Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 325

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 325

Chapter 325: The Wings grow hard 

But after so many years of school work, Mrs. Aresa was a little embarrassed to be suddenly in such a strange and magnificent office building. 

secretary Peck takes them to the elevator from the first floor to the second floor, and suddenly says to Serena as they exit the elevator 

“Serena, you should be familiar with the Future Better Technology Company. Would you please show the Lawyer Ayesa and them to the conference room? I’ll find Mr. Humphery and Julia Sherman.” 

secretary Peck then headed upstairs to the president’s office on the top floor. Serena froze for a moment and looked at Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa with some embarrassment. She did not know how to explain to them that she was familiar with Future Better Technology Company as secretary Peck said, so she could only lead the way forward. 

“It’s just around the corner in front of the conference room.” 

Fortunately, Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa were not in the mood to think about it, and followed her to the conference room. 

Serena is really familiar with Future Better Technology Company. She worked in this office for more than half a year when she was working on a project with Mr. Thompson. After the project ended, she often came here because of Penn’s relationship. 

After waiting in the conference room for a few minutes, Penn opened the door with Julia Sherman and Larry. As soon as he entered the large conference room, he glanced at Serena, who was sitting next to him, and then said hello to Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa. 

Because of his presence, Mrs. Aresa was restrained and responded 

Chapter 175 The Wings grow 

politely. After the response immediately look across to Larry, eyes red, softly scold him 

“Your wings have grown hard, and you don’t tell your parents about such a big thing.” If you hadn’t told us, Serena, how long would you have kept it a secret?” 

Larry was already very ashamed, being tricked into developing illegal software, which was a stain on him, and now being publicly criticized by his mother, the little boy’s temper came up 

“It’s not like there’s anything big to say. I’ll take care of it myself.” 

Mrs. Aresa is a casual complaint, more is distressed, the result of their children are also tough, is it to abandon their meddling? Suddenly angry, she sprang to her feet 

“Isn’t that a big deal? Is killing people and setting fires a big deal?Larry, why don’t you think straight? You’re a minor, and your life will be ruined.” Mrs. Aresa was so angry that tears almost fell from her eyes. 

Serena quickly gets up to help Mrs. Aresa sit down and calm her down. 

Avesa, a Lawyer, is rarely harsh with her lover: “Sit down. Today is about solving problems, not venting.” 

When Mrs. Aresa was told this by the Lawyer Ayesa, the tears fell 

“You usually don’t care about the child, always indulge him, and now the accident, but also blame me emotional.” 

Lawyer Ayesa had a headache, glanced apologetically at Penn and Julia Sherman, and laughed. 

Penn says that’s okay. He understands. 

He has a good feeling for the Lawyer Ayesa family. He knows that in Serena’s most difficult year, it is Lawyer Ayesa who takes her in and gives. 



Chapter 325 The Wings grow hard 

290 Vouchers 

her a job. He also knows that Lawyer Ayesa’s lover takes care of Serena during the birth, and his heart is only grateful to them. 

“Mrs. Aresa, I’ll walk you out for a minute, and the Lawyer Ayesa will take care of it here.” 

Mrs. Aresa also knows that she has lost her temper, listen to Serena, and go outside to clean up the mood of the bathroom. 

“Mrs. Aresa, don’t be angry with Larry. He’s a teenager and he’s been tricked into making a mistake. He’s already feeling embarrassed. 

“Serena, I get it. I just see his pain and I want to nag him.” 

“In fact, this time, it is good to think about it from another Angle. Larry is too smart, and he will go faster and farther in the future, and this incident. is also a warning and lesson to him. It is better to make mistakes now and remedy them immediately than to make mistakes in a further and higher position in the future. If you make detours, you won’t go back.” 

Serena’s comfort immediately lifted Mrs. Aresa’s mood 

“Serena, you’re right. It’s better to make a mistake now than later.” 

Self-consolation is a blessing in disguise. 

In the conference room, Penn watches Serena and her friends go out, then turns back to arrange the work ahead. In fact, he does not have any worries about this case now, after all, Lawyer Ayesa is Larry’s father, naturally will do his best to protect his children, and NY side of the relationship that should be done, he has done well, but of course, he can not let things go too smoothly, at least the court can delay a few days to delay it. 

Julia Sherman didn’t quite understand his operation, but secretary Peck certainly did. From the time you put someone in a hotel room on the same floor as him, you knew what Mr. Humphery was up to. 

Chapter 325 The Wings grow hard 

288 Vouchers 

Serena brings Mrs. Aresa back to the conference room. The issues that Lawyer Ayesa and Julia Sherman should discuss have been discussed, and the materials that should be handed over have also been handed over. Mrs. Aresa never questioned the professional level of Lawyer Ayesa, not to mention did not understand him, so she did not ask more questions, but just changed her position and sat next to Larry and quietly apologized to Larry 

“Mom shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.” 

Larry is not a particularly rebellious kid, and when his mother apologizes, he is not angry: “Dad’s here, or you and Serena should go home.” 

He’s under a lot of pressure with everyone in NY. 

Mrs. Aresa, of course, refused to go back, so she turned to Serena 

“Sorry to make you come here, your Lawyer Ayesa should be fine, you go back, there is a little…. at home. “Friends to take care of 

Serena had her heart in her mouth when Mrs. Aresa started talking about the kids. She cut Mrs. Aresa off 

“It’s okay. I can help by staying here. I’ve made all the arrangements at home.” 

Mrs. Aresa, aware that she had almost made a mistake, was given another glare by the Lawyer Ayesa and stopped speaking. In fact, the couple also know a little about Serena and Mr. Humphery, but they were not so sure before, but seeing Mr. Humphery so close today, coupled with Mr. 

Humphery’s undisguised look at Serena, almost confirmed the relationship between the two. 

Not curious is false, but people in middle age, the most aware of the sense of boundaries, should not ask more than a word. 

Coming out of the conference room and going back to the hotel, I suddenly saw Mr. Thompson and Charlie walking toward me in the 

Chapter 325: The Wings grow hard 

288 Vouchers 

hallway. They are in charge of the legal work related to the acquisition of Lofan Technology Company by Future Better Technology Company. Mr. Thompson came to see the progress of the project today and is preparing to leave. 

“Serena, what a coincidence. “Charlie was so happy to see her that he forgot to say hello to Penn and others. Instead, Mr. Thompson, who was nearby, stepped forward to greet Penn and Julia Sherman first. 

This scene was particularly like the scene many years ago, when she followed Mr. Thompson to the Future Better Technology Company’s first project. 

“Why don’t you tell me every time you go back to NY?”Charlie was so happy to see Serena that he invited her to dinner. 

Serena said no. 

“Next time, Mr. Jordan.”


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