Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 317

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Are You a Wanted Man 

Scott, dressed in black pants and with a tanned skin, stood by his hospital bed in the middle of the night without saying a word. Darcy guessed when he didn’t answer 

“You’re not a fucking wanted criminal, are you?” It was the only 

explanation that made the most sense, as if years in the wild, combined with preventing him from calling the police, were determined to solve Mr. Scar’s problem on his own. 

Darcy is usually very defensive about people, the reason why Scott’s identity has not been questioned, because he is Mike’s Scott, he trusts Mike. 

He wasn’t sure if Scott, the dog man, smiled when he finished asking, because it was night and his white teeth flashed. 

Then Scott’s voice was very low 

“I’m a narС.” 

Darcy jumped out of bed to think of it, the result pulled to the wound, the pain fell heavily back to the bed. What the hell is Scott talking about? Fucking narc, you too? 

He fumbles for the phone by the bed and wants to call Mike to find out what kind of monster this Scott is. 

Scott, seeing his intentions, said 

“Don’t call him. He doesn’t know who I really am.” 

However, because he is an undercover cop and can’t provide proof of his identity, Darcy feels that it is impossible to imagine what is going on. At 

Chapter 317 Are 

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best, he’s just a regular guy who likes extreme sports and doesn’t want to be involved in any of this. 

Getting carried away by anger is obviously not going to help, and Darcy quickly realizes this, so he calms down and asks Scott in the dark 

“Then what do you want with me?” Dead or alive, Mr. Scar, in this I have done my best.”Walking with him on the edge of the cliff, taking the knife in the deep mountain jungle, he has done what he can do as an ordinary 


Scott still stood there quietly, because he was wearing black clothes and black pants, and he almost merged with the night. 

“Sorry to drag you into this.” 

“Don’t you feel hypocritical?When you came to NYMike’s house to see me, you made up your mind to involve me.” 

Scott was silent for a long time and explained to him for the first time 

“Mr. Scar has changed his profession in recent years, no longer engaged in poaching, and walks on the border. Private. Poison. Product. This time it’s for personal possession. Product so want to escape to the overseas. The man who suddenly appeared in the jungle that day was the man of Halbergia, and halbergia is poison. The head of the trafficker.” 

Darcy doesn’t know what to say. It’s from another world. What’s he got to do with it? There was a long silence, then he only asked 

“Is Mr. Scar dead or alive now?” 

Scott replied, “The odds are stacked against me!”With Halberd’s ferocious character, if you try to steal his things and escape, you will die. 

Darcy can’t help but sigh 

“Then he had a good death.” 

Chapter 317 Are You Wanted Man 

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Think of Ted, the Gulf of Mexico’s departure, and what goes around comes around. 

And then we’ll see Scott, teasing 

“If you are really a drug police officer, then I respect you as a character, my injuries are also considered to serve the people, not with you.” You can get the hell out of my room now.” 

He was naive and thought Scott had just come to apologize and visit him. 

As a result, Scott still stood silently in front of his hospital bed and had no intention of leaving. Scott’s eyes sent a chill down his spine and a bad feeling came up. Before Scott opened his mouth, he stopped 

“Whatever you want to say, shut your mouth and get the hell out of here right now.” 

Well, knowing he’s a bad guy. Darcy doesn’t want to hear a word. 

Scott didn’t badger him this time. He just said something 

“Beware of Halbergia.” Turn around and leave. 

Fuck! How many meanings? Darcy is freaking out! 

“Euphorbia is the greatest poison on the border. The Lord, the dragon sees his head but not his tail, and the people underneath are very discreet, in fact, this is the first time I’ve met his people. If we see their true faces, it is difficult to say whether he will kill them.” 

Scott reached the door and went back to Darcy to explain before finally saying 

“Rest assured, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.” 

If not for the physical inability to move, Darcy would now want to cut Scott into pieces, he does not believe that Scott just came to tell him to be 

Chapter 317 Are You a Wanted Man 

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careful about the Haberbera, and even now also suspect that Scott originally came to him to go to Yunnan is a cover, his true purpose has not been revealed. 

If he really is a NARC with no way to identify himself, then the only possibility is an undercover cop. An undercover drug cop went out of his way to find him and bring him into the bureau for what? 

You want him to be an undercover cop, too? 

Darcy lies alone in the hospital bed, thinking clearly about the situation, although the idea is flashed with ridicule, but suddenly like a thunderbolt inside, he almost instantly confirmed that this is Scott’s real purpose. 

Before you know it, he’s in the game! 

Using Gulf of Mexico Ted’s unexpected death as bait, he goes to Yunnan to find Mr. Scar. However, Mr. Scar has become a drug dealer and has taken drugs from the drug Lord Halident. Halident’s men are looking for Mr. Scar, Scott then deliberately lured him into Halident’s sphere of influence to deal with Mr. Scar, in order to make a good face in Halident:Now that he had taken part in the action against Mr. Sear, and had seen the faces of his subordinates, he would surely come looking for him, and whether to find him to kill or to take him under his wing was 


Darcy lies cold in the hospital bed, only hope that everything is his overthought, Scott is just taking him to Yunnan to find Mr. Scar to avenge Ted, not to introduce him into the bureau. 

No matter how hot he is, he will never take his life to an unfamiliar field to try his best, he has always done things in a measured way. 

He really hoped he was overthinking it. 

Serena comes home from the hospital and finds Carl working on the living room coffee table to build a prototype of a mechanical LEGO sports car with Serena sitting by his side. 

Chapter 317 Are You a Wanted Man 

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When Carl asks for a part, she hands it to him. They don’t talk to each other, but they do. When Carl gives her a look, Serena knows right away. 

But when holding the parts, she looked carefully in her hand and saw that the texture was very good, like a genuine version, not like a free gift. 

However, she has checked before, if this set of LEGO is legitimate, at least 5000 sets, so the kindergarten door of the cartoon doll can not be sent to the legitimate. 

She secretly sighed, now the business is really not good to do, in order to attract children, the organization is also very costly. Carl has a lot of hands-on skills, and after a while, he can’t put down his cool mechanical sports car. He loves it so much that he sleeps with it at night, and Serena is at his service.


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