Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 316

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Don’t want to get Killed 

For a week. Serena has spent almost every inch of her life with Darcy, taking care of him during the day, working at a small desk, sleeping in a nearby escort bed at night, and occasionally having Karen run errands. when she needs to deliver materials to clients. 

Darcy which is willing to give her so hard, such as the injury improved some, then strongly ordered her to go home at night to rest, go to the law firm during the day, free to come and see him after work. 

“There are doctors, there are nurses, there are carers, you are wasting your time here. Be good and go home tonight. “Darcy can’t talk her out of it without a little hard work. 

“Do you despise me?It doesn’t bother you here. “Serena thinks it’s hard to do anything for him, so of course she wants to do her best. 

“It bothers me. “That’s the truth. She’s here, and he can’t get enough rest to see her. 

Serena had to listen to him, but still worried, and carefully explained to the caregiver needs to pay attention to the matters, which is ready to go home. 

“Serena, you’re more verbose than my mom. “Mrs. Kirby, who came to see him every now and then, was relieved to see that he was alive and well. According to Mrs. Kirby, there’s a professional doctor here, and she’s not here to help, so let’s not mess it up. Of course, she also knows that she does not want to be the third wheel. 

“I know, then I go, you have something to call me, I will take the children to see you after work tomorrow.” 

“Go on, go on, be careful.” 

Chapter 316 Don’t want to get killed 

Darcy watched her leave, the tenderness of the face gradually 

289 Mouchers 

convergence, the eye is also infected with a rare gloomy, bated breath waiting for the movement outside the ward. 

He knew Scott was waiting in the shadows to approach him. 

That day when I told Serena about the pursuit of Mr. Scar on the Yunnan border, he only said half, and the other half was dangerous. When he unexpectedly sees Mr. Scar at the airport, his first reaction is still to call the police, but Scott refuses and forcefully takes his phone away. The two almost fight at the airport, the situation is forced, and later, Mr. Scar will leave the country, he has to work with Scott. 

Mr. Scar is very cautious and has stronger backtracking abilities, and when he is about to go through security, he notices their tracking and immediately reverses his pace and turns away. 

In the small border town, Scott drives a broken-up Jeep, from downtown to remote mountains, from day to night, and nearly escapes Mr. Scar several times, but keeps up. Scott is an outlaw. Mr. Scar is an outlaw. Seemingly desperate, but all are familiar with the terrain, the two cars like two black panthers, close to the edge of the cliff whistling circle, the wheel seems to be on the edge of the cliff, accidentally, fell down the cliff car was killed. Even though Darcy loves some extreme challenging sports, but has never experienced this kind of hardship, but at this moment, he still dare not scold Scott, dare not have any action, can only cooperate with him, unconditional cooperation with him to have the possibility of survival. The heart has cut Scott to death. 

It was not until he was in a jungle where there was no way ahead that Mr. Scar stopped, and the scar on his face glowed darkly even at night. 

Scott and Darcy sit in the car holding their breath, “Watch out he’s got a gun.” 

A stalemate ensued, and Mr. Scar stood by the car for a few minutes or so, Scott said 

Chapter 316. Don’t want to get Killed 

“Get out of the car, he doesn’t have a gun.” 

289 Mouchers 

Scott judged that Mr. Scar was preparing to leave the country from the airport just now, so he did not have a gun on him, and now he was standing by the car and did not attack them, it should be that there was no gun in the car. 

I looked at the terrain, and there were two of them, and they were both good, so I decided to take the initiative. 

The reason why Mr. Scar can become Mr. Scar, absolutely has its own strong mental and physical qualities, even if Darcy and Scott are also year-round fitness exercise people, it is not easy to deal with him, because it is not the same magnitude. 

Mr. Scar was waiting for them to get closer, and when he got closer, he suddenly pulled a sharp knife from the driver’s seat, and in the dim light the sharp knife mirrored the scar on his face. 

The three get into a tussle, and Darcy is no coward, but he’s going all out, although the last few years of city life have made him less keen on the wild, but Scott’s cooperation can make up for it. 

It is just that he is full of awe for life, he only wants to capture Mr. Scar alive, and never wants to infect his hands with human life, it is precisely because of this little idea, so the fugitive Mr. Scar has the upper hand, and he is suddenly surprised and stabbed in the abdomen. Scott was in much better shape than he was, but when he was hurt, he failed to keep him safe. 

At the time, Darcy thought he was going to die here today, but just as Mr. Scar gained the upper hand and Scott was beaten to death, several men suddenly rushed from behind. When Mr. Scar saw them, he let go of Scott and ran into the jungle, and the men immediately chased him. 

Darcy, who had lost too much blood and had lost consciousness, could only hear curses and the shrill cries of Mr. Scar in the distance, 

Chapter 316 Don’t want to get killed 

interspersed with the wrath of the gang 

“Say, where is the stash?” 

289 Mouchers 

Scott, who was already dying, got up again, dragged him into the car, and then started the engine and sped away from the scene. Darcy’s face is ast white as snow. If he hadn’t been unable to move, he would have torn Scott apart right now. 

He wondered if the men who later appeared after Mr. Scar were friends or enemies of Scott’s. Was it an ambush or a coincidence?Is Mr. Scar dead or alive? 

He was knocked unconscious in Scott’s car and woke up in a rough hospital with pain all over his body. 

It’s easy to say that it’s a close call to return home, so these dangers, don’t want to say a word to Serena, let alone her, even he feels very far away, like a dream. 

At this time, the room was very quiet, the nurse was sent away by him, and he calmly waited for Scott to appear. 

It wasn’t until late in the night that Scott appeared in his hospital room, still dressed in black pants and standing like a ghost at his bedside. He’s been hiding in the shadows since he left the airport that day. 

Darcy saw him in the middle of the night, got very angry, and let out a 


“Who the hell are you?” 

After a trip to Yunnan, Darcy can no longer believe that he is just another person, or that he went to Mr. Scar only to deal with poaching in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Whoever he is, Darcy doesn’t want anything to do with him. Isn’t her life more important? This time, he made up his mind not to associate with 

Scott, and thought that Scott would not look for him again, but Scott was haunting, hiding in the dark all the time. 

It hurt the other day and I wanted to spend more time with Serena, so I ignored him, and today I just sent everyone away, and I just wanted to ask, what else does he want to do?


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