Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 323

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 323

Chapter 323: What Happened to Larry 

With them there, Larry’s extremely anxious heart calmed down, and when he came out of the police station to the Future Better Technology Company, Larry begged Penn 

“Can you keep this a secret for me? Don’t tell my parents.” I don’t want them to worry. “Larry had complete confidence in Mr. Humphery and Julia Sherman. They were there to solve the problem. There was no need to call his parents. The main reason is that he managed to convince his mother that he could come to NY freely. If his mother knew this, it would be impossible for him to come to NY to study alone in the future. 

Larry’s request did not receive a clear answer from Mr. Humphery, who did not speak.Off Julia Sherman Road 

“You are still a minor. Your parents have a right to know.” Julia Sherman, of course, advised him to tell his parents. In case something happened, neither he nor Mr. Humphery could handle the responsibility, and his parents would find out sooner or later. 

Larry was very upset at the moment, he has always felt that he is more mature than his peers, and his father is a lawyer, who has been influenced by it since childhood, few people can cheat him, and the result is that he was careless this time, and was cheated into this kind of crap, which is an insult to his intelligence, and even his self-esteem was severely attacked. 

Penn, for his part, isn’t afraid to take responsibility. He already has a responsibility to Larry and couldn’t let anything happen to him on his watch, so he says 

“You decide for yourself, and I respect your choice.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Humphery.” 

Chapter 321 What Happened to Larry 

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Julia Sherman spends the whole day helping Larry find evidence to prove his innocence, that Larry had no idea the game was being developed with a gambling nature, and that he was a victim. 

In fact, the case is not difficult, Larry was caught on the spot in the game company, but his development is only the production of VR interface, does not involve the core content; Secondly, his superior is Little T, and there are work records to prove that all his work is only reported to Little T.In addition, Larry’s bank statement can prove that he did not get any salary from the game company, that is, he has no labor relations with the game company, and the only 2,000 yuan, or small T transferred to him through Whatsapp, the transfer instructions said: thank you. 

In short, the various pieces of evidence compiled are sufficient to prove that Larry had no knowledge of the fraud of this company, and that he was also a victim, was deceived, and did not bear any criminal responsibility. 

There’s enough evidence. Just wait for the D.A. ‘s case to go to trial. 

Larry and Julia Sherman, Penn, did not specifically follow up on the matter, just wait for the trial. 

In Hartford, Serena is answering a phone call from Blair when Mrs. Aresa has trouble getting a firm to see Lawyer Ayesa. While coming in, I complained to Lawyer Ayesa about my son’s recent heart, usually running NY after school on Friday, this time more excessive, and did not come back on Monday, calling and hesitantly. 

“You do manage him.” Mrs. Aresa was angry that she was made to wear blackface every time. 

“Don’t worry, he was admitted to NYU, it’s good to adapt to NY’s life in advance.” Ayesa, a Lawyer, has always been very confident about her son, who has a long tree and can’t be tied down. 

“My eyes have been twitching for the past two days, always worried about 

Chapter 323 What Happened to Lany 

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him.”Probably mother and son, Mrs. Aresa’s right eye beat for two days. 

“Let me see, is there a wrong nerve around the eye?” Ayesa, a Lawyer, moved closer to Mrs. Aresa and looked closely at her right eye, which was dancing and teasing. 

Meanwhile, Serena is outside answering the phone, and Blair’s voice is heard 

“Is that Larry your boss’s son?” 

“Yes, why?” 

“Yesterday the police came to the Future Better Technology Company looking for him. It seems he was involved in the development of a gambling website and was taken to the police station.” 

Serena’s heart skips a little as she nearly drops her hand holding the phone. It’s no joke. 

“But Serena, don’t worry Penn and Julia Sherman went to the police station to collect the men themselves. Larry stayed at the company today and heard from secretary Peck until the trial.” 

The more Blair talks, the more Serena worries that Penn and Julia Sherman are going in person. She looks up at the Lawyer Ayesa’s office, where she has just heard Mrs. Aresa mention Larry. 

“Blair, talk to you later. Gotta go.” 

She wanted to knock on the door and enter the Lawyer Ayesa’s office, but suddenly changed her mind when she came to the door. She did not know the whole situation, and rushed to tell the Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa about this matter, which would inevitably frighten them. 

She’s been involved in this kind of case before, and a lot of programmers encounter this kind of thing, whether you know it or not, you end up taking the corresponding responsibility. She always thought of Larry as 

Chapter 323 What Happened to Larry 

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her family, and he went to the Future Better Technology Company internship, she always thought it was Penn’s intention, so if something happened, she would have something to do with it. 

So she decided to call Penn first to get the details before deciding what to do next. 

Penn was in a meeting with the R&D department, and it was unexpected to see her call. 

“Serena?Wait a minute!”He stood up, his eyes beckoning secretary Peck to lead the rest of the meeting, and he went back to his office to take the call. 

Hearing his steady, familiar voice, Serena clenches her hand on the phone and asks directly 

“Larry, what happened?” 

Penn also expected the purpose of her call, so he did not hide, told the whole story, and finally comforted 

“Julia Sherman is handling it. Nothing will happen to him.” 

Serena doesn’t relax when she hears his calm words. Instead, she 

complains, something that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t brought someone close to her into NY. 

But she didn’t say anything about it. She swallowed it and was about to hang up when Penn’s voice came again. 

“Serena, what are you thinking?”He’s talking about the last time we split up, making her think about coming back to him. At that time, he did not know the existence of the children, and planned to return to NY to resolve the parents’ problems and come back to her. 

And now that I know about the kids, I can’t go through the same routine anymore, especially after Blair’s Whatsapp Moments. 

Chapter 323 What Happened to Larry 

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Yes, he saw, uncomfortable and anxious all night, unable to hold his breath, the apparent calm was false. 

“Consider what?”Serena forgot for a moment what Penn had said to her at the airport before she returned to Hartford, because it was completely out of her mind, and she was more guilty then, guilty of having made such a sex with him as the main character the night before.Dreams. 

When she asked, Penn was speechless, wondering whether she had really forgotten or was playing dumb. He felt he had to warn her 

“Serena, I’m asking you to consider coming back to me because you still have feelings for me.” 

After a pause, he went on 

“As unseemly as these words are, Mr. Kirby is not for you.”


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