Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 332

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Inability to Resist 

The inability to resist is at the heart of her fear. 

Penn has strong financial capital and family background, and to really get to that point, it’s just a matter of beating the stone with the egg. It’s just that the only thing she can hope for is that he’s still nostalgic and won’t actually try to rob her. 

Darcy asks after listening carefully 

“Serena, you’re a lawyer. In your professional opinion, does he have a good chance?” 

“Sometimes the law is not fully and truly fair. “There is nothing to be done about it. 

“What if we get married and start a new family and promise not to have any more children?”Darcy wasn’t joking or just saying that, he felt it was the best solution. 

The children have been living with their mothers since childhood, and to give the children a complete, food and clothing home, whether from the emotional or material basis, the court can not deprive her of her rights, at least than a single mother to raise two children have some chances of 


Serena was touched. Not only did he offer to start a family, but he said he could promise not to have children again and treat the two children as his 


How much love does it take to make a promise like that? After all, he is an only child. 

She shook her head, or the principle of a habit, if a family, must be a 

Chapter 332 Inability to Rest 

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simple want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, is not the use of the relationship, she has been sorry enough for him. 

Darcy knew she wouldn’t say yes right away, and didn’t push her 

“You think about it, I’m ready to cooperate. “Deliberately use the word to match, not mention feelings, reduce her guilt. 

After seeing Darcy in the hospital, go back to the law firm and work, until after work, then pick up the kids. When the car was parked on the street outside the kindergarten, I suddenly saw a familiar car parked across the street. It was the car that had come to pick up Penn at the airport in the morning. Her heart turned cold, especially when she saw the driver’s side of the car roll down the window and Penn’s arm in sunglasses look up at her through the window. 

Because wearing dark glasses, can not see his true expression, only from the tight lips can be seen that he is not in a good mood. 

Serena gives him a warning look, indicating that he should not appear in front of the children, he seems to raise eyebrows and ignore her, even with a sense of provocation, to provoke Serena, especially his blatant presence in the kindergarten, so that she can not stand. 

She looked at the time, and there were still ten minutes to pick up the children, so she walked across the street. 

Penn always maintained an action and expression to see her come over, see her change a set of clothes, but still the same shirt skirt high heels, but the neckline of this shirt is lower than that in the morning in the plane. exposing a good-looking collarbone and looming chest, affecting his string, because wearing sunglasses, so brazen looking at her, from top to bottom,Eyes fixed on her slender waist, suddenly remembered last night in the steamy bathroom, her appearance. 

Well, he thought, he was too much of a gentleman last night. 

Serena was standing in front of his car, glaring at him. 


Chapter 332 Inability to Resist 

“What are you doing here?” 

“Do nothing, even look at them from a distance?” 

“No, you must go.” 

“Serena, aren’t you being a little cruel?” 

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Serena’s mad as hell, but she’s cool and looks up at her a little bit, with a little bit of teasing in her eyes, like she’s joking. 

And so they stood, she glared down at him, he looked up a little at her. All her emotions were on display, while he wore dark glasses and could not see any expression. 

Under the confrontation, every time she was the first defeat, in front of him completely make no effort, because he is like warm water boiling frog, slowly, slowly cooking her, let her have nowhere to vent. 

Like right now, she didn’t do anything but park her car here. What can she do? 

“Serena, it’s school time. “He even had the kindness to remind her that it 

was time. 

Serena, furious and helpless, rushes to the kindergarten to pick up the kids. 

Penn watched her leave, and then saw her hand holding a child out of the car, his hard heart is full of tenderness, but also with a little sour, so good life near and far away. 

He’s in Hartford to investigate Darcy, and he doesn’t like this kind of behavior, but since both Serena and the kids love Darcy, he needs to know what’s going on with Darcy. 

Darcy’s resume is both simple and complex, complex and simple. 

Chapter 332 inability to Reust 

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Simple is the family relationship is very simple, mother is a housewife, father is a businessman, started in Hartford real estate development, owns a number of properties, shopping malls and hotels, strong capital, has been rated as the top ten enterprises in Hartford and the best tax enterprise for 15 consecutive years, the whole group operation, so far there is no negative news. 

He is complex because of his complicated personal Experience, he has set up expedition teams, caused a lot of people’s lives, and has a number of companies under his own name, but they are all clubs. Challenge Experience Hall and so on, which is quite different from the image of calm, mature and stable. But from all of his friends and subordinates, he is a man of great love, justice, and responsibility. 

Whether it is his simple or complex side, Penn has a deeper sense of crisis, because there is no denying that such a man is attractive enough. 

Serena was supposed to pick up the kids and go straight home, but she got a call from Nelly saying that the kindergarten teacher told her to buy white sneakers for the kids yesterday, and there will be an activity in the garden tomorrow. Nelly thought she had white sneakers at home so she didn’t buy them. She just looked at them at home and found them too small and inappropriate. 

Serena had to temporarily turn the wheel and go to the mall to buy white sneakers for the kids. 

In the children’s shoes department of the mall, all kinds of white shoes are dazzling, and they are expensive. Serena’s flesh hurts, and she finds the two cheapest ones for the children to try on. 

Two children sitting side by side on the try on the stool, soft and cute, also very clever, mother let do what to do, not like other children so 

disorderly, even the salesman can not help but look at them, has been too cute, than the child stars on TV are cute and beautiful, if they take a short video, will be able to attract countless fans. 

Chapter 332. Inability to Resist 

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Serena is squatting in front of Carl trying it on, and Marcia’s feet are swaying and shaking, telling mom to hurry up so she can try it. 

The store is suddenly strangely quiet. Serena only feels a shadow next to her. A pair of familiar hands, carrying the most expensive and most beautiful pair of white sneakers in the store, squatting beside her, gently holding Marcia’s feet 

“I’ll try it for you.”The voice was low and very soft, and even the expression was very gentle. 

Serena froze, turned her head slightly to look at the person, but could only stare at him angrily. 

‘Thank you!Marcia thanked her sweetly.


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