really walked into her father’s heart. In her impression, both her father and mother were very strict with her. Less than a compliment.
But now I know that my father’s love for her and mother is written in the diary.
Since her father passed away, the questions that have been surrounding her heart have been answered, which is both relief and redemption. However, she has a little doubt in her heart, is such a father a good father? Why do you have Mia and Kelly even though you love her and your mother in your heart? So is his love love? Maybe this is what Blair often told her, the adult world is not black and white, good or evil, mostly in the gray area and self-consistent.
At this time, there was a knock on the door outside the study.
Serena, are you okay?” Penn’s gentle and concerned voice came.
Penn ‘s arms in the gloom.
“Why don’t you open the curtains? Are you okay?”
“It’s okay, it’s a letter from Dad to me and Mom.” She mumbled in his
arms, and then she felt Penn ‘s obvious stiffness when she mentioned the word Dad.
In the diary, my father mentioned that his father, Andrew Humphery. came to Boston, and his father also had a premonition that his good luck was coming to an end I thought they were two families who had no intersection, but they had been implicated many years ago. And her fate with Penn seems to be doomed to be a bad fate many years ago.
“How much do you know about my father?” she asked calmly. Dad has always created an image of integrity in front of her and mother. As Kelly said, what he takes home every month is the basic salary, the cleanest part of his money. Later, he committed suicide, and the higher-ups investigated their family from the bottom up, but they didn’t find out why, so Serena really didn’t know anything about her father.
got information from intercepting someone his mother sent to Boston to investigate. The case of her father William, because of his suicide and death, has not yet been concluded. He committed suicide to protect his accomplices, so that his father Andrew Humphery was sent to Boston . The reason was not found out. It was Waterloo in his career. It is also the reason why he cannot be transferred back to Washington.
The relationship between the two families has had bad consequences many years ago, which he did not expect. Now that the matter has come to this point, all he can do is to protect her.
“My dad really died because of your dad?” If that’s the case, then fate really played a big joke on her. If my mother knew this fact, I don’t know how to deal with it. She told her mother that she was innocent at best, and stupid at worst. Because of Kelly ‘s mother and daughter, she wanted too much to separate and break with the past, so she left Boston in a hurry, and she didn’t understand many things thoroughly.
“Serena, this is a relatively complicated issue. I can’t say who died because of whom. I can only say that this is their job and responsibility.” He didn’t want to avoid this issue,
“Yes, I know that his death deserves more than guilt, and I also know that your father is responsible, so I can’t blame you.” The reason is clear, but
after all, it is hard to accept, and she needs to give her time to digest it slowly.
Serena, do you remember what I told you before? As long as we are together, nothing else matters. We can’t change what has happened, so let’s look forward?”
Serena was silent.
The development of things now is not enough for them to look forward. She can’t even imagine what kind of tsunami and earthquake would be caused if Caitlin knew that she was William ‘s daughter.
She ended her honeymoon early and went to work in a law firm. Emma and Charlie were very surprised to see her. Coupled with the tiredness and depression on her face, how could she look like she came back from a honeymoon?
Charlie said “divorced?”
I was just joking, I thought Serena would retort angrily, but she just turned dark and turned on the computer to work in silence.
This… is very unusual, it seems to be a quarrel, and it should not be a trivial matter to go on a honeymoon and quarrel until the holiday ends early. Charlie didn’t dare to say any more, so he only asked her to have lunch with her to enlighten her.
It’s rare for Emma to be in the law firm, so naturally they go together at noon. Both she and Charlie are not good at comforting people, “I’m still a child, so it’s rare to waste a vacation.”
“Husbands and wives do not quarrel, don’t take it too seriously, the most important thing is to be happy.”
Serena explained, “There was no quarrel, because something happened at home, so I came back early.”
788 Wouchers
“Need help?” Emma asked.
“Not yet.” I’m afraid no one else can help her.
“You’re welcome, Emma and I are always by your side.” Charlie said from the bottom of his heart.
“Well, thank you, I’m really fine.”
After the three of them had dinner, on the way back to the law firm, Serena suddenly received a text message from Caitlin, “Who are you, William ?”
She was stunned, stopped and looked at these words, and slowly replied;
“It’s my father.” What should come will always come.
“Serena, hurry up.”
that she didn’t keep up, Emma and Charlie called her back, but saw her pale face replying to the message, she seemed weak and trembling.
Charlic hurried over
“What happened?”
Serena fell on deaf ears, because Caitlin ‘s message came again.
“Serena, no matter where you are now, come here immediately, if you don’t come here, I will die with your mother.”
As soon as she heard her mention her mother, she panicked and yelled into the phone
“Don’t go to my mother, I’ll go there right now.”
Mom can’t be stimulated anymore. She was breathless after reading Dad’s suicide note and diary yesterday. If she knows about the relationship between Dad and Humphery Family, she may not survive.
She ran to the garage and was grabbed
Serena, where are you going? I’ll take you.” Seeing that she couldn’t drive like this, Charlie forcibly pulled her into his car and took her to the hospital.
Serena kept sending Caitlin voice requests and video requests along the way, but she hung up on them all, and the other party just refused to answer. She was crying, her voice trembling
“Auntie, my mother doesn’t know anything. I’ll talk about it when I go over. Please don’t hurt her.”
She knew that with Caitlin ‘s status and temper, the doctors, nurses and nurses in the hospital couldn’t stop her at all.


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