Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 320

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Getting Married? 

Serena sat and watched, relaxed by the innocent smiles of the two children. Darcy has this magic, no matter how depressed she and the kids are, when she comes to him, he is like the sun, which can instantly dispel all the anxiety and depression. 

She couldn’t help but think back to when Marcia had asked Kirby in the car if she could call him Dad. Thinking of this, she took a look at Darcy on the bed, and Darcy also looked over, and the two eyes met in the air, and they couldn’t help laughing. 

Darcy because of the Yunnan border, the skin has been tanned into a wheat color, plus more slimmer, the whole features appear more three- dimensional than before, so a smile, handsome is a little too much. 

Sheepishly, Serena turns her eyes away from each other for a moment, only to catch Darcy smiling back at her. She looks back at him and asks 

‘What are you laughing at? 

“I didn’t laugh. I just wanted to laugh. “When he saw her and the children, he felt a kind of quiet peace in his heart, and could not help but smile. 

The children also laughed excitedly because of his magic tricks, and the whole ward was relaxed. Nelly cooks and sends them to the hospital so the kids can spend more time with Darcy. 

When it’s really late and Serena has to take the kids home, she gets up. The two children reluctantly kiss Darcy on the cheek before saying goodbye to him and leaving with their mother. 

On the way home, Nelly said 

“I think you can just get married once Darcy’s injury heals.” 

Chapter 320: Getting Maried 

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Nelly used to be Mrs. Kirby’s housekeeper, but now she takes care of Serena’s kids, and she brings out her feelings. What she didn’t say was that sometimes it hurts her to pick up the kids from kindergarten. 

Kindergarten children are not evil, but innocent, so they often ask the children, why don’t they have a father? 

At first, Marcia would happily say that my father became an angel and went to heaven, but later she knew that going to heaven means dying and never coming back. Every time she cried, Nelly’s heart was breaking. 

If she married Darcy, then Darcy would be their rightful father, and she wouldn’t have to go back and forth between the two families. 

Serena heard Nelly say that the children in kindergarten, the heart is sour, tears almost fell down, it is her fault, at the beginning to save trouble and do not want to explain so much, so casually said that dad went to heaven, the result evolved into today’s situation. 

But marry Darcy just to give the kids a normal home? Does Darcy have any thoughts of getting married?Is she the one who dares to get married? Is it fair to Darcy? 

She was still terrified of marriage, both because of her father’s influence on her when she was young and because of her short, failed marriage as an adult. 

Nelly seemed to read her mind, speaking for Mrs. Kirby 

“Serena, you don’t have to think too hard, but Ms. Woodsen and I can see that Darcy’s heart for you, and for the kids, is in getting married.” As for Mr. Kirby and Ms. Woodsen, you don’t have to worry. In all my years with the Yi family, I’ve met a lot of wealthy people, but it’s rare to see someone as open-minded as Mr. Kirby and Ms. Woodsen. They’re a family that truly accepts and welcomes you and the kids.” 

Ms. Woodsen told Nelly to say these words, otherwise Nelly would not dare to take the liberty to say these words. 

Chapter 320 Getting Married? 

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Both Mr. Kirby and Ms. Woodsen hope Darcy can settle down sooner. This time, Darcy has an accident in Yunnan, and Ms. Woodsen has a big heart. Although she says it is okay, what mother will not feel distressed? 

Ms. Woodsen really didn’t think much of a previous skin injury. But this time, she is through a doctor friend at the hospital to learn that Darcy suffered a knife injury, which is a knife injury and the usual sports injury, which is completely different. 

So Ms. Woodsen wanted her son to settle down immediately and stop thinking about the past. Serena and the kids are the only people in the world who can keep him in the city. 

That’s why Nelly’s been asked to find out what Serena thinks. 

Serena listened to Nelly’s words, not not from a realistic point of view, or from the egoistic point of view. as long as married Darcy, the eye can be seen to become better, become stable, and even easily cross a class. 

The kids have a legitimate father, and even if Penn fights for custody in the future, she’ll have a better chance; Both Mr. Kirby and Ms. Woodsen consider the children their own grandchildren, and Darcy is true to her. 

Yes, no marriage could have been more fitting. 

But is it fair? Is it fair to Darcy? 

She has told Blair that if she marries Darcy, it won’t be for any external or practical reason, but because she loves him, he loves her, and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. 

But, love, really is a luxury! 

Does her crush on Darcy count as love? 

This hesitation and hesitation, she can only talk to her dog-head adviser Blair. Because Blair is the one person in the world who knows her better than anyone else. 

Chapter 320: Getting Married? 

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She has always been both hands and feet in favor of her marriage to Darcy, but now it is really to make a decision, she dare not as brazenly as before with her own heart to say, after all, it is related to Serena’s happiness for a lifetime. 

‘When you can’t decide, make a list of the pros and cons of marrying Darcy so you can compare them,’ she says. 

“All good, none bad. “Serena: Answer truthfully. 

“Well, let me ask you another way.” 

“You ask.” 

“If Penn knew about the kids now and asked you to marry him, would you agree?” After all, he is the real father of the children.” 

‘No!Serena denied it without thinking. In her mind. Penn has no advantage over Darcy other than being the biological father of her children. 

“So your hesitation to marry Darcy has nothing to do with Penn?” 

‘Of course not!She answered quickly again. 

“Serena, go ahead.” 

Blair’s view of love has always been very open and courageous, to go with your feelings, to be loved, to be hurt, or to come back bruised and bruised. 

When she hung up, Eric pinched her face 

“Your view of love may not be suitable for Miss Woodsen.” 

Blair knows that’s not Serena’s personality. She’s too cautious, too cautious, and she thinks about every step, hoping that every step is the right one, but the more she does, the more likely she is to make a mistake. 

“I guess I can’t help her.”


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