Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 330

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Play the Heart 

She successfully pricked a thorn in his heart, straight into the bull’s eye, so that he nearly ran the red light, quickly stepped on the brake, 

emergency brake, Serena the whole person jumped forward, and was pulled back by the safety belt. 

Tears were all thrown out, no more drops of flow, people by such a shock, just a moment of grievance evaporated, angry scold 

“Are you trying to kill me so I can take the baby?” 

Penn was shouted at by her, and the pain just now was relieved by half a minute, slowly 

“Reluctant, after all, it is not easy to find a stepmother for the children!”Makes you want to punch him. 

“Penn, we’re done here. If you try anything with the children. I’ll kill you first. “She made it very clear that if he touched the child, she would fight him with her life. 

Penn didn’t say anything. He looked up at the traffic light 

“Sit tight, it’s about to start. Lest you bump into me again and blame me.” 

What kind of attitude is that? 

He never said a word about the kids. What did he want to do? No one knows. That’s why Serena’s heart is all up and down and empty. 

I mean, she really can’t play Penn. 

You see, since last night, all he’s said is that he’s the kids’ real father, and then he doesn’t say anything, and then she’s jumping off her feet, losing 

Chapter 330. Play the Heart 

288 Wouchers 

her mind, and she can’t get a glimpse of what he’s really thinking, let alone what he’s planning. 

When he took her to the airport, he didn’t speak again, and he didn’t say anything about the children, as if last night when he said he was their real father, she had a hallucination. 

When she checked in, she found that Penn did not know when he had given her an upgrade and had to accept it. When she got on the plane and fastened her seat belt, she leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes. She had hardly slept all night, and now there was a nerve in her brain, still unable to sleep, but exhausted, so she closed her eyes and rested. 

The plane was about to take off, and suddenly someone was sitting next to her. The business class seat was relatively spacious, but even if her eyes were closed, the aura of the person next to her seemed to affect her. 

She frowned slightly, opened her eyes and looked at the seat next to her, and sure enough, Penn was the last one on the plane. 

By now the plane had pulled into the runway and she couldn’t get off even if she wanted to. 

I mean, this guy’s haunting me right now. He ignored her and sat down with his business tablet looking very absorbed and serious. 

Serena accidentally glanced at his flat screen when she turned around. On the screen should be a very Q small robot designed by Future Better Technology Company. It was small and chubby, smiling, jumping on the screen, and the robot made a small voice: Hello, little master. 

Serena just thought the shape of the robot looked familiar, so she took a second look. 

“Interested?”Penn stopped and held the tablet out in front of her. 

Serena turns her head and looks out at the clouds, ignoring him. 

Chapter 330 Play the Heart 

“He smiled 

“A gift for the children.” 

208 Vouchers 

This is the children’s product that he asked the R & D department to develop, is a very soft and cute small deformation robot, usually at school, can be folded into the shape of a pencil case placed in the bag, not only can monitor the safety of children at any time, but also can automatically record the teacher’s class video for home review, Usually at home to restore the appearance of the robot, can completely listen to the instructions of the owner to perform various tasks, accompany the children, adults can also observe the status of the children through the robot in real time, A bit similar to the reality version of Doraemon, for the children to realize their dreams. 

Because he led, so from the concept to the realization of various 

functions, it was basically completed in a very short time, and it is still in the debugging stage, and after debugging and testing, it can be put into production. 

Of course, the cost of this robot is high, not ordinary families can afford to consume, so it is impossible to mass production and listing, in short, is a product that cannot recover its cost. 

But Penn is happy to share the product with Serena ahead of time. 

When Serena heard that he said it was a gift for children, she was more curious and said coldly 

“No need. And, Penn, I don’t care what you’re up to, but stay away from them without my permission.” 

Her warning, if put before, Penn would agree with her and also respect her. But now I find that if I just say yes to her, it will only make the relationship go further and further, so I’m sorry, he can’t do it. 

“Serena, one question I’m curious about, how do you explain to the kids that daddy’s not around?”He asked a question to which the answer would 

Chapter 330 May the Heart 

sting him without realizing it. 

Serena doesn’t even think about it 

210 Mouchery 

“Dad and Grandma are gone to heaven, so don’t surprise them by showing up.” Saying that in front of him without feeling the slightest bit guilty. 

Penn paused for breath, finally feeling the emotion, and said angrily 

“Serena, don’t go overboard.” 

Seeing him angry, Serena finally felt a little happy! 

Then, after a while, Penn suddenly turned his head and said very close to her 

“Then I’m afraid you’ll have to explain to them how Daddy came back to life.” 

Serena glared at him and gave him the last word. turning back to sleep and ignoring him. Originally can not sleep. but maybe really can not survive, in the plane actually really fell asleep. 

It wasn’t until the plane landed that someone around her gently pushed her and woke her up. When she woke up, she saw Penn’s face, looking at her very gently. For a moment, her mind went blank, time went by, and she forgot where she was. 

Or did Penn remind her, “Hartford is here, are you going to the firm or home?” I’ll take you.” 

“To the hospital, do you want to take it?”She did want to stop by the hospital first to check on Darcy, and she didn’t return last night’s cut off voice mail or any subsequent messages, and she had to clear up a lot of things with Darcy. 

When Penn heard this, he looked cold and stopped speaking. After leaving the airport, the boss of the dealership sent him a car, and Serena also 


Chapter 330: Play the Heart 

288 Vouchers 

asked for a car in advance, he did not insist on continuing to send her, and really did not want to send her to the hospital. 

Take her to meet her boyfriend in person. He’s not so generous, so all he can do is watch Serena get in the car and drive off without looking back. 

“Mr. Humphery, where are you going?” When the general dealer of Hartford faced him, he was a little uneasy. Mr. Humphery, these dealers used to meet only once when they went to NY to attend the annual meeting, but now he would come to Hartford from time to time without telling the reason, which made him worry about whether he was coming to investigate the market and change dealers. 

“To the hotel first.”


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