Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 314

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Don’t be Brave 

Darcy tries to hide his injuries from Serena, but when he’s wheeled back from surgery, his bandaged wounds are exposed. 

When he woke up, the lights were on outside the window, and Serena was sitting quietly with him by his hospital bed. 

He woke up and couldn’t help but smile when he saw her. 

Serena was worried, but when she saw him smile, she got angry, glared at him, and pointed to his wound 

“You don’t explain, what’s going on?” 

She was a little angry, worried that he wasn’t telling the truth. 

Darcy is much better by now, and seeing Serena like this has softened her heart, she explains 

“Go with Scott to Yunnan to find Mr. Scar, the leader of the poaching ring, who shot Ted.” 

“Have you found it? That’s why you booked a flight back and arranged to meet me at the airport.” 

“Yes, but Mr. Scar is very cunning and more capable of counter-tracking, so after following him for a while, I realized that something was wrong, and I decided to come back and take it to the police. “I promised my parents and Ted’s parents that I would never take another chance, and with you and the kids waiting for me, I don’t want to go crazy with that outlaw Scott. However, when I was preparing to board the plane at the airport, I accidentally found Mr. Scar, who was preparing to flee abroad. After all, I deliberately followed Scott to Yunnan to find him, if I let him flee abroad, I might not be able to catch him in my life, so I was really 

Chapter 314 Don’t be Brave 

impulsive at that time.” 

“Serena, I was wrong to worry you.” 

“Did you get those wounds when you grabbed him?” 

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“Well, Mr. Scar is very good at backtracking, and when we chased him, there was inevitably a little physical altercations, but that’s nothing, just skin wounds.” 

“Is everything settled?” 

“It’s settled.” 

The questions and answers, the person is very serious, the answer is also very serious, seeing that he does not seem to lie, Serena will completely believe him, such a world is too far away from her, it is difficult for her to distinguish between true and false. 

“I won’t dare to be angry anymore, okay?”Darcy holds her hand, but the one thing that really keeps him coming back is Serena, who he’s afraid won’t make it back when he’s supposed to run into her at the airport. 

After the incident, he did not cheat Serena, before the airport, are the truth, but later in the airport after chasing Mr. Scar, all things have changed drastically, including these injuries, do not want to mention, have passed. 

Serena sighs as she helps him position the bed 

“I’m not angry, I know Ted is your problem, and you won’t be truly happy until you bring the poachers to justice.” I’m just worried about you. You won’t tell me anything.” 

Darcy didn’t expect her to know him so well, the heart moved, tightly hold her hand unwilling to loosen, commitment 

“I won’t hide anything from you.” 

Chapter 314 Don’t be Brave 

Serena nodded. “Are you tired? Want to sleep a little longer?” 

Darcy shakes his head. “No, how are the kids?” 

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“Fine, just asking every day when you’ll be back.”Just now I knew you were in the hospital, and I was bothering to come and see you.” 

“Let them come when they’re better, don’t scare them.” 

“Good,” said Hermione. 

Darcy holds her hand and can’t get to sleep, but in this safe environment, the tight string is broken, and after a short chat with Serena, she falls asleep. 

Serena sees that he has a relaxed brow and sleeps very well, but holds her hand and does not let go, afraid of affecting his sleep, she has been sitting with him at the bedside. 

Actually, because of that weird spring in NY.Dream, back to Hartford, she has made a decision about their relationship, but from yesterday at the airport to see Darcy, she can not open, especially at this time he is lying in a hospital bed, she is willing to hurt him again? 

She will never forget, in the pouring rain on the highway, when she is most hopeless and helpless, as if from the sky Darcy; Also will never forget, in the kindergarten parent-child sports meeting, shining gold Darcy;More will not forget, this day and night get along, his intentions to her, to the children bit by bit. 

It was he who took her out of the mud of life, and it was he who gave the children the joy of childhood they should have had. 

Her affection for him, her dependence on him, is not fake. 

As for intimacy, she thought she’d done that one spring. Maybe the dream was about the elevator encounter the night before, or maybe the only memory of her only intimate relationship was with Penn, so it was normal 

Chapter 314 Don’t be Brave 

to dream about him? 

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She gave herself a reason to convince herself, and thought that as long as she no longer go to NY, no longer associate with the former people, everything should be restored to the same. 

At this time, she did not realize that any relationship is natural, is not the need to convince themselves. 

She also wants to give herself and Darcy a chance, because feeling safe and secure with him is what she wants most. 

Later in the night, she fell asleep on the hospital bed in a daze. 

The next day asked for a day off to take care of him in the hospital, she has experience, the two people first met in the hospital, he broke his leg. she reported to the hospital on time every day for business, when he was very disgusted with her. 

Xu is accidentally thought of the scene of the first acquaintance, both of them smiled. 

“Why did you think to consult online?It’s not like you. “If it is not to consult online, there is no chance to meet. 

“Want me to be honest?”Darcy asked. 

“You say it.” 

“At that time, I felt that the level of lawyers who opened consultations on the Internet must be very low, otherwise, where would busy lawyers have time to waste time on the Internet?”So I’m looking for a low-level lawyer surnamed Tang, the one you went to college with.” 

“So you think my level of expertise is low?” 

“No, I found that you were too professional and conscientious after two chats, so I was not interested, so I went offline, and then you took the 

Chapter 314: Don’t be Brave 

initiative to come to me.” 

That seems to be the case, so their relationship is due to her. 

Darcy laughs: “So thank you for sticking with it.” 

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It was a pun on her insistence on coming to him in the first place, and on her insistence now. 

Serena smiles and changes the subject. “I’ll pick up the kids from 

kindergarten to see you. Nelly was here this morning when she dropped them off. 

“Okay, but is it okay if they see me like this?Darcy still doesn’t want to scare them. 

“It’s okay. They see Kirby as Superman who can do anything, and they need to know that Superman has a vulnerable side.” 

“What kind of logic is that?How can you ruin my image in front of my children?”Darcy is so angry. 

She went out without looking back 

“That’s what you mean when you tell me not to be brave.”


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