Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 334

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 334

Chapter 334: No Matter what 

That is, no longer hesitate, no longer panic, and face the attack of Penn with a state of mind. 

Even if she knows it’s a fight, she’ll fight it with all her might. She calmed down, stayed up for two nights, the marriage law, the legal provisions of custody, ownership, change, and so on, which were already familiar with the heart, and picked out word by word, line by line, and did not miss any details. Combined with her own circumstances, she wrote a detailed document to prove that she was the most suitable guardian. 

She has fought for many people in custody cases, both rich practical experience, and a rich case base and theoretical knowledge, as long as the effort, not necessarily will lose. 

First take yourself out of the identity of the parties, as a lawyer to objectively analyze the case. 

Although the children were not born during the marriage and were privately born to her alone, the law states that both parents have equal rights and duties, so she and Penn are equal in this regard. 

When the court judges child custody, it generally takes into account fertility, the children’s emotional affiliation, the living environment of both parents, the economic strength of both parents, and the mental state of both parents. 

In terms of fertility, she and Penn are the same, and neither of them has an advantage. Even from the perspective of physical differences between men and women, men’s fertility and childbearing age are stronger than women’s, so she is the disadvantaged party in fertility, but has an advantage. Emotionally speaking, both children are brought up by her personally, and she has deep feelings, so this is also her advantage. 

Chapter 334: No Matter what 

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In terms of family life circumstances, Penn is unmarried and she is unmarried, a tie, but in terms of his busy work, there is no time to care for the children, she also has a slight advantage. 

Then the last point is judged from the economy, which is the point Serena does not have any advantage, because the economic strength is too wide, there is no comparison. However, with her current economic strength, there is no problem in ensuring the basic life of her two children. 

So, all things considered, the odds are in her favor, assuming Penn doesn’t pull any strings. But is it possible? With his style of conduct, as long as the hand is bound to achieve the purpose of the character, he will exhaust all means. 

After all the stakes are sorted out, even if the heart is still uncertain, it is calm and rational enough to deal with this matter. For the sake of children, they will automatically be covered in armor, invulnerability, and omnipotence 

She calls Nate for the first time, asking about Penn’s plans. 

Nate was delighted to hear from her and shouted repeatedly 

“Ouch!Serena, the sun is rising in the west.” 

Serena, accustomed to his deliberately grandiose reactions, gets straight to the point 

“Did you know Penn was going to fight me for custody of the kids?” 

Nate suddenly happy, think Penn or listen to his advice, good, listen to other people’s advice. 

He is happy, but in front of Serena can not show half a point, but with Serena’s hatred 

“What, he is too shameless, how can do such a thing “Serena, don’t worry. I’m going to talk to him. He’s not the best person.” 

Chapter 334 No Matter what 

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Serena sneers and uncovers him: “You’re just like him. What are you pretending to be?” 

Nate laughs dryly. “Serena, you’re getting harsher and harsher.” 

“You tell him that no matter how strong a team of lawyers he hires, no matter how many connections he uses, my children are my bottom line, and I will fight him to the end.” 

“No, no, Penn wouldn’t do that to you. Everything he does, he wants you back. “Nate couldn’t help but put in a good word for Penn, which is true. 

Serena, tired of hearing that, hung up the phone and waited for the storm in Penn. 

When I went to work in the law firm in the morning and saw the closed office door of Lawyer Ayesa. I remembered that Lawyer Ayesa’s family were in NY, and I did not know how Larry’s case was going. 

Karen came to her and said, “Lawyer Ayesa just called and said he and Mrs. Aresa won’t be back for a while. According to Lawyer Ayesa, Larry’s case seems complicated.” 

“How complicated, before already found good evidence to prove that he did not know the operation content of the website, waiting for the court is not it?” 

Serena has a lot on her plate, and her custody battle with Penn is keeping her from focusing on Larry’s case. 

“It is said that the public security organs have many problems with the suspected personnel, and then involved Larry not only involved in the production of VR interfaces, but also participated in the design of the website trading program, that is to say, he is not completely 

unaware.”Other suspects also have many questions to examine, so the court has not opened yet. 

Karen was listening to a conference call between Lawyer Ayesa and 



Chapter 334 No Matter what 

another senior lawyer at the firm. It was a tough one anyway. 

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Hearing this, Serena did not worry too much, because there was Lawyer Ayesa. Although Ayesa gradually retired in recent years, she seemed to be in a retired state, but she was not old and had rich connections. Director Ham of the New York Law Association was an old friend of him, so she was not worried. 

Karen looked at her and continued 

“Do you know how the police found out that Larry designed the trading software on this gambling website?” This is because the trading software is identical to the Future Better Technology Company’s trading software. Of all the programmers at the gambling site, only Larry was an intern at the Future Better Technology Company, the only one who had any contact with Future Better Technology’s product development.” 

Serena’s brain sinks in. It’s a deliberate move by the Future Better Technology Company, she asks 

“So in addition to Larry’s involvement in the development of the gambling website, he’s also in trouble with the Future Better Technology 

Company?” Future Better Technology Company is suing him for stealing company secrets or stealing intellectual property?” 

“Serena, how do you know? That’s why Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa are freaking out. They have two lawsuits at once.” 

Penn, Penn, would do anything to push her. Trying to bring everyone around her down, or drive her away. 

Since, as Darcy said, Lawyer Ayesa, Mrs. Aresa, Karen, and others knew about her relationship with Penn, Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa were smart enough to guess that Penn did it on purpose and that it was aimed at her. 

If it was because of her that their children suffered senseless disasters, then how could she be as comfortable as before with the Lawyer Ayesa 

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Serena then suddenly remembered that in the past, his mother Ann forced her to do the same, with the people around her to force her, mother and son are really the same ah.


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