Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 335

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 335

Chapter 335: The Wrong Man 

To Penn’s surprise, Nate had already told her what he had said. He thought she had decided not to talk to him anymore. 

‘What’s the matter?’he asked. 

“Penn, is that all you can do, blackmail the people around me every time?” 

Penn was confused. “What are you talking about?” 

“If you have anything to do with me, I’m here for you. There’s no need to bring Larry into this, he’s just a minor.” 

“Larry?Don’t you have a court date? Or is something wrong? Sorry, Serena, I’ve been a little busy lately and haven’t been following his case.” 

Serena was stunned by the sincerity of his voice. He didn’t do it, okay? 

“Ask your lawyer. “Then he hung up the phone. 

Penn immediately dropped what he was doing and called Joa and Julia Sherman into his office. 

This is really Serena wronged him, he will use all means to deal with outsiders, but never willing to deal with her, even if said to fight for custody with her, but also frankly tell her, let her wait for a lawyer’s letter. 

After learning that Larry stole the trading program of Future Better Technology Company and used it in the gambling website, it is indeed the people of the public security organs who found out that this is the product of Future Better Technology Company during the investigation. So I contacted the legal department of Future Better Technology Company. 

Chapter 335 The Wrong Man 

Julia Sherman, the head of the legal department, was on a business trip, so the lawyer specializing in the intellectual property of Future Better Technology Company met with the police. Upon hearing the reason, she immediately had an urgent discussion with the people of the scientific Research department. It’s exactly the same process as the Future Better Technology Company, and this is no joke, because if the Future Better Technology Company’s process is linked to the gambling site, the negative impact is huge, and immediately. The intellectual property lawyer sued Larry. 

The lawyer did not know the relationship between Larry and Mr. Humphery, and he was directly responsible for such infringement and plagiarism cases. He only needed to write a report to Julia Sherman in the work summary at the end of the month. 

So Julia Sherman and Penn don’t know. 

Until then, when Serena calls, he and Julia Sherman know the reason, can’t help but laugh bitterly, this is all a shit, no wonder Serena will suspect him, to make their relationship worse, 

“Check it out. Larry is too legal-minded to use the Future Better Technology Company deal process for anything else. “Penn has no doubts about Larry, and the interns he personally selected, in addition to having a talent for research and development, are also absolutely upright in character. 

“Ok, I’ll contact his father’s Lawyer Ayesa first.” 


Why the gambling site’s trading process would be the same as the Future Better Technology Company’s trading process is really puzzling. If the interested person seized on this and said that the investment behind the gambling website was Future Better Technology Company, it would be a storm, so Julia Sherman dared not relax and immediately launched an investigation. 

Chapter 3.35 The Wrong Man 

18 288 Vouchers 

Here, Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa are in the hotel, and they have trouble sleeping and eating. 

Mrs. Aresa calls Serena without telling her Lawyer Ayesa 

“Serena, can you come over to NY? Mrs. Aresa has butterflies in her stomach every day without you.” 

Mrs. Aresa meant what she said, and there were a lot of things that everyone knew about Mr. Humphery, who he was, and where he was, and they couldn’t see him if they wanted to, but Larry’s case, he was indispensable. 

The only person who can coordinate and help is Serena. 

Either Mrs. Aresa is unreasonable, or she is not a forceful person, or she has come to NY these days, and the case is getting more and more complicated. They don’t have much chance to see Penn, or even Julia Sherman, the legal clerk, and Mrs. Aresa’s heart is more and more uncertain. 

Serena’s already got a lot on her plate — work, kids, Darcy — everything, but when Mrs. Aresa asks, she says yes without even thinking. Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa were her family in Hartford, and Larry was her brother. She was supposed to do her best. 

So whether she wanted to or not, she had to make another trip to NY to meet with Penn in person and talk about child custody. 

Penn was surprised when he saw her at the hotel, and a faint smile spread. Neither of them spoke, but they both got into the elevator together. 

When he reached his floor, he handed her a key card for the room across from him 

“You can stay here for a few days, or you can go home.” But the children’s room is being renovated recently, so it might be a little 

Chapter 135 The Wrong 

messy.”Carl and Marcia would be back sooner or later, so he did a little remodeling beforehand. 

“Mr. Humphery is so optimistic.” She made fun of him, fixing up the kid’s room before the custody case. 

“Well, it’s going to happen. “Every time he talks, he’s so irritating. 

Serena doesn’t go into her room with her key card. Instead, she stands behind Penn waiting for him to open the door. Penn sees her nearby, raises his eyebrows, and laughs, “Staying in the same room as me?” 

Then open the door and make way for her to come in. 

When Serena walks in, she looks back and sees Penn walk in. She suddenly realized a problem, that is, the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed, two people are serious outside on weekdays, but as long as they are alone in a room, even if nothing is done, nothing is said, the air will naturally emit an ambiguous atmosphere. 

It seems that this has been the case since the very beginning of her acquaintance. Whenever she is alone, she does not have to say a word, and the air is filled with hormones, which makes her very strange. 

If in the previous love period, the heart has a pentium of emotion can be understood, but she clearly hates him now, where the hormone? 

She stared at him, thinking of the question, and she did not notice him coming closer. 

“Serena, don’t you think I’m gonna cheat on you if you keep looking at me like that?” 

His face was suddenly close to hers, teasing. 

Serena takes a quick step back, and he steps forward, keeping his distance and teasing her. Serena instantly understood why there was such a strange ambivalence. 

Chapter 335 The Wrong Man 

288 (Vouchers 

Are the man in front, as long as alone, his eyes is glue on her body, cyes with love or indulgence, even unabashed desire for her… Hope. Yes, he never hid that, from the first to the present. 

After solving the mystery, she suddenly laughed, “Mr. Humphery, would you like to try out with another girl?” It might be good for you to have a new relationship.” 

After all, she kindly suggested, he was in high demand in some areas. If there is a new relationship, a new girlfriend, it will be good to solve. 

Penn took another step forward, cornering her to the desk in the living room, where there was no turning back, and she leaned her hands back on the desk to keep some distance from him.


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