Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 341

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Custody Case 2 

Serena: “Who defines what makes a child ordinary?Is it a parent or a child? From the other side’s remarks, it is enough to prove that the other side is a controlling parent who is not conducive to the growth of the child.” 

She’s aggressive, too, and she won’t let go of a single point. 

Then continued to say: “In addition, please look at page 20 of the material, this is the other party’s work schedule for the next month, from the schedule can be seen, the other party from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., arranged a dense work schedule, ask. such work intensity, how can he arrange time to take care of the child?” And please focus on two of the arrangements, his mother wants to see him. need to be arranged in advance with her secretary, and written on the schedule. Since his mother needs to make an appointment to see him, does that mean that the child needs to make an appointment to see him? Isn’t that ridiculous enough?” 

She kills two birds with one stone, indicating that he has limited time to accompany the child, but also indicates that his family relationship is cold, even the mother has to make an appointment to see him. 

Nate couldn’t help applauding her after she made her point. Penn looked at her, not angry that she had hit the bull ‘s-eve, but curious about where she had gotten his detailed itinerary Joa’s professional integrity will not betray him. 

Blair stole that from Joa? 

Blair in the gallery rolled her eyes. She didn’t do it. 

Penn then remembers that Serena was in his office the last time he was investigating Larry, and he left her there with him for two days. 

Chapter 141 Custody Case 2 

No wonder those two days were so good, did not resist to accompany him for two days, it turned out to be in the name of other ideas, smart was 

smart mistake, But he’s not angry at all, but a little happy for her, because she’s really growing up, like today’s trial, she’s aggressive, more brave, let him dare not take it lightly. 

From each other’s family environment, as well as economic conditions are finished, it can be said that there is no winner, and finally Serena only focuses on a key point, that is, the children’s deep feelings for her and if the sudden change of living environment, it is not good for the growth of children. 

Penn’s behavior has been a surprise to her, and throughout the trial, he has been polite and reasonable in all of his material, and has not been aggressive in any way toward her. 

She announced his schedule, proving that he did not have time to accompany the child, in fact, he can also come back to her, after all, these days, she has been frequent business trips, the child to Nelly in the belt. 

If he uses that against her, she has no advantage over him in that regard. 

Nor did he attack her about her upbringing or her past mental problems. 

He did not take the children have been sick in hospital and other information to prove that she was not good enough to take care of the children. 

She has worked on a number of custody cases for clients, and when both sides are equally qualified, the judge will almost always award the children to the more stable partner if the other can prove mental instability and problems related to the children’s frequent illness. 

So in the run-up to the trial, she’s made a list of all the points where he might attack her. 

But Penn did not, although he seemed to be strong, but has not been any attack on her, but strongly proved that he can handle the position of 

Chapter 341 Custody Case 2 


1218 Wouchers 

He had never denied that she was a proper mother, and when Serena realized that, there was a ripple in her heart, and at least for that, she was grateful that he hadn’t denied her, that he hadn’t put both of us in a terrible situation in the custody battle, and that when the kids grew up,Seeing parents fighting each other over them. 

Beside the Lawyer Ayesa and Mrs. Aresa naturally also see Penn’s mercy, even Ms. Woodsen can not help but sigh again. 

“Son, you got Serena by accident.” 

Darcy has a brain ache. Mom, real mom, what’s wrong with your son?It’s just a step behind. 

Ms. Woodsen continued in a low voice, “But this Penn is so deep, look at him, he didn’t say anything negative about Serena from the beginning to the end, which is a step back to make the judge feel pity for him. “Serena is really out of his league. How did they break up? Look how much he loves Serena as much as you do.” 

Not only does he not care about his son, but he gossips about it. 

Penn continued to speak 

“The children’s room mentioned in the materials is in our former home, which is still in Serena’s name, and I hereby promise that if I get custody of my two children, they will grow up in this house, which means that Serena will grow up in her own house, and she will be able to spend time with the children whenever she wants, so there is no such thing as. She and the children have to be separated, which is not conducive to the growth of the children.” 

“In addition, I want to make it clear here that the schedule just now is the workload for the next six months or even a year, and I will focus on completing it in the next month, so that I can spare some time to stay with my children.” 

Chapter 341 Custody Case 2 

As soon as he finished speaking, Nate was in the gallery, and he couldn’t help but applaud him. Penn is too wily. As long as the kids come back, they will live in the house downtown, and Serena will not come back. 

Serena almost fell into his trap and was led away by his perfect plan. He said that all this was predicated on her being willing to go back to NY and live in that house. 

The current situation, without Penn using any personal connections, without any strong attacks, is four or two to turn the whole situation around, he became the most suitable provider. 

Serena’s palms start to sweat, and she quickly analyzes the situation in her head, whether she has anything else to play for besides raising a child and being affectionate. 

Finally, I just want to think about one point, that is, the fertility problem of both sides, and the probability is high, the fertility cycle of women ist much lower than that of men. 

After the age of 30, women’s fertility is plummeting, and the damage to the female body is irreversible, while men even at the age of 60 or even 70, as long as he wants to give birth, there are unlimited possibilities. 

She immediately made the point, with the explicit meaning that in her life, she had only two children, Carl and Marcia. Penn, on the other hand, could have as many children as he wanted. 

So no matter how Penn voted and how he proved himself to be the most suitable parent, he was at a disadvantage in terms of the emotional well- being of his children and the reproductive advantages of men and women. 

There are pros and cons on both sides. It’s up to the judge to decide. 

In a hushed courtroom, Penn’s lawyer resubmitted a document.


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