Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 327

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 327

Chapter 327: I am Their Father 

It was on purpose. When she was listening to Darcy, he cheated on her, and she couldn’t move, and he fixed her hand with the phone, and this guy was really bad. 

Darcy asked over there 

“How’s things going with Larry?” 

When you’re done, wait for her to answer. 

Penn releases her slightly, giving her space to answer Darcy’s question. She 

“It went well.” 

As soon as she finished answering, he deceived her again. 

She dared not resist in case Darcy heard her. 

Darcy asked: “Has the court date been set?Do you want me to go to NY with you?” 

When Penn released her, she replied, “I’m not sure yet, but I think it will be soon. You’re recovering in the hospital. Don’t come.” 

This time, Darcy is silent for a while, and Serena is kissed by Penn for so long that she doesn’t even know if Darcy can hear their interlaced breathing. She opened her eyes wide and wanted to resist, and the tears slowly gathered in her eyes. How could he bully her so? 

Darcy said, after a pause 

“Serena, what Nelly said to you the other day, even though my mom told 

Chapter 327 Lam The Father 

21 Mouchers 

her to say it, it was my heart. I think I should speak these words myself.” 

He was referring to the day Nelly asked Serena to consider marrying him. 

Darcy adjusted his breathing a little, then spoke seriously 

“Serena, a lot of things between us don’t need to be said again. I think we understand each other. I just want to say that I love you and my little. friends and I hope I have a chance to take care of you for the rest of my life.” 

“Serena, will you give me the chance?”Darcy’s all for nothing, a lot of things, and he’s afraid he won’t get a chance if he doesn’t say anything. 

Serena is still trapped in Penn’s arms, but listening to another man’s proposal of marriage, the scene, she feels the most ridiculous. 

Penn immediately hung up on Serena before she could answer. 

“What do you do?”Serena angry drink him, but see his body suddenly rise anger, like a malicious look at her. 

Darcy tried again. He cut her off. 

“Serena, don’t go too far!”He’d be a saint to put up with a proposal in his 


He wasn’t really prepared for anything tonight. She was in New York about Larry, and he asked Joa to put her in a room on the same floor just so he could see her all the time. 

Even when I was in the elevator, I was just teasing her, and I didn’t even think about kissing her, but Darcy’s voice call breaks his calm and self- preservation, and he’s stimulated. 

Ile maintained the same posture, his forehead against hers, the tip of his nose touching hers, and spoke in a very low voice 

Chapter 127 1 am The Father 

“Serena, I’ve never been a good person, so don’t push me.” 

At least in front of him, don’t take Darcy’s calls, and don’t even talk about Darcy. 

He really is not a good person, growing up around older Mr. Humphery, facing the world’s most adept Machiavelli people, as an adult, his own company, in such a fierce market to create a blood path to today’s results, relying on ordinary people do not have the means and patience, step by step. 

Everything that’s good about him, everything that’s good about him, he just gave to Serena. 

He won’t say anything bad about Darcy because it’s Serena’s choice. He trusts her vision and knows that it’s Darcy who gets her through the toughest times, and for that, he’s really grateful. 

But in spite of everything, he’s a normal guy who wakes up in the middle of the night, looks at the empty other side of the bed, and wonders, where is Serena? What is she doing? Will she cuddle with Darcy, too?There will even be extremely ugly pictures from his mind flashed, so that he was jealous of the moment beyond recognition, so never deliberately think about those pictures, do not want to, when it does not exist, otherwise carly crazy. 

But Darcy must call at this time to propose, intended to anger him, how can this endure, he is not a saint. 

Serena is immobilized by his grip on the wall next to the elevator, which scares her a little. She rarely sees him full of anger. 

I have only met her twice before, once when the two were not sure about their relationship. She was on a business trip in Boston and was almost killed by Zhang Taoqiang, her father’s former subordinate. Rape, he broke in from the door, to the death of Zhang Tao, if not for her pulling, I am afraid has caused someone’s life. 

Chapter 327 am The Father 

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Another time was before the divorce, at his home, he personally recorded a video, to real-name report his father, his mother was angry to cardiac arrest, he was also full of anger at home, hiding. 

So, when he said he wasn’t a good person, she believed him. 

“Penn, I never pushed you. You never let me go. “The smell of what she said, the smell of what he had just left. 

It made him confused, too close, too close, just a little bit forward, he could touch her lips, and he did the same, bent down and kissed her more fiercely than before. 

A lot of words, he did not want to say anymore, in the end who did not let go of who? All the torture she inflicted on him was invisible, and it hurt him every day. 

She is like a hedgehog, today dropped a thorn, into his heart can not be pulled out, tomorrow dropped another thorn into his heart can not be pulled out, if the heart can be opened to see, probably long ago was pierced with thorns, riddled with holes. 

Like two trapped beasts, neither would let the other go. 

“Penn, you bastard! She is not good at swearing, swear words can not be exported, but in his heart, he has been scolded for 18 generations. The heart is also feeling unprecedented pain, in the end why will become like this today? 

Penn had gone all out, and as he released her, he suddenly said something 

“Serena, you can’t do this. I’m the biological father of my children.” He seemed to have lost all his strength, left this heavy bomb behind, released her, and turned back to his room. 

In fact, he has been living alone on this floor, so what he did just now will not be seen by outsiders. 

Chapter 327 I am Their Fathe 

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Serena’s face goes white, her mind goes blank, and when she reacts, she barks at him 

“Penn!! ” 

Her voice was unquenchable fear as she waded up and down the corridor, her legs weak. 

Penton was at the door, heard her voice, and looked back at her 

“Serena, like I said, I’m not a good person, so don’t push me. I don’t want to hurt you.” 

People who say they can’t hurt you say what hurts you the most. 

“Penn, you bastard, what are you trying to do… What are you going to do?” 

“I don’t want to do anything. I just want you and the children.”


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