Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 326

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Stop Getting Drink 

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Chapter 326: Stop Getting Drunk 

Charlie then looked at the Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Arcsa next to her and introduced themselves. Lawyer Ayesa also quickly introduced himself. They even exchanged business cards. 

Charlie looked at Mr. Thompson, then at Lawyer Ayesa, and smiled 

“Serena, your old and new masters are here today, shouldn’t you treat me to dinner?” How about today?” 

Charlie’s just kind of on purpose. The last time he and Mr. Thompson invited Serena to dinner, Mr. Humphery and Nate came over and crashed the whole thing, so when I saw them waiting for the elevator, I thought they were going to dinner, he wanted to get in on it. 

Serena, of course, couldn’t say no. Both Lawyer Ayesa and Mr. 

Thompson were her introduction, and she’s grateful. 

Penn gave Charlie a meaningful look. Charlie was shocked. Didn’t Serena and her party just go to dinner with Penn? 

So, he stumbled into Penn? 

Damn it, he cursed in his heart. 

This meal, Charlie ate particularly unhappy, especially when seeing the calm and calm Penn opposite Serena, more feel like a fool, just don’t look at him, concentrate on chatting with Lawyer Ayesa, Julia Sherman. 

Although several lawyers have different business directions, they are all insiders. As soon as we talk, we find that there are many friends who know each other. The more we talk, the happier we are. 

Penn, on the other hand, is even less interested in the topic, glancing at 

Chapter 326: Stop Getting Drunk 

Serena from time to time and looking her in the eye. 

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Serena feels the glare burning her. She ignores him, takes a sip from her nearby glass. 

After a while, the mobile phone Whatsapp on the desktop rang, she opened it and took a look. It was actually from Penn across the street, with three simple words: Don’t drink! 

What’s it to you? She picked up the glass to take another drink, the result suddenly flashed a picture in her mind, the dream of the last drunk suddenly became clear, her face was burning red, she couldn’t help but look at the opposite Penn, but saw that he continued to look down at the mobile phone, may have felt her eyes, suddenly looked up, looked at her with a half smile, and then warned her not to drink with her eyes. Very annoying, Serena thinks. 

Serena won’t drink any more because of the fake dream, and if she dreams again, she’ll be ashamed. 

After dinner, Mr. Thompson and Charlie said goodbye to them and, as Penn was also staying at the hotel, they took a ride back to the hotel with 


Lawyer Ayesa, Mrs. Aresa, and Larry moved directly into the back seat, leaving Serena to sit in his passenger seat. The car was quiet for a moment. Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa wanted to talk to Penn, but when they saw him driving, they didn’t seem to want to talk. They thanked him and said no more. 

Fortunately, the hotel was not far away, and when they rode the elevator together, Penn was closest to the button, so he asked 

“Lawyer Ayesa, what floor do you have?” 

“Tenth floor, please.” “Replied Lawyer Ayesa. 

Then Penn looked at Serena again, and without saying anything, just 



Chapter 326 Stop Getting Drunk 

looked at her and asked, “How many layers?” 

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Serena rolled her eyes. He knew what he was asking, but with the Lawyer Ayesa’s family around, she had to answer 

“Twenty-sixth floor.” Same floor as him. 

“Good,” said Hermione. With a low voice, he answered with a good word and pressed the 26th floor. 

“Oh, Serena lives on the same floor as Mr. Humphery. “Larry thought it was a coincidence. 

At his words, the four adults in the clevator who knew all about it, all had their own thoughts. When the door opened on the 10th floor, Mrs. Aresa dragged Larry away. Two young people in the elevator, the atmosphere, she thinks it’s not suitable for children. 

It’s not that Mrs. Aresa thinks too much. She’s a middle-aged woman, and she’s very sensitive about this. At the dinner table just now, Mr. Humphery looked at Serena in the wrong way, and he was unabashedly aggressive, like he was going to eat Serena. 

Yes, Mrs. Aresa’s feeling is right, Penn just doesn’t want to be the gentleman he used to be, he doesn’t want to be the gradual step he used to be, because she doesn’t want to be hard on Serena, she just runs away, and even wants to find a stepfather for his kids, which is really unbearable. 

As soon as the Ayesa family gets out of the elevator, Penn turns around and traps Serena in the corner. The elevator of the hotel is surrounded by gray and brown mirrors, not clear enough, but can faintly reflect the appearance of people, the more so, the vague outline can make the atmosphere ambiguous. 

Serena was cornered by him, staring at him, warning 

“What do you want to do?” 


Chapter 326 Stop Getting Drunk 

In contrast to her nervousness, Penn was more relaxed. He chuckled 

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“Serena, what do you want to do? It is not appropriate to pretend that nothing has happened?” 

His words were like a thunderbolt that smashed Serena to pieces, and she stood there staring at him, unable to utter a word. 

And this Penn bastard keeps talking 

“If I didn’t stop you from drinking, were you going to do something illegal to me in the name of getting drunk?” 

Serena goes white, and suddenly she remembers that dream. She’s haunting him, trying to hold him and kiss him, so it’s not a dream?It wasn’t a dream? 

Her eyes turned red with shame and pain, and she couldn’t breathe because of all the emotions. As the doors opened, she pushed him away and stumbled out of the elevator, only to be pulled into his arms by Penn and imprisoned against the wall next to the elevator, he said 

“Serena, there’s no shame in being true to your body.” 

He is now strong, no longer give her any chance to escape. 

Before did not know the existence of children, thought that as long as slowly chase, you can recover, do not want to force her. But after finding the existence of the children, he had to speed up his pace, because his self-confidence was completely destroyed, he was the children’s biological father, and she would rather find a stepfather for the children than find him, that is completely do not want him, but how to have confidence to slowly recover? 

The phone in her pocket buzzes and vibrates, and at this point, it’s mostly Darcy on the line, sometimes sending video requests, sometimes voice calls, depending on how good or bad he thinks he is! 

Chapter 326 Stop Getting Drunk 

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Luckily, Darcy didn’t feel handsome enough today, so it was a voice call request. 

Seeing his voice call, Serena felt momentarily aggrieved. 

Penn frowned at her voice, watching her gradually soft expression, his heart suddenly gathered countless anger.


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