Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 336

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Good 

But he went a little further and looked down at her, not angry: “Serena, you came into my room just to tell me to settle with another girl.Need? Need?” 

“But I only treat you… The last three words he said were close to her ear, and only she could hear them. 

Serena stared at him, her whole face turned red, so shameless…In particular, the two bodies were almost together at this time, and some part of his body reflected what he had just said in a timely manner. 

Serena was leaning her hands back on the desk. her hands tight, and the further she tried to distance herself from him. the more he leaned forward, her waist breaking. 

Seems to be really self-inflicted, just inexplicably felt the ambiguous atmosphere, do not say it is good. 

Fortunately, Penn did not continue to lean over and stood upright in time, and she was relieved at the same time, suddenly heard his husky voice, 

with ridicule 

“Good waist strength.” 

Serena says, “You’re having sex. Harassment.” 

He laughed. “Serena, be reasonable. Who harassed who first? Also, you’re not a naive little girl. If you don’t want to do something with a man, don’t go into a man’s room.” 

His tone is three points serious, three points teasing, which makes people very annoying. 

Chapter 336 Good 

284 Mouchers 

Serena: “That’s your dirty mind, look who’s dirty, I came into your room to discuss business, even in bed, I said no, you force it is better…”Rape, you know? Blind!” 

Penn raised his eyebrows at her, took a step closer, wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and asked, “Would you like to try?” 

Serena thinks she’s crazy today. Why are we talking about this?Originally, when I came in, it was just the usual atmosphere of ambiguity, he won’t do anything, but now she messed up, the ambiguity index skyrocketed. 

Because you want to try it after he asks? Without waiting for her answer, he bowed his head… Ellipsis…And then, by the way, picked her up and walked to the interior room, threw her directly on the bed and pressed her 

dense And so forceful that Serena can’t put up a fight. 

He is obviously very strong, but it also makes people feel the tenderness. of being respected and loved, which is a familiar contradictory feeling, resulting in Serena forgetting to resist for a moment, losing her mind, and when the shirt buttons are torn, the cool feeling pulls her back to reality. 

He pushed him away with all his strength. 

His breathing is already very… When she was pushed away, she did not really continue to use strong, but said nothing, got up and went to the bathroom, and then the sound of water came. 

Serena sat red-faced, listening to the sound of the water, her heart still beating wildly as before, and she had to admit that no matter how emotionally she did not accept him, her body still felt him, it was like a magnet, as long as the slightest approach, it will be absorbed by the instant, uncontrollable. 

Hearing the sound of the water end, she hastily gathered herself and sat down on a chair in the drawing room outside his room, serious, very serious, just a shirt chest. The first two buttons were just torn off, can not 


08 52 

find, in the end is to reveal a little of the charming. 

Penn came out with wet hair, changed into a casual loungewear and not shirt, kept his distance from her, sat across from her, stared at her, and said bluntly 

“Serena. next time, don’t hit on me if you’re not ready… This is the last time. I’ll let you go.” 

After saying that, his eyes fell on her shirt with two buttons off, and it was a hot, simple and powerful 

“Next time, I’ll kill you.” 

Serena blushed. “I’m not teasing you. You’re thinking too much.” 

He gave her an ironic look, stopped talking about it, and changed his face quickly: “Tell me, what do you want from NY?” He has a knack for being up and running in seconds. 

Serena’s here. Two things. First, I’m here at Mrs. Aresa’s request to plead for the Future Better Technology Company to drop charges against Larry, who has been involved in the development of a gambling website. If you get sued for plagiarism by the Future Better Technology Company again. your life will most likely be ruined. 

‘he asked after hearing her 

“So, you’re here to beg me to leave Larry alone?” 

“HMM. “The first time I gave in to him. 

Penn felt much better when he saw her. When she wasn’t pushy or stubborn, she was lovable, and even though Larry wasn’t his idea, he handled it well even when she didn’t come to him. 

‘Anything else? 

Chapter 136 Good 

“Let me come to the second matter, which concerns the children. “She had come with peace of mind because she had no secrets, no fears. 

Unlike before, deeply afraid that he would find out the existence of the children, so she always wanted to avoid, always wanted to escape Then he knew, she and every day uneasy, I do not know what he will do next, guess to want to go, people’s spirit is particularly easy to collapse. 

Now, although she is destined to fight for custody in court, she has a feeling that the dust has settled and calmed down, so she is particularly calm. 

“Well, you speak, and I’ll listen. “He looked at her and gently encouraged her to go on, saying that fighting for custody of the children was never his ultimate goal. 

Serena took the initiative this time and opened the photo album on her phone to show him. 

“I’ll show you what they look like when they’re born, they’re ugly. When I first saw them, I thought, neither you nor I are ugly, why are the children. so ugly?” 

Penn took it and saw that two crumpled little babies sleeping head to head looked sweet, but not ugly at all. 

Serena slides down a photo 

“This is a 100-day photo, but I was too tired at that time, so I didn’t take them out to take the photo. The housekeeper took it for me.” 

“This is the first birthday lottery video. What do you think Carl grabbed?” 

He was mesmerized by her questions and guesses 

“Grab money?” 

“No, it is grasping the keyboard, so small, you know with ten fingers on 

Chapter 336: Good 

288 Vouchers 

the keyboard is very rhythmic knock, may be inherited from you, he is like you in many ways, very magical genes. “Serena never thought she would one day feel comfortable sharing her children’s past with Penn. 

Penn looked at the pictures, his eyes hot, he wanted to hug them, wanted to hug Serena, thought so, did so, hugged her tightly in his arms, kissed her hair 

“Hard work.” 

Serena continues to look through the photo album and finds a picture of Marcia 

“She looks exactly like me, but her personality is not at all with me, nor with you, she is lively, sweet mouth, can be said to be loved by everyone.” 

Penn looked at Marcia’s picture on her phone, pink and polished, and her heart melted.


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