Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 312

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 312

Chapter 312 The Closest the Farthest 

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general distributor does not know what Mr. Humphery has in mind, he is very active in trying to solve the problem. 

Penn did not think much, is last night a excited intrusion into the school’s monitoring system, as compensation, to give them a free change of the latest set, but also want to be able to see the two children’s dynamics at any time. 

By the kindergarten headquarters to take the lead in changing the system, the kindergarten director of course gladly accepted. In just one day, all the monitoring systems in the kindergarten were replaced and installed successfully. 

The footage was instantly clear, and Penn was pleased with it and connected the video directly to the TV screen in his hotel room, ensuring that Carl’s class video would be visible as soon as he looked up. 

When it was time for them to finish school, he and Nate went to wait in front of the kindergarten. This time Nate is carrying a mysterious suitcase in the back seat. 

“Want to see them up close?””Nate said. 

Penn looked sideways at him. Wasn’t that nonsense? 

Nate points to the box in the back, then rolls over to the back seat and pulls out two prop character costumes, one for piggy and one for Ultraman. 

“I bought it at a premium from the toy store up front. Which one do you wear?” 

In his life, Penn never dreamed that he would one day wear such a costume and pretend to be a flier to attract the attention of children. 

He is the president of a well-known listed company, and he is dignified, and he will never wear it. 

Chapter 312 The Closest, the Farthest 

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“Do you want to see them up close or not?Do you want to hold them or not?” 

Penn hesitated. 

“Besides, I have sacrificed my life to accompany a gentleman to wear with you, what else can you not put down?”Nate thinks I’m the second rich kid in the family, and I put down my status to be with you. What do you want? 

“Are you wearing piggy’s or Ultraman’s? The owner of the toy store said the girls like piggy and the boys like Ultraman.” 

“Either way. “He finally agreed. 

“Okay, I’ll take piggy’s and you take Ultraman’s. “Nate decided for him. 

Then they changed their clothes, carried the big box in the back and went outside the kindergarten to deliver free toys. Because it is the time of school, there are also many training institutions outside the kindergarten to send leaflets or scan the code to send toys for free. but the two of them are too abrupt, they have grown very tall, coupled with the exaggerated shape of the doll clothing, in the eyes of the children, like giants. 

Because of this, it is more to attract the attention of children, plus they send gifts, do not scan the code, do not add Whatsapp, do not promote any products, is free to send, so many children under the leadership of their parents to get gifts. 

Penn’s a little distracted, in case Serena picks up the kids and recognizes him later, which would be awkward. 

“Don’t worry, your own mother wouldn’t know who you are if she came.” 

After a while, the two kids come out, but Serena isn’t picking up the kids today, the housekeeper is. 

The two children also saw them as soon as they left the house, and Nelly 

Chapter 312: The Closest the Farthest 

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held hands and stood there curiously watching them, but did not come to them because there were enough toys in the house that did not appeal to them. 

Penn looked at them greedily from behind the dolls. They were both very beautiful, especially Marcia, a miniature Serena, who looked almost exactly like the children he had imagined. His eyes were hot, and he could not help but crouch down to look at them. 

I saw them at the airport a long time ago, when I only thought they were strange children and did not look carefully, I squatted down at this time, just want to reach out and hug them. 

When Nate sees this, he is afraid that his behavior will frighten the children, and the butler next to him unconsciously pulls the two children behind him. He quickly hands the two toys to the children and asks them 

“Which one do you like?” 

His shape is piggy, but his voice is a rough male voice, somewhat inconsistent, Marcia can not help but laugh, reach out to take one of the Barbie toys in his hand, said sweetly 

“Thank you.” 

Forget Penn. Nate’s heart is melting. 

Carl is more curious about the Ultraman look and timidly reaches out to shake Ultraman’s hand. Also surrounded by many children, want to shake hands with him, and even see him squatting, have the courage of the little boy also took the opportunity to lie on his back to parents to take photos, because this Ultraman is too handsome. 

Where does Penn see the other kids? He reaches out and gently takes Carl’s hand and actually helps him through his pants in the airport bathroom, but it’s a completely different feeling. 

It’s his baby. He can’t let go of it. 

Chapter 312 The Closest, the Farthest 

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Originally Nelly is very alert, she took the children very responsible, but see a lot of children and parents around them to play, she will be a little relieved, see the time is almost, then one hand left. 

The two children took Nelly’s hand and left happily without looking back. 

Penn got up and was reluctant to part with them.


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