Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 329

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Her Grievance 

Serena hangs up on Mrs. Aresa and goes back to the opposite room to change her clothes. She’s in a hurry for a business trip. She doesn’t bring a few outfits, so she just wears pajamas. Pajamas are very conservative style, pure cotton, solid color long sleeves and pants, wear on the body, the whole person has a sense of security. 

A second look at the phone reveals two Whatsapp messages from Darcy, who breathes and sits motionless on the living room sofa. 

Too many things had happened tonight, and each had struck at her weak nerves, making it impossible for her to calm down at this time. 

First Penn told her that the night was not her dream, it was real, and she was pestering him for it, which made her feel extremely ashamed and disgusted with herself. Then Darey suddenly called to propose, that moment, she is panicked, do not know how to respond, frankly said, she is afraid to enter a marriage, her parents’ marriage let her disappointed, and later his marriage with Penn is ended in failure, she did not have the courage to enter marriage. It’s not Darcy’s bad. It’s her problem. She was actually relieved when Penn cut her off. 

Then there was the bombshell thrown by Penn, who had known of the children’s existence for a long time and momentarily made her lose her mind. 

Up to this point, people are still empty, looking at the Whatsapp sent by Darcy on her phone, she has not had the courage to open it, think for a while, consider how to speak for a while before she opens Whatsapp. 

“Serena, I’m sorry. I take it all back.” 

“In fact, we are also very good, before I met you, I was not a marriage, because of you, I would like to.” 

Chapter 129 Önevance 

“Don’t bear any psychological burden, good night!” 

Darey seems to have guessed she would refuse, so dont have the heart to embarrass her, first said the words, to each other under the steps, not not moved, moved, and a layer of deep guilt. 

Penn waited for her all night and never saw her come back. 

The clothes she threw in the trash, he picked them up, washed them, dried them, ironed them, and put them in the basket in front of her door the next day, not a word about the night before. 

As soon as she put it down, Serena’s door fluttered open and she stepped out, looking gaunt with the puffiness of sleep deprivation and deep dark circles under her eyes. 

She thought he was transparent and took the elevator to the first floor to meet the Lawyer Ayesa family. Penn got into the elevator with her and said nothing to each other. 

Last night’s fierce confrontation, each other has said everything that needs to be said, the attitude that needs to be expressed has also been shown, there is nothing to say, and no one can give in. 

At the hotel lobby, Penn left for work at the Future Better Technology Company. As we leave, we hear Serena talking to the Lawyer Ayesa family 

“I have a court case this afternoon, I need to go back, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you in NY.” 

“Then hurry back, I’m fine here.” Ayesa, a Lawyer, hurried her back, where she could not have helped much anyway. His own children, he will do his best. 

Serena apologizes to Mrs. Aresa and then turns and walks out of the hotel. When she came, she brought a change of clothes in the law firm, so leaving now is also a small bag of light, very simple. 


Chapter 329 Her Grievance 

213 Vouchers 

When she arrived at the hotel door, the car she was about to call hadn’t come, and was waiting, Penn’s car stopped in front of her 

“Get in the car and I’ll take you to the airport.” 

No matter what happened, no matter how indifferent she was, he always did his part well. 

Serena would never ride in his car, hate him too late, hate him too deep, and hate him for using this heart on her and the kids. 

Penn changed his usual concessions to her, and he wouldn’t leave until she got in the car. 

She took a few steps forward, and his car drove a few steps, blocking her at all times. When her net car arrived, he even said to the net car rogue 

“She won’t sit and canceled the order.” I’ll pay you for the loss.” 

The ride-hailing driver looked dumbstruck, looked at Penn’s ten- thousand-degree car, looked at Serena, and complained 

“Aren’t you making fun of us poor people? Cancel the order before it affects my credit.” 

Serena was so mad she had to cancel the order on her phone. 

Walk to the street in a huff, don’t take a cab, okay? 

But wearing high heels, walking fast, but also almost twisted the foot, is really early in the morning not to let her good. 

Penn saw her almost twisted his foot, but also quickly pulled the car to the side of the road, out of the car to see her, fortunately, still able to move freely. 

And whether Serena wants to or not, bend over and shove her into his 

passenger seat. 

Chapter 329 Her Goevance 

What a model of extortion! Serena can’t get out, and she can’t open the 

door and jump out like she did last time, so she sits by the passenger door and looks out the window, and she gets angrier and angrier. 

Why would he push her like that? 

Let her hang her head in front of Darcy, and he’s happy? 

Make her a bad woman, and he’s happy? 

It was as if Penn had see-through eyes to see what was going on inside. her head, and the subject that had been dropped the night before was brought up again. 

“Serena, do you think it’s fair for you to start a new relationship with Mr. Kirby when you haven’t really gotten over me?” 

“Your guilt is not because of me, but because you know that you don’t love him, so you feel guilty.” 

“So it’s best for you and him to cut your losses in time.” 

He was too calm, and he hit Serena too hard, and she suddenly sat up straight from the passenger seat and stared at him 

“Don’t you think it’s particularly cruel of you to say these things? You will always be on the high side, looking on coldly, thinking you are sane and sober. Do you ever wonder how I got through the years? I was unable to do anything about my mother’s death. I was pregnant and dared not go back to NY or Boston. I had to go to a strange city to rent a house and find a job.I was lying alone in a cold delivery room tortured by pain, and there was no object to cry about. There are countless children sick nights, I hold a hand in the hospital crowded outpatient hall infusion, stay up late, these despair you experience? Why can’t I live without Darcy? I’m so tired. I need a shoulder to lean on, even for a moment.” 

These grievances, she never talked to anyone, even when she met him, met Blair, she did not say a word, only to show her strongest side to 



When it comes to these grievances, tears will not be able to control the crazy flow down, can not stop. So it’s hard for outsiders to appreciate how much Darcy’s existence means to her. Love is really not that important to 



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