Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 342

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 342

Chapter 342: No More Children 

This time it was the lawyer who spoke on his behalf 

“This is a medical record of my client’s surgery in the hospital. He has only two children, Carl and Marcia.” 

The lawyer says it in a very subtle way, and when the people present. understand what the lawyer means, they all look at Penn in shock, especially Serena, shocked, unbelievable, thinking is this man crazy? 

It’s the first time Nate knows that Penn would go through this kind of surgery. It’s crazy to go through this for a woman. The world can’t find another man like this, too hard on himself. 

But the man who dropped this bombshell is standing there in his calmness, doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. 

Serena’s mind went blank, and for a moment she forgot how to prove a rebuttal, and the whole situation had no room for recovery, and she lost, lost in a mess, because Penn was too cruel, his cruel not to her, but to himself. 

The gallery was silent as everyone held their breath and looked at Penn, but Darey kept looking at Serena. When Serena looked back at him, he gave her a thumbs-up, silently complimenting her on her performance. There is no need to be afraid at any time. So what if the court gives Penn the baby? As long as he’s around, he won’t let anyone take the kids. That’s what I said to Serena before, and I’m going to say it again in silence. 

Serena’s heart, which was about to be destroyed, slowly returned to normal after seeing his encouragement. 

After exiting the courtroom, Serena took Darcy’s wheelchair from Ms. Woodsen and pushed it around, while Lawyer Ayesa and Blair stayed 

Chapter 342 No More Children 


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I can’t say what I’m bored with. Penn’s tactics are too powerful, they don’t follow the rules, they don’t say anything negative about Serena, and they don’t provide any evidence to prove that Serena is unfit to raise children. All the time, they take steps back and build themselves into a good man and a good father image, which has won a lot of good feelings.I’m impressed with him, not to mention the judge. 

He went to court first, stood on the front steps, watched Serena wheel Darcy out, and he even asked 

“Can I help you?” 

And because they’re stairs, it’s not easy to push Darcy’s wheelchair down them. 

‘Don’t!Serena says no. 

“Thank you. “Darcy says yes and stands up with one hand on a walking stick and the other reaching out to Penn for support. 

Two people are almost the same size, but the temperament is different, one is the elite fan can not say expensive, cold and proud; A casual style, with a casual, free and easy. The scene shows a formal Penn supporting a casual Darcy as he makes his way down the steps. Later, Nate helps Darcy’s wheelchair down the steps, the first time in his life, for Penn’s love rival. 

“Mr. Kirby has a colorful life, but it’s better to take care of your health.””Penn said as they reached the last step. With this tone and attitude, you can’t guess whether he really cares about you, or is sarcastic or even warning you. 

“I will. Thank you, Mr. Humphery. “Darcy is also a noncommittal answer, either way. 

As Nate breathlessly places his wheelchair in front of him, Serena rushes 

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Chapter 342 No More Children 

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over to help him into place. Next to Ms. Woodsen can really not when the other mother’s consciousness, looking at the front of three different temperament of the man, the heart straight feeling, if Darcy grew up in their circle, may be able to become good friends with them. 

Penn hands Darcy the cane, looks at Serena, and doesn’t shy away 

“Serena, I’ll pick up the kids in two days.” 

Now that we’ve gotten this far, there’s no point in hiding it, making it very clear that if she doesn’t approve of him taking the baby, then the court can only enforce it. 

Serena’s face blanched as she watched him stride away. Was she really losing the kids?Darcy patted her hand as she held the wheelchair 

“It’s okay.” 

After Nate finishes his work, he walks over to Jenny Bass, who is not far away, to say hello before leaving. 

Jenny Bass is on a robocall with her mother. The voice on her cell phone says it’s her mother asking 

“How did you get to Hartford? Your aunt asked you how was the boy she introduced you to last time? They are quite pleased with you, and are waiting for your reply.” 

“Well, it’s good.””Answered Jenny Bass. 

The blind date introduced by the aunt is a university teacher, how to say, normal, not a particularly good impression, but not a particularly unpleasant impression. 

Just a more realistic, even a little calculating college teacher. 

On a blind date, she was asked directly: why this age has not been in love; Any background at home? If not, entering the ranks of civil servants, 

Chapter 342 No More Childre 

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it is difficult to get ahead; If married, would you like to live with your in- laws? 

She answered truthfully, saying that because of her career, but also because of being delayed by others, she had not been in love; The family is an ordinary working family, do civil servants can only rely on their own efforts; After marriage, I do not want to live with my parents-in-law, nor do I want to have children. 

She felt very good, began to speak out each other’s conditions, and continued, and did not waste each other’s time. The college teacher could not hide his disappointment when he heard her answer, especially the last 


You’re turning around and having a crush on her? 

Words came from Mom 

“The boy said you are very real, down-to-earth, when you go back to Boston, ask out to meet again.” 


Hung up the phone, she is still immersed in the evaluation of others, steadfast? Really? Does she give that impression already? 

“You’re on a blind date?”Unexpectedly, the ear sounded the person who had delayed her. 

Nate didn’t really want to listen to the phone call, but when he came over, he overheard his mom talking about a blind date and couldn’t help but stop and listen. 

“Yes.”Jenny Bass: A blind date is a blind date. 

“So want to marry?”Nate doesn’t know how he feels. He just doesn’t think Jenny Bass is going on a blind date. He had chased her for a long time, chasing after her, found that the two people were different, he played the 


Chapter 342 No More Children 

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world, everything with the fate, not competing with himself, life carpe diem is the most important. But Jenny Bass is serious, trying to move forward, with her, unconsciously will feel a lot of pressure, as if not hard to struggle is the original sin, plus she has been lukewarm response, he will also disheartened, put down.


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