Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 2

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Earned

“Serena, what kind of cases do you handle now that you’re a big-shot lawyer?”

“I’m still just an assistant lawyer in charge of odd jobs.”

Her answer was mild. In fact, after graduating, she had been working as a corporate law clerk and had just transferred to a law firm this year, so she was indeed a junior assistant. In air’s words, she’d always done the opposite of what others did. Others would work at a firm for a few years and then move into the corporate world, but she did the opposite.

“Serena is being modest.”

She was a conversation killer, and the few times Nate tried to talk to her, she gave curt responses. The other students also didn’t seem interested in her, so the topic quickly shifted to the popular figures from their high school days. Penn and Kelly Bell, the class heartthrobs.

Nate laughed, “Kelly was chasing Penn, wasn’t she?”

“Nate!” Penn, who hadn’t said anything, finally spoke up in warning, stopping him from going any further.

Serena hadn’t heard the name Kelly in years, and her heart sank, glancing at Jenny next to her in some confusion. Jenny held her hand to reassure her, but her mood hit rock bottom.

After the dinner, Serena realized that Jenny was taking a flight back to Boston that night, and Nate, who once had a crush on her, felt obliged to take her to the airport. Before leaving, he called out to Penn, who was smoking by a flower bed not far away, “Make sure Serena gets

home safe!.”

“Let’s go.”

Penn’s eyes did not stay on Serena’s body for a second. After speaking, he walked straight toward the car ahead of them.

“No need. The subway station is just up ahead.”

Hearing her refusal, Penn stopped and looked back at her, reached out then handed her his cell phone with little expression.

“Tell that to Nate yourself.”

His attitude made it clear that he was just honoring Nate’s request, but in her opinion, it was just a polite and casual request and there was no need to take it seriously. Why would she need to call to clarify with Nate?

But the man in front of her obviously took it seriously.

“Thank you.” She decided to take his offer.

When they arrived at the entrance of her neighborhood after an uneventful drive, Penn suddenly broke the silence and offered, “I’ll walk you in.”

Serena looked back at the man through the car window. In addition to identity, his appearance was undeniably noble and handsome. Perhaps because she’d had a bit to drink, but the second they locked eyes with each other, she thought of what Blair would say. She was hungry for him-if she could snag him, she was in for a good time!

Crazy thoughts started to occupy her mind.

However, when she thought about it, she realized that Penn most likely offered to escort her in to ensure her safety like Nate asked.

Chapter 2 Famed

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She mentally blamed Blair for constantly saying things like that through the prior two years, telling her to enjoy her youth while she still could or else she would become old. At that time, she was extremely unclear-headed, and her mind was full of useless and vulgar thoughts.

The steam in the bathroom continued to rise, and the more calm she became, the more embarrassed she felt till she couldn’t handle it.

Soon after, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“What’s it?” she asked.

“Sorry, there’s an issue at work and I need to go over there to deal with it,” he explained through the door, his voice still low and s***y.

“Okay, please shut the door on your way out,” she blandly replied, knowing that his words were just an excuse to leave after business was done. It was expected behavior between strangers.

She heard the sound of the door shut, and as if on cue, her cell phone began to ring in the bathroom. It was a call from the hospital.

“Miss Serena, your mother is missing!”

The anxious voice of the nurse was like a thunderclap, shattering the charm of the evening, the harsh reality slowly cutting deep into her like a knife, inch by inch.

She ran frantically downstairs, trying to stop Penn’s car from leaving to ask him to take her to the hospital as it would be difficult to find a taxi by that time. His car was a ways ahead of her, slowly pulling out of the neighborhood, and she tried her best to chase after it, waving to try to get his attention.



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