Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 321

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Does He know the Child Exists 

Eric loves Blair for her bravery, but is often annoyed by her audacity 

“Miss Woodsen is an adult and has the ability to think for herself. 

“Don’t worry, I’m not fooling around.” 

Those who said no nonsense immediately picked up their phones and posted a Whatsapp Moments 

Congratulations to my dearest Serena, be a beautiful bride and be happy! 

This article is only open to one person, Penn 

Eric can’t help but see through Blair 

“You still want Miss Woodsen to be with Mr Humphery?” So send this Whatsapp Moments on purpose to provoke Mr. Humphery, or to remind Mr. Humphery! 

“No, as long as Serena is happy. I actually support whoever it is I just want to give them a chance, and I want Serena to be more true to herself.” 

Of course, Blair’s heart is in Darcy’s favor. He’s perfect for Serena, but she also understands that a lot of things can’t be judged by simple suitability, which is why she’s so torn, not to mention Serena herself. 

Oh. so sad! 

She sighed in the gloom. 

Eric pulls her into his arms, rolls over and pecks her lip 

“Mrs. Fu, do you think it is appropriate for you to lie next to your husband, but worry about other men, or two?” 



Chapter 321 Does He know the Child Exists 

Without waiting for her to answer, his heavy breath pressed down. 

Blair, fascinated and distracted by his kiss, asks during his brief pause 

“What’s Mr. Humphery up to these days?” 

Mr. Marie said angrily, “Mrs. Marie, please pay attention.” 

Said to speed up the speed and strength, hit Fu Tai no longer have the leisure to care about other men. 

Blair is so devastated that she ends up sucking a dark red strawberry print. on a prominent spot on his neck so he can’t hide it when he goes to work 


Eric’s best at playing it straight out there, acting like… The appearance of desire, she will completely tear up his disguise. 

Finally, they calmed down, and Eric answered her question 

“Mr. Humphery has recently been developing children’s products.” 

When he said that, Blair sat up with a shudder. 

“What children’s products?Didn’t he touch anything but children’s education products before?”Blair is just wondering if Penn, the old fox, knew about the kids? 

Eric also can’t guess Penn’s mind, in the past, if you want to develop a new product must go through strict market research, and the company’s shareholders will decide after the meeting. This time, the children’s products, without any early research work, decided. 

Blair thinks she was naive to provoke the old fox with her Whatsapp Moments. She must have known the children were there, but she didn’t even know they were there. She might have been planning something. 

Blair doesn’t know if Penn saw her Whatsapp Moments, because she 

Chapter 121 Does He know the Child Exists 

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spent the next morning and evening hanging out at the Future Better Technology Company and talking to Joa in the CEO’s office to check in on Penn. 

But all day, there was no sign of it. 

Mr. Humphery has been busy in his office, and occasionally went out to the conference room for a meeting. When he saw her, there was nothing strange and there was no superfluous word. 

“Mr. Humphery has been very busy recently, dealing with the acquisition of Lofan Technology Company, and developing new products at the same time, the children’s field, we have covered very little before, it is a brand new field, a lot of things are starting from scratch, and it is very stressful. And on his mother’s side, because he gave the library away, his mother would come to him every day to ask for his advice on many of the design details.” 

He took the library to his mother? After the breakup of the marriage by the mother, mother and son can still be so harmonious? Well, Blair thinks sarcastically, sure enough, it’s always her mom. 

And just like that, Penn lost another point in her heart. 

She and Joa were chatting when an assistant from the secretarial office came in carrying a stack of cardboard boxes. 

“Joa, delivery from the front desk.” 

“Leave it there. Mr. Humphery bought the toy.” 

Blair takes a look at the toys on the floor, boys and girls, and instantly wakes up. Penn, the dog man, knows about Serena’s two little friends. 

What the hell is he up to? 

Blair is about to go into the president’s office to ask what’s going on, when the assistant secretary who just came in with the package runs in a 

Chapter 321 Does He know the Child Exats 


Joa frowns. “Yes?” 

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The assistant secretary glanced at Blair, then took two steps forward and whispered in Joa’s car 

“There’s a cop at the front desk.” 

Joa’s face froze. “What is it?” 

“Says he’s here to check on our intern. He wants to see Mr. Humphery.” 

“Bring them to the conference room. I’ll go there now.”Without knowing exactly what had happened, Joa certainly did not dare to send Mr. Humphery to the police. 

“Miss Abrams, I’m sorry, something has come up and I can’t stay with you.” 

Joa said that and walked quickly to the meeting room. 

The police come to the company, this matter can be big or small, try not to let the employees know, let alone let the outside world know. Otherwise, it is easy to be taken by people with intentions to make an article. 

The assistant secretary had already brought the policemen into the conference room, and Joa came in hurriedly to greet them, explaining; “Mr. Humphery is in a meeting at the moment. I’m his secretary. You can talk to me directly.” 

The police were not necessarily looking for Penn, either, and after taking one look at Joa, asked directly 

“Larry is an intern here?” 

“Larry?He is not an intern, but he studies with us during the winter, 

summer and weekends. “Joa was very careful with her answer. They don’t 

Chapter 321: Does He know the Child Exists 

hire underage interns. 

But what do the police want with him? 

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“He is suspected of participating in a fraud involving an online gambling website and is now at the police station. “The police yesterday cracked a case of an overseas gambling website, Shun Teng touch melon found the development company of the gambling website, a dozen people of the company are now all detained in the police station. Only one of them, Larry, is a minor, and when he was asked to contact his family, he offered the Future Better Technology Company. 

Joa’s heart beats. What’s going on?Larry was involved in fraud? 

“Police, have you got the wrong man?Larry is too smart and sensible a kid, too rich, to do something like this, you know?Could there have been a misunderstanding?” 

“The specific situation still needs to be further understood. Why don’t you come with us to the police station?”The police asked, rather businesslike. 

If other employees of the company had problems, Joa would directly hand over to Julia Sherman in the legal department to take charge of it. However, Larry was recruited and trained by Mr. Humphery himself and had a deep relationship with Miss Woodsen, so she dared not take it upon herself to answer 

“Just a moment. I’ll see if Mr. Humphery has finished our meeting.”


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