Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 339

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 339

Chapter 339: That’s My Child, too 

Penn then looked back at her, very formal and serious 

“Serena, those are my kids, too, and I won’t let anyone hurt them.” 

Serena didn’t say another word, closed the door and went to her room to 


In Larry’s case, Future Better Technology Company has dropped the charges against him and confirmed for him that he was not involved in the development of trading software for the gambling game website. 

About three days later, the public security organ formally submitted the prosecution materials to the court, and the case entered the court stage. Ayesa, a Lawyer who has always been very self-cultivation, did his best for his son this time, and even used his contacts in the law circle to ensure that nothing goes wrong. 

It was Mrs. Aresa who was too worried. The case was not complicated. Julia Sherman of the Future Better Technology Company had already assembled evidence that Larry had no knowledge of the gambling site, that he was being used. Even a victim. 

After the evidence was presented and Lawyer Ayesa walked around, the court acquitted Larry. 

Because Penn was busy, he only sent Joa to sit in and report the situation. in real time. 

Serena sat in the audience this time, too, and was relieved to hear the verdict, otherwise she would have died of guilt over Larry’s death. 

Mrs. Aresa secretly wiped tears aside and made up her mind to take her child back to Hartford this time, and definitely not let him come to Future 



Chapter 339 That’s My Child, too 

28 our hers 

Better Technology Company for internship. She must tie her side and go to school step by step. 

Out of court, the Lawyer Ayesa family and Serena all headed straight to the airport back to Hartford, without stopping. 

Joa was ordered to drive them to the airport, and she stopped talking several times. 

“Miss Woodsen, would you like to say hello to Mr. Humphery before you go back?” There is a shareholders’ meeting today, otherwise he would have come to sit in.” 

“Why don’t you tell him for us?” 

She can’t hide from him! 

These few days, although he did not mention the struggle for custody, but she will not naively think that he will give up, I do not know how much behind the preparation of tricks to wait for her, not to take it lightly. 

Although she had been prepared for this, when she returned to Hartford and received a cold letter from her lawyer, she felt an uncontrollable chill. 

This is where it got to. 

At the time, she was working at a law firm. When Karen, her assistant, read the letter, she gasped. So, Carl and Marcia are indeed the children of the Future Better Technology CompanyMr. Humphery? 

And Mr. Humphery is going to fight Serena for custody? 

She finally responded that although she was a young person with no experience in the world, she had the most basic sense of right and wrong, and she was angry to the point of explosion, Shouting: “Why did he come to rob you?” 

Karen’s been with Serena all the way here, and she knows how hard it 

Chapter 330 That’s My Child too 

28 rouchers 

was for her to make a living with two kids. Oh, now that the children are grown up, he has the nerve to have children, and nothing is so cheap in the world. 

Serena shoves the lawyer’s letter into her drawer. “Yeah, nothing is that cheap.” 

“Serena, if you need anything, let me know. “I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll do everything I can. 

Looking at Karen, Serena feels a little warmer 

“Okay, I’ll let you know if I need any help. But for now, you have to help me get a file from the client.”Serena wanted some time, so she sent Karen 


As a result, Lawyer Ayesa also learned the news and came out of the office to ask 

“Can you do it alone? I have some friends who specialize in custody litigation, and I want to introduce them to you.” 

Everyone’s heartfelt concern makes Serena’s nose sour, and although she has encountered a lot of bad things, she has always been surrounded by a group of friends who sincerely protect her and help her. 

“Thanks Lawyer Ayesa, not yet. I can handle it myself.” 

She’s in the best position to fight Penn for custody, and no one knows him better than she does. 

“Ok, if you need to say anytime, don’t try to be brave, we are all your strong backing.” 

“Yes, I know.” 

Not to be brave, but this matter, no one can help her, even in front of Darcy, she did not reveal too much, only when he asked, she told him the 

Chapter 339 That’s My Child, too 

specific court date. 

In between, Penn never contacted her again. 

288 Vouchers 

Blair flew from New York to Hartford to be with her, and she was joined by Jenny Bass. 

Blair explained, “I told her. She had to come.” 

Jenny Bass found out from Blair that Serena is in Hartford and has two babies. When she came, she complained about them all the time. Did she not tell her anything? 

But it wasn’t until I met Serena that my feelings turned into feelings of pain and guilt, and in recent years, she has been a more dereliction of duty than anyone. 

Serena is just happy to see Jenny Bass. Jenny Bass often goes to her mother’s grave to send flowers and chat with her mother. She knows if the person who manages her mother’s grave has spoken to her. Real good friends, do not have to contact frequently every day, but behind you silently do a lot of things you want to do but can’t do. 

Two people for these years of blank words did not explain, is the tacit understanding of each other smile, are in the heart. 

Unaware that their lives might be about to change dramatically, the two children were delighted to see another beautiful woman in their home. 

On the contrary, Jenny Bass, who had not seen Serena for many years, felt bad when she saw her again, and now saw the two children, the heart is even more uncomfortable, and there is a sense of unreality, in her heart is still delicate Serena, has become a mother, and shoulder this. responsibility alone. 

Blair says, “If Humphery tries to rob you of your kids, I’ll fight him.” 

Jenny Bass gave her a look and gave her a cold warning 

Chapter 334 That’s My Child, too 

“Why didn’t he dare? Don’t forget, the court is tomorrow.” 

238 Vouchers 

Jenny Bass is still Jenny Bass, calmly and rationally reminding Blair to bring them back to reality. 

“You’re a really boring person. “Blair takes a look at Jenny Bass and heads off to play with the kids. 

Jenny Bass doesn’t care. All she cares about is Serena’s preparation. 

“Are you confident?””She asked Serena. 

“Honestly, no. “What’s Penn gonna do? She’s got nothing. On the contrary, Penn presumably knows better than she does what she has going for her. 

“Serena, can I go over your court files with you again?See if you missed anything? Let’s not give up until the last minute.” 

Blair, who just came to get some water for the kids, overheard Jenny Bass 

“You’d better have a good rest and relax tonight, don’t make yourself so nervous. “So what if Penn is a monster?Even if you give him the children, how can he still rob them?”


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