Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 328

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Get Dressed 

Penn saw her emotional, do not want to continue to stimulate her, the words have been said, want to temporarily put out the war, and then go back to the room to close. 

Serena’s been on lockdown. He knew about the kids, you know? After all this silence, what does it mean to suddenly mention it today? What does he want to do? 

Her mind is a mess, can not clear a little thoughts, without thinking, to knock on his door. 

His door was right across from hers, and she realized that this entire floor, just these two apartments, had been rented by Penn for years. 

After knocking on the door for a while, Penn inside looked like he was dead and never came out to open the door. She pressed the doorbell hard again, holding it down for a long time, pressing it again and again. 

The anger in my heart was woven more and more with the quiet door, and the only thing in my mind was what he had just said: Serena, I am the biological father of my children. 

This was tantamount to throwing a heavy explosive into her heart, and her heart was shattered and she could not think. 

She rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, kicked on the door, and shouted, Penn, come out and speak clearly. 

Like a maniac, hysterical. 

However, whether the sound insulation was too good for him to hear, or he deliberately ignored it, his door never moved. 

Chapter 328 Get Dressed 

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Serena is acting like a crazy person right now, when it comes to children, she can’t calm down, banging on the door, kicking on the door, she doesn’t respond, she takes a look at the fire alarm next to the hallway, and without thinking, she presses the fire alarm hard, she doesn’t believe that there is a fire, and Penn can hide, and the fire alarm screams through the hallway. 

However, she did not know which button she touched, and actually started the fire sprinkler system on this floor, and the water poured out from the spray head, it was sprayed up and down, and directly poured her from head to toe, like a drowned chicken, all over. 

Standing wet in the hallway, she felt like a clown, especially when she saw the hotel staff and the fire department, who had arrived quickly after hearing the alarm, surrounded her. 

“Where’s the fire?” 

“Ma ‘am, are you okay?” 

The firemen did a quick sweep of the neighborhood to see if there was a fire. 

The staff also quickly knocked on the door of Mr. Humphery, the only resident on the floor. 

Penn, who had been smoking on the innermost balcony because he was in a bad mood, did not hear Serena’s knock or the doorbell. 

When the door opened, there stood the hotel housekeeper, the floor manager, and five or six firemen. 

“Mr. Humphery, are you all right?” 

‘What’s going on?He didn’t see Serena behind the fireman for a moment. 

“Nothing, just checked, is the lady prank, deliberately pressed the fire alarm, disturb your rest. “We have called the police and they will be here 

Chapter 328 Get Dressed 


“It seriously disrupted the normal operation of our hotel.” 

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Penn then turned his head slightly behind the fireman and saw Serena, wet and shaking, pressed against the hallway wall. 

With pain and anger in his heart, he strode over, pulled her to him, and addressed the hotel housekeeper 

“A misunderstanding, sorry! Put all expenses on my account.” 

Then he took Serena to his room and closed the door. 

He was so angry that he put her in the bathroom without saying a word, and then poured hot water over her, soaking her cold clothes as he did so. I’m off. 

Serena doesn’t say a word, she struggles to say no, she looks at him like she’s an enemy, she wants to rip him to pieces. The strength of the two was so great that Penn could not resist with a little effort. 

This is late autumn, the temperature at night is very low, Serena was just outside, was sprayed with cold fire water, really cold shivers, now after pouring hot water to ease over, the strength is slightly larger, but in the dense water mist, the tile floor on the foot is slippery, she still can not make the strength to escape. 

Penn’s own clothes were wet. His white shirt clung to his muscle-bound body, and he pulled it off with one hand. 

“What do you want to do?”Serena is angry and nervous, and the atmosphere in the bathroom is almost impossible to think about. 

When she finally warmed up, Penn turned off the hot water. The white fog was thick, and as the hot water turned off, the smoke gradually disappeared. Finally, she could see each other’s real faces. 

Chapter 328 Get Dressed 

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The water trickled down the strands of his hair in the front of his forehead, drip by drip, from his cheeks and jaw to his chest. There are tight muscles, full of tension. His eyes were red, looking at her, like burning, full of enchantment. 

Serena’s all red, and she just hates him for pushing her and driving her to death. 

As soon as he raised his hand, she leaned back with a shudder, her hands. clasped tightly over herself, all guarded. 

Penn actually smiled, and then a soft, wide bathrobe fell over her, enveloped in warmth, and her hanging heart fell heavily. 

He smiled and said sarcastically, “Don’t worry, I’m not like some people who take advantage of people by getting drunk.” 

With that said, he tied a bath towel around his waist and went out of the bathroom first, and his body was stiff and tall, and his shoulders were really wide and his waist was narrow. 

By the time Serena comes out, wrapped in a bath towel, he is fully dressed and sitting in the reception room looking at the tablet, still wearing a shirt, but not as meticulous as usual with the buttons, at this time the two buttons at the neckline are not tied, the elite reveals a little lazy. 

Serena was wearing a silk shirt and a knee-length skirt that he had just taken off carelessly. The shirt was strayed and the skirt had a tear. She just threw it in the trash and came out wrapped in a bathrobe. 

He glanced up at her from the tablet 

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to your room and change clothes and come out and talk to me?” Penn just glanced at her, seemingly indifferent and looked back at his tablet, but he did not dare to look at it. 

Just now in the bathroom, I had a terrible time. 

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Chapter 328: Get Dressed 

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Normal men, in front of the beloved woman, who can really be unselfish? Besides, she was still impossibly beautiful, with wet hair and smooth skin, her pink skin wrapped in a snow-white bathrobe. 

It was like reading her mind, he said 

“Go change your clothes and come back and talk to me. Don’t worry, my door is closed.” The implication is that she won’t be shut out like she was. 

At that moment, Mrs. Aresa’s phone band called to ask her 

“Serena, I just heard from room service that your alarm went off on the 26th floor. Is everything okay?” 

“It’s all right. It was a misunderstanding. “He just pulled the fire alarm out of his mind.


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