Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 296

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 296

Chapter 296: The Pursuit 

When she sent another message, Darcy did not reply. Afraid of affecting his work, she did not continue to send him messages, and there was no need to involve him in her grievances with Kelly and Penn.

The children saw that she was in a daze with her phone after dinner, and they all came over and asked her to play games with them.

After playing for a while, she hugged a little friend and said apologetically

“I’m sorry, Mom is going on a business trip soon, you have to listen to Nelly at home.”

Thousands of words could not express the bitterness in their hearts. The toil of bringing them alone before was nothing compared to the bitterness


As soon as Marcia heard that her mother was going on a business trip again, her small mouth twitched, and big tears fell, and her hands. wrapped around her neck

“Mom, don’t go on a business trip, don’t make money, I won’t buy candy in the future.”

Her mother only came back to accompany her for a few days and had to leave again. She was so reluctant. She didn’t want her mother to make money. If her mother didn’t make money, she could always accompany them.

Carl was a little more restrained, his eyes were red and he didn’t speak, knowing that he was a man and couldn’t cry.

Serena hugged them tightly, her heart broken, and she really wanted to let

Chapter 296 The Pursuit

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go of everything and grow up with them without doing anything. But can she really get peace if she escapes? Penn will come to her, and Kelly will also force her, leaving her with no way out.

If the identities of the children are exposed, Ann is bound to come too.

Away from NY for more than three years, still can’t escape.

Nelly saw her on this business trip, emotionally unstable, comforted

Darcy will be back in two days. Besides, Mrs. Kirby and Lawyer Ayesa are here. Don’t worry.

Serena nodded, not daring to cry in front of the children, got up and went back to the room to pack her luggage. Marcia was held by Nelly and cried sadly all the time, not wanting her mother to go on a business trip. Carl silently followed behind her to help her pack her luggage.

The little boy is mature beyond his age, “Mom, I will take good care of Marcia, don’t worry.”

Serena, who had been holding back her tears, couldn’t control her tears, and hugged Carl so sad that she couldn’t help herself.

“Mom doesn’t cry!” Carl imitated his mother’s way of comforting them, patting his mother’s back gently to comfort her.

“Mom doesn’t cry.” Serena wiped away her tears and packed her luggage to go out.

On her way to the airport, she called Lawyer Ayesa and asked

“Can a lawyer have selfishness?”

Lawyer Ayesa, who was about to fall asleep, suddenly listened to the

questions coming from her phone and answered one by one


“Lawyers are also people, and people have selfishness.”

Chapter 296 The Pursuit

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She added, “Have you ever told me that to put aside personal value judgments and do everything in your power to win the case for the client, you have to do everything in your power?”

Lawyer Ayesa, “In principle yes, but you have to know that even if the lawyers on both sides do their best, there must be a winning party and a losing party, right?”

Lawyer Ayesa did not know the purpose of her sudden phone call, but thought she was under some case and was under pressure, so she called for comfort.

“Lawyer Ayesa, I want to lose once.” Kelly should not threaten her with her child if she tried her best to lose once.

Lawyer Ayesa is her guide into litigation, and if she does something that destroys her professionalism and disappoints him, I hope he understands.

After arriving at the airport, Kelly saw her and smiled, a winning smile.

“Serena, I know you will definitely come, happy cooperation!” She held out her right hand to Serena.

“Happy cooperation.” Serena also reached out to shake her hand for a

short time.

Before she boarded the plane, she sent Darcy a message

“I’m going to NY on business, let me know when you go back to Hartford.”

After waiting for ten minutes, Darcy didn’t reply, and she turned off her phone.

At this time, Darcy and Scott were lying in ambush in the mountains on the border of Yunnan. Scott stared at him with sinister eyes and motioned him to turn off his mobile phone. There should be no light or sound to avoid alerting the other party.

Chapter 296. The Pursuit

They have been here for more than a week. According to the leads provided by Scott’s informant, they determined the approximate location of Mr. Scar, the boss of the poaching gang, and tracked it to this mountain. They searched for a week in a row, and only found Mr. Sear this afternoon..

Darcy and Scott had a big fight in the afternoon. Darcy’s original

intention was to seek the protection of the local police and deal with Mr. Scar together, which was the most sensible thing to do.

But Scott insisted on going his own way and refused to seek help from the police. In his opinion, the police would only startle the snake, not


Scott is a complete outlaw, he stares at Darcy and promises

“No matter what, I will protect your safety and guarantee it with my life.”

Darcy, “Why are you staring at me? Why me?”

Scott, “Because you have blood.”

Go to your mother’s blood, Darcy’s gas exploded, no matter how bloody he is, he is also afraid of death, not to mention Serena and the two children now, he cherishes his life even more.

However, he still followed Scott in the evening and sneaked into the deep mountains and old forests to wait for the rabbit.

He didn’t listen to Scott, because he was worried that Serena wouldn’t find him, but when it was late at night, the light of the phone was particularly conspicuous, and he was afraid of the sudden sound, so he had to turn off the phone and put it in his pocket to zip it up.

Scott and he both have long-term experience in surviving in the wild, so at this time, they are crawling on the ground, not afraid, and are fully focused on waiting for Mr. Scar to appear.

Chapter 296 The Pursuit

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But it may be a coincidence, or it may be that their news is wrong, and the whole night has passed, and Mr. Scar has not appeared.

Scott did not inform the police, but had his own plans. Mr. Scar has stopped poaching for several years, but has changed his profession. As for which profession to change, he has not told Darcy yet.

Because the time is not yet ripe.

After the failure of the vigil, he thought Darcy was going to take the opportunity to find an excuse to go back to Hartford again. As a result, when the two went to the homestay at the foot of the mountain to check in, he was very calm, sent a message on his mobile phone for a while, and then asked him calmly

“What’s the next step? Are you sure Mr. Scar is here?” Although Darcy has experience in surviving in the wild, it is not necessary to mention his personal physical fitness.

“Here,” Scott confirmed.

“Hey, what is your real profession?” Darcy didn’t realize it in hindsight, but he trusted Mike too much before and never doubted Mike’s words. Now that I think about it, this so-called Scott probably lied to Mike.

“My true identity is not important. What is important is that we have a common goal and enemy.”

Oh, Scott is best at covering up important information in four or two ways. Darcy no longer delves into it, this is their rule, walking in the rivers and lakes, everyone has their own destiny, can work together to achieve a common goal, neither asking about the past nor the future, the goal is completed, and each other is forgotten in the rivers and lakes.

“Why don’t you go?” Scott was curious about his calmness.

“You’re here, how can you go back empty-handed?”


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