Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 324

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 324

Chapter 324t’s not about You 

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Chapter 324: It’s not about You 

He is indeed a very well-bred man, and even though he is jealous and even hostile to Darcy, he never says a bad word about her, which makes it clear that he is not suitable for you, and has made him feel undignified. 

When she chased Serena before, she was also pursued by her colleague Charlie, but she knew that she had no real relationship with Charlie, so she did not care about Charlic. 

Darcy, on the other hand, is Serena’s current boyfriend, the one the kids. love and depend on, and the one who’s about to replace him, and the stronger the competition, the more he has to control himself from saying inappropriate things. 

‘It’s none of your business! 

Serena didn’t expect him to say that and hung up the phone. 

She already knew what was going on with Larry, so she knocked on the door of the Lawyer Ayesa’s office. 

Lawyer Ayesa is massaging Mrs. Aresa’s right eye. Mrs. Aresa’s right eye, which has been dancing constantly, has cased a lot. She sees Serena come in and jump up again. 

“You press me again.” Mrs. Aresa pressed her right eyelid with one hand. 

“Shall we go to the hospital?Could it be a sign of facial hemiplegia?” Lawyer Ayesa is not joking this time, is really think that her right eye is dancing a little hard, don’t face paralysis. 

Mrs. Aresa, already anxious, was made more anxious by this, and opened his hand 

Chapter 324 It’s not about You 

“Serena’s looking for you.” 

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Serena envied the relationship between Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa. After so many years of marriage, every time Mrs. Aresa was a little unhappy, Lawyer Ayesa had no condition to coaze her. 

“She smiled at them 

“Lawyer Ayesa, is this a good time? I’d like to ask you about a client.” 

She and the Lawyer Ayesa have a tacit understanding, and the Lawyer Ayesa knows to avoid the topic of Mrs. Aresa and goes to the conference room alone with Serena. 

“What’s going on?”In the meeting room, Lawyer Ayesa asks directly that Serena doesn’t usually come to him if it’s not a tough question. 

“Larry, he was involved in the development of a game software in NY, yesterday, the game was identified by the police as an offshore gambling software under the cover of a board game.”Larry was involved and was interviewed by police yesterday.” 

As she spoke, Mrs. Aresa’s voice was heard at the door of the conference 


“He was summoned by the police?” 

Mrs. Aresa was going to go back to school and talk to them in the conference room, but when she heard Serena’s words, she got emotional. All she could think about was Larry being a bad boy in NY and being involved in gambling fraud. She has worked in schools for many years and has seen many examples of excellent children turning bad in an instant, and the heart is panicked. 

“Just calm down and let Serena finish.” 

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Aresa. Larry’s fine. He’s just been called in for a briefing. He’s safe with a Future Better Technology Company.” 

Chapter 324 M’s not about You 

“How can it be okay to subpoena?” Mrs. Aresa was more worried. 

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“I used the wrong word. Larry was just cooperating with the police. “When Mrs. Aresa interrupts, Serena feels dumb and doesn’t know how to explain herself. 

Mrs. Aresa was already growling 

“No matter what, we need to see Larry right away.” Sun, what are you still doing? Book the tickets.” 

“Serena, you’re coming with us. You know NY better than we do. We can rely on you.” Mrs. Aresa has always acted quickly, especially when it comes to her son. 

Within half an hour, the three were already on their way to the airport. 

Of course, Serena is obligated to accompany Lawyer Ayesa and his wife to NY, not to mention the care that Lawyer Ayesa and his wife have given her in recent years. She is also responsible for this matter itself. She always thinks that Larry can intern at Future Better Technology Company. It was arranged by Penn. 

All the way, Lawyer Ayesa drove the car, and she and Mrs. Aresa kept talking on the phone. She first called Karen to make detailed arrangements for the work to be done in the next few days, and then called Nelly to tell her that she had to go on a business trip. I’m sorry I couldn’t go to the hospital with him in recent days. Played a circle of phone, the heart is anxious and a little empty, but Darcy comfort her nothing, let her go to work, he is very good in the hospital. 

Mrs. Aresa also called the school to ask for leave and asked her colleagues to help with her class. 

Only Ayesa, the Lawyer, was calm 

“Say I go on my own, look at you two busy people, go also can’t help.” 

Chapter 324 m’s not about You 

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“If you don’t spoil your child too much and secretly support him to participate in some robot competition without telling me, can he be the Future Better Technology Company?”An internship at the Future Better Technology Company?Do not go to the internship, safely do a high school. student at home, according to the college entrance examination, go to college, can this happen today?” Mrs. Aresa unleashed a torrent of abuse on Lawyer Ayesa. She has her own ideas, Serena and the Future Better Technology Company Mr. Humphery thing, she also guess a few points from Larry’s words, this time to NY, specially pulled Serena to come, is hoping that she is there, can help a little more. 

Lawyer Ayesa: “Now you know me, when Larry won the championship, who was the most happy, saying that his child is a genius and should not be stuck in the existing teaching system?” 

Mrs. Aresa was speechless. It happened that secretary Peck of the Future Better Technology Company called to arrange the trip. When she came to the airport, Mrs. Aresa had already called secretary Peck. 

Since Larry had been staying at a hotel near the Future Better Technology Company, secretary Peck put them up there, too. Serena is familiar with the hotel. Penn used to call it home, staying in a suite for a long time. 

When they arrived in NY, Joa personally drove them to the hotel and helped them check in. 

Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa miss Larry and just want to see him. Serena accompanied Joa to check in, and didn’t think much of it at the time. The hotel was popular downtown, and Larry and his wife, Lawyer Ayesa, had only one room available on the same floor. Serena had to put her on another floor. 

When she got her room key and went upstairs, she realized her floor was full of executive suites. As smart as she was, she knew immediately what secretary Peck was trying to do, and it was clear that someone had arranged it. 

Chapter 324. It’s not about You 

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She went to the front desk and asked for another room. The front desk checks the system and says, “Sorry, there are no available rooms.” 

Mrs. Aresa was calling to her 

“Serena, are you ready? We’re going to the Future Better Technology Company now.” Mrs. Aresa was so impatient that she didn’t take a break to meet Larry. 

Serena gives up and accompanies Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa to the Future Better Technology Company. 

The office building of the Future Better Technology Company is quite prominent as a landmark in NY. When Mrs. Aresa was standing in the lobby on the first floor, waiting for the elevator, she saw the employees dressed in fashion, who were full of vigor and were busy. Suddenly, she understood why her son Larry was so persistent in coming to study at Future Better Technology Company. The eyes are condensed with a positive striving upward light. 

The working atmosphere of the whole enterprise is very good, and when people come in, they naturally have more energy.


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