Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 322

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 322

Chapter 322: What Happened to Larry 1 

Joa trots all the way to the CEO’s office to report, and Blair is standing in front of Mr. Humphery’s desk, glaring at him, asking questions, when she comes in and shuts up. 

Joa thought that Miss Abrams and Mr. Humphery might have had a grudge in a previous life. 

Since Blair knew Larry, Joa didn’t shy away from reporting to him 

“Two policemen came outside, saying that Larry was involved in the development of a gambling website and was now detained at the police station, Larry only provided your contact information, so the police came to ask about the situation.” Do you want me to get Julia Sherman out of the police station with you?” 

Penn frowned and looked serious 

“Larry is involved in the development of a gambling website?”He did not believe at all that Larry was a very intelligent, idealistic and positive boy who could not be involved in Internet fraud. 

At the same time, he had risen and headed for the conference room, calmly instructing Joa as he walked 

“Go get Julia Sherman.” 

Larry is Serena’s younger brother’s child, and he comes to NY to study because of him, so Larry has the responsibility of guardianship when he is in NY. If something happens under his watch, he can’t tell Serena. 

Julia Sherman quickly came from the legal department to meet them in the conference room and then went with the police to the police station. Fortunately, the police rode with them in Penn’s own elevator to 

What Hap 

Chapter 322 What Happened to Lamy 1 

avoid speculation among employees. 

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When I arrived at the police station, I saw the skinny Larry, who was a little boy in the end. When I encountered this kind of thing, I was afraid to sit in the corner, and my eyes were red like crying. When I saw Mr. Humphery and Julia Sherman, I felt even more aggrieved and my eyes turned red again. 

‘What’s the matter?”Penn asked. This is no time for grievance. He didn’t believe Larry would do anything illegal. Larry’s own father was a lawyer and knew better than anyone what not to touch. 

“Why did you get caught at this company? What modules were you involved in, all the details. “Penn asked calmly. 

“Calm down, can we begin now?” Julia Sherman asked. 

“Yes. “Larry put all his fears and grievances behind him and went into detail about why he was there. 

As a fanatic of various software development technologies, Larry has always liked to discuss various latest technologies with some so-called great gods in some technical forums, in which he has met several so- called like-minded good friends. 

Last month, a netizen who has known him for more than a year, Xiao T, offered him an olive branch and invited him to participate in the research and development of a game project. 

Little T encouraged him: You have learned so much technology, but you have an empty ability, but there is no opportunity to practice. You don’t get involved in real project development, you don’t know what your real level is. 

T also said: This game development will be subcontracted to one of our modules, which is just the VR panorama production you are good at, you will be a practice, nothing else, all the communication with the game company, communication, I am responsible for. 

Chapter 322. What Happed to Larry 1 

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Larry was persuaded that he had studied at Future Better Technology Company for so long and had not really participated in the development of a project, and he really wanted to know what his real level was like, so he agreed to Little T’s invitation without thinking, anyway, just for fun. 

Little T told him that this was a card game, he was responsible for the realization of VR panorama production, so he took the task, and used his spare time to go to the company that little T said to do development. 

This game has been online for about a month, he has not played it himself, only heard Karen said that the game is very popular. Last night, it was the final optimization, and after that, he was ready to quit. 

As a result, just last night, the game company suddenly flooded in a group of police, arrested them all to the police station, said that they were suspected of participating in the organization of gambling, and locked up in different rooms. 

Larry is confused one night, the police ask him what, he does not know all the answers do not know, he is definitely not involved in gambling or fraud. 

After all, it is the child of Lawyer Ayesa, who has been influenced by it since childhood, and refuses to say a word when there are no relatives or lawyers around. 

I want to call my father, but far water can not save the near fire, and I don’t want my parents to know that I have an accident, otherwise it is impossible to imagine free access to NY as now, so I can only provide the contact information of Mr. Humphery to the police. After all, in NY, if Mr. Humphery couldn’t save him, his parents couldn’t. 

Underage high school students, scared, but still able to calmly analyze the situation. It is also a little chagrin, how he can be confused to participate in such a fraud group. 

In the end is not deeply involved in the world, not careful enough to the 

Chapter 322 What Happened to Larry 1 

complexity of society. 

248 Wo 

When he finished, Julia Sherman asked him a few important questions 

“You’re 16 now?” For minors, under the age of 14, over the age of 14 to 16, and between the age of 16 and the age of 18, the corresponding responsibilities are different. 

“I just had my 16th birthday. “Larry answered truthfully. 

After the age of 16, if it is really suspected of organizing gambling or fraud, it will bear the corresponding criminal responsibility. And Larry knew it, too, which made him even more scared. 

“Did you mention that Little T referred you to the job? Are there any chats between you?” 

“We have been talking for more than a year and have been discussing a lot of technical issues in the forum, which are documented. But the thing that he invited me to work on was a Whatsapp voice call.” 

“That is, you have no substantial proof that he invited you?” Julia Sherman asked. 

“No, no.” 

“So you said you didn’t know that this was a board game gambling program. Is there any evidence that you didn’t know that?” 

Larry was worried. He did not know, but how could he prove that he did not know? 

Penn looked at him and motioned for Julia Sherman to slow down a bit 

“You took all of your forum communications, Whatsapp chats, and your bank statements for the last three months and sent them to Julia Sherman.” Now let’s go out and talk about it when we get back.” 

Chapter 322 What Happened to Larry 1 

As soon as he spoke, Larry’s scared heart calmed down. With Mr. Humphery around, it must be okay. 

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Because he was suspected of a criminal offense, Julia Sherman was only able to get Larry out of the police station temporarily after signing several papers on bail. 

“Mr. Humphery, am I not going to jail?” Larry is still scared that if he goes to jail, his life is over. 

“No.”Penn simply replied that no matter what, he wouldn’t let anything happen to Larry on his watch. 

“As long as you didn’t take their money and prove that you didn’t know and didn’t do anything, don’t worry, you have to trust the law.”


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