Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 343

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 343

Chapter 343: No peace 

“So want to marry?”Nate doesn’t know how he feels. He just doesn’t think Jenny Bass is going on a blind date. He had chased her for a long time, chasing after her, found that the two people were different, he played the world, everything with the fate, not competing with himself, life carpe diem is the most important. But Jenny Bass is serious, trying to move forward, with her, unconsciously will feel a lot of pressure, as if not hard to struggle is the original sin, plus she has been lukewarm response, he will also disheartened, put down. 

However, when I heard that she went to a blind date and felt that the other party was OK and planned to continue to go to each other, I felt very unhappy, and my words were also a little ironic. 

Jenny Bass took a look at him, but did not immediately contradict him ast before, but still downplayed it 

“Well, I want to marry.” 

Is that life has struggled hard, lost to reality, so choose to be down-to- earth. As for Nate, she also tried to get close to him and confessed her love. After being rejected, she also broke the Cinderella fantasy and chose a man who was suitable for her life. 

Of course, Jenny Bass does not have the word “lie down” in the dictionary, but she has a better understanding of the facts, no longer impetuous, and she will forge ahead, no matter what the background in the public service, she will also make her own world step by step. 

When she finds out who she is, she is at peace with Nate as an old classmate or friend. Nate, on the other hand, is confused, but he can’t say a word. 

Penn was already urging him to get in the car, but he only had time to say 

Chapter 343 No peace 

one word 

“Jenny Bass, marriage is not a game. Don’t settle for it.” 

Do you want him to say? Doesn’t she know? 

Jenny Bass shakes her head and heads to the front to meet Blair and Serena. 

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The Lawyer Ayesa family, Ms. Woodsen and Darcy are discussing countermeasures with Serena, and everyone is complaining about Serena, how she has raised two children in the past few years in Hartford, they are watching, and Penn came and directly stole the children, what do you think?I feel bad for Serena. 

Lawyer Ayesa was most torn. He was a legal man who knew intellectually that refusal was useless, and that the court could enforce that Penn take the children away. But emotionally, he couldn’t handle it. From the time Serena got pregnant to the day he got hired at his law firm, he had watched the kids grow up, and he could relate to Serena. 

Serena, who should have been devastated, was the most calm when she really got the result of this trial. About also has been injured too many times, as if her life will never be smooth sailing, from the death of her father, to the mother crazy, to marriage, divorce, the death of her mother, the birth of children, are a line of obstacles, so used to, the greater the ordeal, the more calm she can face. 

“Everybody go home, I’m really fine.” 

She sends the Lawyer Ayesa family away and tells Blair and Jenny Bass to go back to wherever they need to go without her. 

She calmly accompanies Ms. Woodsen to take Darcy to the hospital. 

Darcy never said anything to comfort her, only after the hospital separation 

Chapter 343 No prace 

“Starting tomorrow, I will accompany you to pick up the children.” 

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It seems like a plain, but it carries a lot of weight. It protects her and the kids, and it’s a promise that makes Serena feel at ease. “Yes, thank you.” 

When I went to the kindergarten to pick up the children in the evening, when I saw them running into her arms with a smile and innocence, the tears almost fell out, but it was quickly recovered, just because I felt sorry for them and had no ability to protect them. 

When they got into the car, she asked the two children for the first time 

“Would you like a burger, ice cream?” 

The two children were stunned, looking at their mother in front of them, wondering whether their mother was testing them again? Mother is the best liar, so they didn’t answer. 

Small age, the mother of that little means to guess through. 

Marcia could not resist the temptation first, black eyes looked at the mother driving in front of her, waxy said 

“I want to eat.” 

Mom was the strictest with her and Carl and would never let them eat junk food. 

“Yes, Mother will take vou. “Serena drives to the mall next door. 

“Mother is the best. “Marcia’s cautious expression brightened as she stopped short of kissing her mother. 

Carl was sensitive to the changes in his mother’s mood. He did not show a happy appearance. Instead, he held his mother’s hand tightly when he got 

off the car. 

After sitting down, Marcia sat down and took a bite of ice cream. Carl 

Chapter 343 No peare 

didn’t eat it. He sat next to his mother and asked softly 

“Isn’t Mom happy?” 

Serena: “No, why would you say that?” 

Carl couldn’t answer, but he just knew Mom wasn’t happy. 

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Serena picked him up and sat him on her lap and answered earnestly 

“My mother is not unhappy, but she has been on a business trip and rarely accompanies you, so she feels particularly sorry for you and Marcia.” Mom promised that she would never travel again, so she would stay with you and Marcia all the time, okay?” 

Carl shook his head and said. “It’s okay, Mom. Marcia and I are grown up and can take care of ourselves. You do what you like, mom.””My mother is a brave warrior who is going to help many, many people,” Karen said. 

After holding in tears all day and almost breaking because of Carl’s few words, she hugged Carl tightly 

“Thank you, honey. Mom loves you so much.” 

When Marcia sees her mother hugging Carl, she comes with her hands 


“I love my mother, too, and I want my mother to hug me.” 

Serena smiles and pulls her into her arms. 

A second later, Carl couldn’t help but say, “Marcia, you got ice cream on my face.” 

Half of the ice cream Marcia is holding is smeared all over Serena’s neck and Carl’s check. Three people laugh to do a group, a sweep all the haze, with the children are too happy, all the troubles will disappear. 

Chapter 343 No peace 

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The next morning, Darcy keeps his promise, early in the walking stick to the downstairs of her house, when the children come down with backpacks, he is still as open arms as before. 

When the two children saw him, they ran to him in surprise and wanted to run into his arms. 

“Be careful, you be careful. “Serena shouts behind her back in case they touch his wound. 

Darcy shook his head at her and said it was fine, his abdominal wound had healed, but the leg wound was a little slower. He landed almost on one foot, and lifted the two children into the air, one in each hand, as 


“Ever think about Kirby?” 



The children answered in unison.


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