Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 313

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 313

Chapter 313: Darcy Returns 

Back in the car, Nate says, “When you come back next time, please put away your paternal love. Did you see the guard Serena’s housekeeper was on you?” 

‘Good! He knows he just lost his temper. 

“Keep up the good work. If you’re not going to embarrass Serena, you’re going to embarrass yourself. Anyway, the only way to get close to the kids right now is by clowning. 

Let alone fighting Serena for custody of the kids, the mere fact that he knew they existed would probably scare the hell out of her. Only now did he realize that he had intentionally led her to NY to deal with the case before, and even tried to persuade her to go back to NY for development. Her refusal and defense were caused by the children. 

When the two kids got in the car, they started asking Nelly 

“Why didn’t Mother come to get us?” 

“Is Mom away on business again?” 

Nelly answered as she fastened their seat belts 

“No, Mom will tell you if she is on a business trip.” Because Mom went to pick Kirby up.” 

Serena does pick up Darcy, and when she gets a call at the end of the day saying he’s at the airport, she nearly tears up as she grabs her car keys and rushes to the airport. 

“Drive carefully and don’t worry. I’ll wait for you. “Darcy’s soft voice came. 

Chapter 313 Darcy Returns 

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How could Serena not worry? In the last few days back in Hartford, she has not felt at case, knowing that he is in danger, and she can do nothing but passively wait.Not until she heard his voice did she let go of the tensed string. 

happened to be the rush hour of work, the road was blocked for a while to the airport, the car stopped, the first to see Scott, his black clothes and black pants, smoking next to the trash can, the whole person is gloomy and solemn. Serena is so impressed with him that she doesn’t look at him and looks around for Darcy. 

Glancing back a little from Scott’s side, his breath suddenly stops and Darcy sits in a makeshift airport wheelchair, wearing a black T-shirt, camouflage pants, Doc Martens and a tanned, wheat-colored face. 

“No?”The voice of the opening is still him, the smile is also him, and there is no embarrassment because he is sitting in a wheelchair. 

Serena was angry and distressed to see him like this. 

“What’s wrong with the leg?” 

Darcy picks up the wooden crutch beside the wheelchair and pokes Scott’s hard back in front of him 

“You hurry away, don’t let me see you again, bother!” 

Scott took one look at Serena, snuffed out the end of his cigarette, threw it into the trash, and disappeared into the night without looking back. 

Serena doesn’t want to see Scott either. She’s relieved he’s gone and only cares about what happened to his leg. 

“It’s okay. I broke it before, but it’s broken again. “Darcy said lightly, in the middle of the difficulties do not want to say. 

Serena carefully helped him into the car and noticed that he had lost weight and his muscles were as hard as rocks. Darcy looks sideways at her 

Chapter 313 Darcy Returns 

as they get into the car 

“Scared lately?” 

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Serena didn’t say anything to show she was angry and didn’t want him to brush it off. She knew he didn’t want them to worry, but the more he hid it, the more upset she would be. 

The car is quiet for a moment, but Serena can’t help but glance over at Darcy, who is frowning slightly and sweating heavily. 

“Does your leg hurt?” 

Darcy gave up his bravado and nodded. It does hurt, his leg is just a simple bandage, just got on the car when the wound and a sharp pain, the specific serious to what extent, still do not know, need to go to the hospital for further examination. 

Serena sped up and rushed him to the hospital. 

At the emergency room, Serena had to call the doctor because he couldn’t walk. The doctor looked at his injuries and quickly arranged for an ambulance to take him to the operating room. 

Unaware of what had happened, Serena waited outside the operating room for a few moments before remembering to call her mother, Mrs. Kirby. 

This time Mrs. Kirby arrives quickly and, despite Serena’s apparent nervousness, comforts her 

“It’s okay. I can’t die.” 

Her requirements for her son were simple and simple, so long as he didn’t die. A little skin pain is normal. 

Because of Mrs. Kirby’s attitude, Serena feels a little relieved, a little more tense. I thought that the gap between people is really big, if it is Carl 

Chapter 313 Darcy Returns 

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lying in it, she is afraid that her soul is gone, how can it be as calm as Mrs. Kirby. 

In fact, Mrs. Kirby is also a good attitude out of exercise, Darcy has been bold since childhood, it is often a thing to knock today and touch tomorrow, and after puberty and obsessed with all kinds of extreme sports, the body is often a big injury, they have already been accustomed to, the only requirement for him is to live well on the line. Then came the Gulf of Mexico and the death of his best friend Ted, and he really settled. into his concrete city life, and now with Serena, even more so. This is the biggest reason why Mrs. Kirby and her father are so fond of Serena and the kids 

“Serena, don’t worry. He’ll be fine with you.” 

In fact, Darey is seriously injured this time, but strong willpower has been supporting him not to show it. In the operating room. When doctors cut open his black jacket and camouflage pants, they found that his upper body was wrapped in white bandages, most of which were stained red. with blood 

The part of the leg that was broken earlier, it’s cracked again. 

Both surgeons gasped as they took a look at the injuries all over his body 

“Does it hurt?” 

Is a little curious, if it is other patients. I am afraid that the pain has already screamed, and in front of the patient in addition to the face is not good, keep sweating, the whole spirit and look are calm, even very calm to tell them 

“Please don’t tell anyone about my injury “Just tell her it’s an old leg. “He only said that he was injured in the leg, and did not say that the upper body was injured, and did not want her to worry. 

The doctor was silent for a moment. “How did it happen? Should we call the police?” 

Chapter 313: Darcy Returns 

This looks like a knife wound and a puncture from a dull club. 

“No, do it as soon as you can.” 

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No matter how strong the will power is, some can not support it at this time. After a three-hour flight back to Hartford from Yunnan, and waiting for Serena to pick him up at the airport and take him to the hospital, he was really tired. 

In order to avoid excessive pain, he was given a general anesthetic and the wound was treated. The leg injury is not the most serious, it is fractured, not broken. 

On the contrary, the abdominal wound is a knife wound, only a few millimeters away from puncturing the liver, which is really fatal. It must have been treated briefly in a small hospital before, which is why it lasted so long, and later it would have been inflamed.


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