Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 318

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Changing the Password 

The next day, before Serena dropped the kids off at kindergarten, Nelly remembered something and gave her a kindergarten notice 

“Look at my brain. I’ve forgotten it. The monitoring system of the kindergarten was updated a few days ago, and the teacher said that parents need to download an APP according to this address and log in again to see the real-time monitoring.” 

“Ok, thanks Nelly. “Serena didn’t think much of it either. She slipped the kindergarten notice into her bag and led the kids off to kindergarten. 

After dropping off her friends, she returned to the law firm to deal with a labor dispute at a consulting firm, only to remember Nelly’s words, to log back into the kindergarten monitoring account. 

One by one, I took out the notice from the bag, found the address of the system on the instructions, and downloaded a new monitoring APP according to the prompts of the address. When the download was finished, what I saw was a familiar LOGO. Future Better Technology Company? 

Her heart is tight, the kindergarten has changed the monitoring system of Future Better Technology Company? 

Is that a coincidence? Or was it intentional? 

When she was free at noon, she called the kindergarten teacher and said that her account password could not be logged in by the way to ask for information. 

The kindergarten teacher forwarded her call to a technician to retrieve her password. 

Chapter 318 Changing the Password 

“The previous system worked fine, why suddenly change the Future Better Technology Company’s product?”She asked as if unconsciously. 

“The previous system was old and the picture was not clear. This time it was our head office that switched products from Future Better Technology Company, so we switched too.”The technician answered. 

Well, Serena was a little relieved. She was a little bit amused by her anxiety. When it came to the Future Better Technology Company, she always thought of something else. With the Future Better Technology Company’s current market share, it is natural to buy its products. 

When she logs in the new system, the picture is indeed much stronger than before. There are more than a dozen children in a classroom, wearing the same school uniform and the same size, but Serena can still see where Carl and Marcia are in her house at a glance, and with the mother filter, she thinks that her children are really the most beautiful children in the garden. 

Karen suddenly looked up at the security camera, envy: We Carl Marcia is the most handsome and beautiful, when can I have such a cute child? 

Serena coldly pours cold water on her: Have a partner first! 

“Serena, that’s what kills people. “Karen went to work whining. 

The last few cases have been small. Karen has been at the firm for over a year and is now able to move from assistant attorney to full attorney. Serena gave her a few small cases to practice, and she helped guide the entire process. 

“Serena, can I participate in that divorce you got the other day?”Karen has been taking small cases of all kinds lately, except divorce cases, so I’m curious. 

In fact, it is an ordinary divorce case, the man’s domestic violence, the woman’s divorce, the man does not agree to the court. Serena is the woman’s lawyer, and the woman’s request is simple: divorce and custody 

Chapter 318 Changing the Password 

of the children, as long as they can escape the man with the children, the couple can not have a penny of joint property. 

She has brought Karen for more than two years, taking her to big and small cases, but rarely letting Karen touch divorce cases, not having the heart to destroy Karen’s yearning for love and marriage. It’s easy to doubt life when you’re on a case like this. 

She herself has experienced failed marriages, but frankly, during the marriage, there was more happiness than pain. Therefore, she hoped that before Karen had experienced marriage, she would not be hit by the misfortune of these marriages, for fear that the little girl would be afraid of marriage and children from now on, and then she would be guilty. 


Karen laughed when she knew what she was thinking: “Serena, how can I be so fragile, since there are many bad marriages, then I should know in advance, so that I can find a good partner with my eyes wide open. “Am I bound to meet men who cheat and play with women’s feelings and not meet a quality man like Mr. Kirby?” 

Serena still treats Karen like a little girl, but she’s more alive than she is. 

“Well, our client was identified by the wound of the man’s domestic violence, you accompany the client to the hospital in the afternoon to do the wound identification of domestic violence, do you know how to do 


“I know.” 

“Also, our client is willing to give up community property in order to get a divorce, but you can advise her that with her current financial strength, if she gives up community property again, she will be very passive in fighting for custody of the children.” 

“I know, I know, why not joint property ah, not only, but also let the domestic abuse man clean out of the house. “Karen was outraged. 

Serena glared at her: “Watch your words when you talk to the person, and 

Chapter 318 Changing the Password 

28 Mouch 

don’t say more than you shouldn’t, and leave the house clean?” You judge her”?” 

Karen immediately shut up, knowing that Serena is too serious about her work to allow for a little discursive attitude. 

In fact, many divorce cases know that almost without exception, it is not because of money or custody issues and stalemate. In terms of custody, women are often more insistent than men, and in terms of economics, men are more insistent than women. Of course, if the husband’s financial condition is good enough, he will also insist on custody. 

After Karen went out, she was thinking about how to get custody and share the property for her client, Whatsapp suddenly rang, when she saw Penn’s name, she was nervous, probably because she was writing about custody materials. so she could not help but feel a sense of representation, and Penn as a hypothetical enemy, of course, will not answer his call request.Just hang up. 

Not to mention in NY that night, do inexplicable spring. Dream, she now occasionally think of that picture are still ashamed, only wish to completely eliminate this person in her mind. 

Penn saw the rejected Whatsapp chat page, which he expected, didn’t call again, put down the phone and went to the meeting. The plan of Future Better Technology Company’s acquisition of Lofan Technology Company is quite smooth. Several institutions responsible for the acquisition will come to Future Better Technology Company regularly to report the progress of the project. Normally, he doesn’t get involved, it’s Julia Sherman and the chief operating officer in charge of acquisitions, and he only gets involved when there’s a decision to be made. 

This man, in front of outsiders is very taciturn and difficult to get along with, sitting there listening to the work report of various agencies, his expression is serious, while listening, while turning the materials in hist hand, so that every time he is in the atmosphere is particularly depressed, he does not open the question is slightly better, once opened, the other 

Chapter 318 Changing the Password 

288 Vouchers 

party is often unable to cope, because he can always grasp the other party is not 100% sure. But temporarily write the data on the material, mercilessly point out, and ask the source of the data. 

How do you answer that? Sometimes irrelevant data will not be specially calculated, just copy and paste it directly on the Internet report.


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