Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 315

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Serena is out of Line 

When Serena arrives at the kindergarten gate, Nelly picks up the children one step ahead of her and is waiting for her in the plaza outside the kindergarten gate. In the throng of children and parents, two cartoon characters stand out. 

Serena doesn’t mind too much, either. Training organizations these days are always trying to attract the attention of kids in new ways.But apparently, these two cartoon characters are particularly popular with parents and children. 

Because people do not send leaflets, nor do they need parents to scan the code, it is simply to send gifts, and the quality of gifts is also very good. Nelly said nearby 

“I do not know which store employees, come for two days, do not do any publicity is to send gifts, if the boss knows, to be angry.” 

Serena takes another look at the dolls. They’re huge. One is a giant dinosaur, the other is Baymax. The Baymax doll is a bit lazy, just standing around and not moving much; The giant dinosaur is a lot of lively, keep giving gifts to the children enthusiastically, she thought it was a new employee of a training institution, forget to publicize it. 

Carl points to the Baymax’s shape 

“Mom, I want that toy.” 

Baymax’s hand is a set of Lego mechanical assembly of children’s sports cars, very cool. Serena is not the type to take gifts from people, especially free gifts from publicity agencies. She never takes them, so she tells Carl 

“Let’s go see Kirby and get it for you when we get home.” 

Chapter 315 Serena is out of Line 

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“Good,” said Hermione. Carl is always a good boy, and when he hears that he can visit Kirby, he immediately prepares to leave, holding his mother’s hand. 

At this time, I saw Baymax, who had just been standing still, holding a Lego mechanical assembly in his hand, slowly moving toward them. 

After all, Carl was a child. Seeing his favorite cartoon character holding his favorite toy, he had a dreamy feeling. He stared at Baymax slowly approaching with his big eyes and his eyes were full of expectations. 

Inside Baymax was Penn, uncomfortable in his giant, airless costume, but willing to see her and the children as close as he was now, every step toward them, he felt like a cog in his heart, a step, a click, the cog closed a little, his cog closed with them little by little, Standing in front of them, he hands Carl the LEGO sports car that Nate discovered yesterday. 

Carl timidly took the Lego and said, “Thank you Baymax.” 

Penn reached out and touched his head. 

Marcia, standing on Serena’s other side, also loves Baymax and asks with a sweet smile 

“Baymax, can I hug you?” 

She saw it on TV. Baymax was so comfortable. 

Penn’s eyes were almost hot, and he bent down a little to pick up Marcia with one hand. Seeing Carl’s envious eyes on the side, he picked up Carl with the other. 

Around his feet were a crowd of cheering children, all wanting to be hugged. 

Carl smiled at his mother as he was held so high in the air. Marcia exclaimed excitedly that Baymax was so soft, it looked like it was surrounded by clouds. 


Chapter 315 Serena is out of Line 

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Penn in the costume had never dreamed of such a moment, only to hate that the costume was too loose to hold their tiny bodies tightly in his arms, and that he could not reach out to wrap his arms around Serena. The children were happy, and he was so moved in his costume that he could not bear to let them go. 

“Well, we should go.”Serena called out to them. 

Marcia was a little reluctant, and Carl was sensible 

“Mom’s taking us to see Kirby.” 

When asked to meet Kirby. Marcia immediately slides off Baymax without hesitation, and Serena quickly catches her. Carl also slipped off Baymax’s body, happily holding the hands of his mother and Nelly. leaving only a “cruel” back to Penn’s stiff body. 

At his feet are the children clambering over him for hugs, and he stands still, thinking only of his children gleefully sliding down on top of him to meet Kirby. 

Empty arms, which let him have an unprecedented sense of crisis. so he does not work hard, his wife is not his, the children also want to call others dad? 

Back at the hotel, Nate laughs and even gloats 

“Serena is over the top. Over the top.” 

“So I say, if you are not willing to embarrass her, you can only embarrass yourself. “I can only watch my child call someone else daddy.” 

“Anyway, the child does not have your surname, Shu or Yi, it has nothing to do with it.” 

Tell Penn how Nate touches him, or he’s not here in Hartford to play a cartoon character with him, which is way too good for his job. 

Chapter 315 Serena is out of Line 

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Penn doesn’t say anything. He knows what works best for a lot of things, but does he really have to do what he did at the mall with Serena?He really couldn’t bear it. 

Nate has said all he needs to say, but he has nothing to say. He goes back to his suite and sleeps. He will go back to NY tomorrow morning. 

The next morning, when I was about to leave for the airport, I saw Penn’s car slowly drive in from the outside, and it looked like it had just come back from the hotel the night before. 

Penn pulled up in front of him and drove him to the airport. 

The atmosphere inside the car was strangely subdued. 

“Went to the hospital last night?Nate’s nose is sharp. You can smell the potion faintly on him. 

“HMM.”Penn didn’t hide it, either. 

He sat all night in the hallway of the hospital, a door away, a world away. 

Through the door, Serena takes care of Darcy, and they both speak softly, like murmurs. When Darcy falls asleep, she puts her computer next to her bed, and occasionally glances up at Darcy before continuing her work. So sleepy, lie on his bed to sleep, is a lover, is also a family. 

He was alone outside the door. 

If not for this night, he is still convinced that Serena has him in his heart, sooner or later will be his person, but personally watching her accompany Darcy, see they have been holding hands, he has for the first time deeply felt that Serena no longer belongs to her, that night in NY, but her drunk. mess. Sex, and even he wondered, that night, if she was mistaking him for Darcy. 

More than three years, when he is still in the same place, still planning for their future efforts, she has gone far. There’s never been a clearer moment 

to realize Serena doesn’t belong to him anymore.


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