Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 319

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Children’s Products 

I had a few meetings with him, and the people in the cooperation agencies were afraid to get the data for everyone to see at the meeting, all of which were calculated over and over again to ensure that he would be able to answer the question. 

That’s the way it’s supposed to be, so we don’t waste each other’s time. 

After the merger progress meeting, he also attended the meeting of the research and development department, which was led by him, mainly discussing the new products to be developed with the product director. 

The core competitiveness of Future Better Technology Company, in addition to having a high-quality ecosystem, is the speed of product replacement, which is unmatched in the industry, and has been imitated by peers, but has never been surpassed. 

The product development seminar had just been held, and the plan for the whole of next year had already been decided, so the product director was a little confused, so Mr. Humphery suddenly asked for the purpose of the 


Mr. Humphery sat there very calmly, with a look of his own. 

“Leave your work to the people below you and focus on developing a kids-only product.” 

Product Director: “Mr. Humphery, are we going into the children’s toys and games market?” 

This market is a huge profit, many shareholders and management also suggested that Future Better Technology Company become a separate branch to attack this market, but they were all rejected by Penn, he has his own principles, children’s fast money will not earn, in his view,Most of 

Chapter 319 Clrems Products 

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those so-called puzzle games are things that harm the seedlings of the country, and the Future Better Technology Company is not bad for this money, so simply do not do this market. At this time, the product director heard his proposal and asked in surprise. 

Penn: “Products that shouldn’t be touched still can’t be touched, it’s a matter of principle. What we want to develop is a product that can accompany children, and a product that really has temperature and responsibility. Now most of the children are the only child, usually lack of playmates at home, parents because of busy work and do not have the energy to accompany their children, many children’s childhood is in loneliness, so we want to create a real high quality, even can temporarily replace parents to accompany their children a health product.” 

The product director listens one after another and has a general concept, but how to achieve it specifically and what functions are needed? He still has no idea. 

Penn: “I’ll send you the detailed requirements later for your reference.” 

Joa, who was taking minutes of the meeting, was just as confused as the product director. What kind of trouble was this? Suddenly interested in the children’s market, and seems to know a lot about children, and his appearance is very contrary to their Mr. Humphery is the kind of man who will hate children noisy, 

But he is now very serious attitude in the product director to discuss this problem, he is not the kind of whim, change the boss, can have a special meeting to say, is going to do this seriously. 

No wonder a few days ago, has been online to see a variety of children’s toys, as well as research a variety of parenting books, such as “3-4 year old children parent-child relationship” “Missing father” “No father” “October pregnancy encyclopedia” and so on. So you’re doing market research? 

But what the hell is an October pregnancy? 

Chapter 319 Children’s Products 

Oh, prenatal education should be included. 

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After a two-hour meeting, the product director finally had a clue, the product had a clear outline in his mind, and the next step was to discuss with the developers how to build the framework and how to implement the features. 

From a concept to the real success, research and development costs at least tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, but others Mr. Humphery did not blink an eye, and did not even go through the meeting of shareholders and management decisions, let alone market research, said to do it, very decisive. 

Who says he didn’t research? His home and office were filled with all kinds of children’s products, and he only felt that after researching all the children’s products on the market, none of them were worthy of his children, so he decided to develop and produce them himself. 

After coaching Karen on how to handle the divorce, Serena moves on, picking up the kids from kindergarten after work and taking them to Darcy’s hospital. 

Today, both children are a little depressed, especially Marcia with her mouth closed, eyes red. “She asked as she drove after putting them in their seat belts 

“What’s wrong?” 

I don’t know. I do. Marcia starts crying. 

“Mom, did our dad really go to heaven?Did you go to heaven and never come back?” 

Serena’s hands on the steering wheel, no need to ask, should be in kindergarten, because there is no father, by other children said. 

She didn’t answer the question. 

Chapter 319 Children’s Products 

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Marcia continued to cry: “I said my dad went to heaven and became an angel to protect us. They said I was a liar, that if I went to heaven I would die, that there were no angels in the world, and that it was all adults deceiving children.” 

Serena??What kind of kid does that? 

She looked in the rearview mirror and saw Marcia crying her heart out. Carl also held his mouth a little aggrieved, but he was very sensible and comforted Marcia 

“We have Kirby, and Kirby is our dad.” 

Marcia calms down a bit when Kirby is mentioned, sobbing as she asks 

“Mom, is Kirby our dad?” 

Serena was going to say no, but right now, if she said no, the tears of the two kids would drown her. She had to change the subject 

“Kirby’s leg’s hurt. You can’t climb on him when you see him, okay?” 

Sure enough, the attention was diverted. 

“Why did Kirby hurt his leg?” 

“Because to catch bad guys.” 

“So is Kirby the hero who catches the bad guys?” 

“Yes, he is a hero.” 

Although he is a game of life attitude, but the bone is bloody, full of justice, from his description of the past in Yunnan can be seen in a few words. He could have left Mr. Scar alone, but because Mr. Scar was about to leave the country, he went after him regardless of his safety. Of course 

he’s a hero. 

Chapter 319 Children’s Products 

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The man who was called a hero was lying on the bed at the moment doing nothing. When he saw the two children, his eyes lit up and he opened his arms to embrace them. 

But the two children both refused, and replied in a loud voice 

“Mom said Kirby was hurt and couldn’t be held.” 

Darcy was so touched, sensible little ones. 

“How about Kirby do a magic trick for you guys?” He took a deck of playing cards from a side drawer that he had extorted from the nurse. 

“All right, all right. “With him in the room, the two children’s depressed mood just now because they don’t have a father suddenly disappeared without a trace, and they carefully watched Kirby’s exaggerated performance on the hospital bed to magic them, smiling brightly.


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