Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 284

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 284

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 284: Reading the Paper
Sending Director Ham away, Nora held Serena’s hand and was grateful. For 18 years, she put down all the running for 18 years, and changed countless lawyers in the middle. It was not until she met this young Serena that she made progress now. In addition to gratitude, I can’t say anything.
As a lawyer, it shouldn’t involve too much personal feelings, but seeing Nora’s vicissitudes of life and white hair, her heart is also sour, the reason why this case can have a breakthrough, she actually just happened to take over at this node, the real credit is that Nora has been persevering and has been pursuing the truth. It is her maternal love and tenacity that have come to this day.
Sam is unfortunate, but having such a mother is a blessing among misfortunes.
After Serena herself became a mother, facing the topic of maternal love, her heart will be very soft, if Carl, Marcia encounter things, she must do her best for her children.
The following week, she took Karen to read the case file and write the materials. She needed to compare all the details of the trial in the case file one by one and find new evidence to support the rebuttal. It was a lot of work.
The efficiency is not high, but there is no way, human life is at stake, and the opportunity that is finally won cannot be made at all.
Her eyes were tired and bloodshot. Darcy knew that she was serious about her work, so he didn’t persuade her. He just said, “I’ll see you in NY in a few days.”
Although Darcy’s job seems to be all kinds of fun, in fact, as the head of
Chapter 284 Reading the Paper
the club and also in charge of several Challenge Experience Hall businesses, he is also very busy, not to mention recently dealing with the haunting Scott.
With Scott. He’s about to call the police.
But Scott, a pervert, is not afraid at all, and has a strong will.
Mike comforted him, “I, Scott, lost his job when he worked in Miami because he didn’t manage this poaching gang well, and now he has made hunting down poaching gangs his life’s work.”
“That’s his business, why are you pulling me?”
“He always feels that you are the same kind of person as him, with passion and ambition, and should not be trapped by the steel and concrete of the city.”
“I really thank you, Sir System.” He didn’t know how happy he was to be a dad now. There was nothing more pure in this world than getting along with children.
Serena was busy reading the case file and writing the materials, and Karen was helping. She was so busy that she didn’t even have time to send Whatsapp Moments, so she learned a lot from Serena. When the two were busy, they forgot to eat, and basically relied on takeout to solve the three meals.
In the evening, Blair drives over to take them forcibly out for dinner and a break.
Blair always lamented, “Serena, you work so hard, you make me look like a useless person.” Although her emotional counseling studio also has many clients, it is always a small business, usually eating, drinking and having fun to kill time, as if she is really spoiled by Eric.
Because I’ve been with Blair a few times, Karen’s got a little more courage, joked
Chapter 284 Reading the Paper
“Blair is old Versailles.” If someone is spoiled, loved, and has no worries about food and clothing, who is willing to work hard.
Blair smiles, Serena smiles
, “Why are you free tonight, your Mr. Maric is willing to let her go?”
“He will accompany Penn to socialize at night and will come home later.”
It was rare for Blair to have time to take her out for dinner, so she naturally chose a good restaurant. As soon as she got out of the car, she found that Eric and Penn’s car was parked next to them. Weren’t they going to socialize? Also at this restaurant?
Eric’s driver and Penn’s driver, Eric’s driver and Penn’s driver, Wade, saw them at the same time.
Wade was enthusiastic
“Miss Woodsen, Mrs. Marie, are you looking for Mr. Humphery, Mr. Marie?”
“They’ve been inside for a while, and it should be over soon.”
The coincidence made Serena wonder if it was arranged in advance. NY is so big, how can she meet Penn everywhere? But Blair arranged it, so this suspicion can be ruled out first.
It was a coincidence. Penn, Eric, Julia Sherman, and Nate were all in the private room inside talking to the CEO of Lofan Technology Company about the acquisition.
This time it was Penn, the boss of Lofan Technology Company, who was also looking for the location. Penn brought EricNate and the others.
Lofan Technology Company’s intention is very clear, as long as the acquisition conditions proposed by Future Better Technology Company are not so harsh, he would rather make less money and cooperate with Future Better Technology Company than cooperate with Kelly’s New
204. Reading the Paper
Vision Company
283 Vouchers
After all, it is a company that has paid a lot of effort and hopes to help it find a powerful buyer.
After a meal, the protagonist Penn Chengfu is deep. No matter what the boss of Lofan Technology Company says, he always does not express his position, and his face is indifferent and alienated, which makes people inaccessible.
When the CEO of Lofan Technology Company failed to communicate directly with him, he turned to Eric and Nate
“If you give it to Future Better Technology Company according to this condition, then Lofan Technology Company will definitely become a joke in the industry, and it will also damage the style of your big company.”
In fact, everyone present knows that the price offered by Future Better Technology Company is far lower than the market price, and the additional conditions are extremely harsh. But since it is Mr. Humphery’s request. Julia Sherman can only say it without conscience
“This price is the result after we asked an evaluation agency to evaluate it. Mr. Crawford will weigh it again.”
The boss of Lofan Technology Company looked at the distant and indifferent Penn at this time, and then looked at Nate with a smile on his face, and some understood
“Are you trying to cause trouble? You don’t really want to buy Lofan Technology Company.” Mr. Crawford was angry and not afraid to offend Penn. They were deliberately disrupting Capital Markets.
Tonight’s social engagement, Nate had expected to end in failure, Mr. Crawford can not be angry, keep this attitude is good enough.
Penn, who had barely spoken all night, said something very seriously now
“Mr. Crawford doesn’t have to doubt the sincerity of Future Better Technology Company’s acquisition of Lofan Technology Company. Mr. Crawford may wish to reconsider our terms.”
Mr. Crawford sees him as a typical capitalist face, a model of eating people without spitting out bones. Today is considered a long-term experience, and he is no longer polite
“Since that’s the case, there’s no need to think about it. Mr. Humphery, let me tell you the truth, New Vision Company and Betensh Capital Company offered a full double of yours.”
“Please go ahead!”
Mr. Crawford had gone through the bottom, and in exchange for the simple word Penn, he slammed the door angrily and left.
Eric and Julia Sherman were quite surprised. They came tonight, thinking that there was still room for maneuver. This price was indeed excessive. The preliminary negotiations and research work in the past few months have all been in vain.
Nate was screaming
If I can’t acquire Lofan Technology Company, my old man won’t spare me. “Whale Financial Company wants to enter the intelligent industry.
Without the springboard of Lofan Technology Company, I don’t know where the next opportunity is.
Only Penn was the most calm, as if everything was under his control.


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