Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 338

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Meet Ellen 

It had nothing to do with Larry. 

It’s just that Penn rarely gets to hang out with Serena and won’t say anything. Privately, Julia Sherman of legal Affairs has withdrawn the lawsuit, and she is also pushing the public security authorities to prosecute and go to trial as soon as possible to restore Larry’s innocence. 

I arranged everything in private, and I didn’t say a word to Serena. After work, take her out to dinner, for so long, it is rare that she can get along with him so calmly, which is really moving. 

After sitting down, Nelly called, and the children asked for her, now that she didn’t have to be shy in front of Penn, so she answered. 

The children are still scrambling to get in front of the camera, calling her sweetly through the phone 

“Mom, we miss you. When are you coming home?” 

Serena looks into the camera and smiles softly 

“Mom won’t be back for a few days.” 

Opposite Penn looked at their interaction, but also stopped the action of the order, quietly listening to their voices, just want to sit on the opposite side to interact with the children. 

“Mom, Aunt Nelly took us to see Kirby in the hospital today, and Kirby said he was almost healed and would take us to the playground. “Marcia loved Kirby the most. She was very affectionate when she talked about him. 

Opposite Penn heart, expression gradually faded, Marcia into his heart to 

Chapter 338 Meet Ellen 

stick a knife, even Carl to insert a knife 

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“Mom,” Kirby said, “When he’s healed, he’ll teach me how to fence.” He said he was good at fencing and had won a championship.” 

That little adoring tone hits the bullseye, Penn heartache, isn’t that fencing? He can learn, too. 

Serena plays along with the kids: “Wow, Kirby is awesome!” 

“Kirby’s the best. We like Kirby the best.”The children said in unison, this like is the most sincere, there is no discount. 

After Serena hung up the video, only to see the opposite man around the temperature has been cold for a few degrees, afraid to freeze, cold eyes glared at her, and did not speak, this way, but let Serena rise for no reason a little guilty. 

Did the kids hurt him? 

He deserved it, too? 

The guilt disappears, and a little schadenfreude sets in. 

Before she could smile, a tall girl appeared at their table. Serena looked up, stared, looked familiar, and immediately realized that it was Ellen, Penn’s old blind date, who the Humphery Family had identified as their daughter-in-law. 

Penn recognized her, of course, and nodded at Ellen with a frown, a kind of greeting, without any attempt at communication. On the contrary, Ellen looked at them in wonder 

“You…. Remarried? Or are you not divorced at all?” 

Ellen did not forget that she had listened to Ann’s words and went to the United States to find Penn, and the result was the humiliation of the hot face sticking to the bench. And now he’s sitting across from Serena, and 

Chapter 338 Meet Ellen 

her self-esteem is taking a beating. 

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When she found out that he was divorcing and not breaking up, she was sparing her feelings and didn’t reveal anything about Serena’s family background to the people in her circle. 

The three people did not expect that NY was so big that they would meet Ellen by such a coincidence. 

Serena doesn’t care. She has nothing to do with Penn anymore. She’s open about it, whether it’s his new love or his old love. Only when Ellen’s eyes flashed resentment, she suddenly had a little worry, if Ellen told Ann about her opportunity to meet with Penn, Ann would come to her again? 

If we go to her, it means we have to find out about them sooner or later. 

Oh, no. As soon as Penn knows about the kids, Ann will, too. 

Her mood was suddenly low, and she looked at Penn and Li Min coldly. 

Penn, of course, felt Serena’s up-and-down mood changes. The good mood of the evening was extinguished by Ellen’s sudden appearance, he said 

“Sorry, we’re having dinner.” 

The implication is that she’s disturbing them. Ask her to leave. 

Ellen is the daughter of heaven, in this life only in Penn this was subjected to this cold reception, the heart is naturally extremely unhappy, just good cultivation, not so much in public, just look at them, and then leave. 

Ellen called Hilda after she left the restaurant 

“Penn is back with his ex-wife?” 

Hilda is reading a script when she gets an inexplicable phone call from 

Chapter 338 Meet Den 

Ellen and throws the script aside 

“Miss Li, you’re asking the wrong person. How should I know?” 

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The last time she saw Serena, she drank herself unconscious, and then Nate told her that Penn had dropped Serena off. God knows what happened. 

“Ok, I’ll ask Candy. “Ellen is aggressive and tries to intimidate Hilda. 

“What do I care? Just ask Candy. “Hilda, the big lady, was never afraid of threats, and it had nothing to do with her. Ellen, not knowing what was wrong with her, telephoned her. 

“Where’s Nate?” 

“You want to ask Nate, why go all the way around me and waste my time?” 

Snap. Hilda just hung up. The relationship between the two people has been bad since childhood, and no one looks up to anyone, so after adulthood, they can not deal with each other as much as possible. 

Only Nate, the social butterfly of the compound, can talk to anyone. 

When Ellen confronted Nate, she was more proud of her age and did not ask him about Penn. Then Nate called, and he tried to convince him. 

“Ellen, I’m not saying Penn doesn’t deserve you. Divorced, second-hand man, what do you think he does?” 

Ellen laughed at the sound of second-hand men, sweeping away the haze just now 

“The more such a man, the more delicious!” 

Ellen really thought so, and when she saw Penn at night, she had a more mature charm than before. In short, she is haunted, did not see and do not 

Chapter 338 Meet Ellen 

miss, their own play of the wind, but as long as you see, the heart is involved, trapped, for other men, there is a tasteless feeling of food. 

Nate talks big 

“Why don’t you consider me? I’m one of those guys.” 

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Ellen hangs up the phone and forgets why she called Nate in the first place. 

Here, Penn and Serena go back to the hotel together after dinner. In view of the previous experience. Serena will go directly to the hotel and close the door, and will not have too much communication with him. 

Only once, a moment before closing 

“I was hoping you could cut Larry some slack.” It’s a plea. 

Penn nodded and said no more. 

‘And I hope your mother doesn’t hurt the children.’She stressed again.


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