Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 344

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Will You Marry My Mother 

Darcy contented death, can not help but left, right, each kiss them, is to treat them as their own children, not to mention Serena reluctant to them, that is, he is reluctant to give up. 

“Kirby’s going to pick you up and down every day, okay?” 

“All right” 

“Kirby, are you marrying my mother?My classmates always say that as long as a boy and a girl get married, they can be together forever. “Marcial wants to be with Kirby forever. 

Darcy will be fine, of course, as long as your mom says yes. 

“You guys get down here. Kirby’s tired. “Serena lifts them off Darcy and stoves them in the back seat, then helps Darcy to the car. 

He was standing on one foot just now holding two children, and his feet. were really sore. Serena is impressed: “Your balance is exceptional.” 

Normal people can stand on one foot for a while, he can not only stand on one foot, but also hold a child with both hands firmly. 

Darcy laughs, this balance is nothing, should be the most basic physical quality in their circle. 

“So you went to court yesterday in a wheelchair on purpose?” 

“Of course. “He answered candidly that it was okay to show weakness in front of outsiders, that there was no need to be brave in unimportant things, such as yesterday Penn wanted to help him, so let him help him. 

“Can you drive now?”Serena was teasing him. 

Chapter 144 Wil You Marry My Mother 

“It’s not impossible, as long as you trust me with your own safety and that of your children.” 

‘Don’t worry! 

Serena started the car and drove out. Darcy patiently answers all sorts of excited questions from the kids in the back. When they get to the kindergarten door, he says, “Kirby, you said you’d pick us up after school.” 

“Okay, Kirby promises.” 

The question of child custody has never been raised again, and Serena has avoided the issue with the sole thought that even if Penn came for her, she would never let him take the child. 

After dropping off the kids, Darcy checks out of the hospital, determined to escort Serena to and from the school every day, probably doing nothing but giving her some peace of mind and company. 

Penn and Nate are back in New York, each with something on their mind, not saying anything, and the atmosphere is weird, and it doesn’t seem like the people who won the case. 

Joa asked cautiously, “Lost the lawsuit?” 

No, she got word that Mr. Humphery won, and she was wondering if she was going to buy something for the kids. 

Penn looked at the depressed Nate following him and asked 

“You have a problem with me winning the case?” 

Nate let out a sigh and slumped on the guest couch in his office. 

Penn was calm because winning the case was expected, so there was no emotion, and he was more thinking about how to get the two kids back to NY without hurting Serena. 

Chapter 144 W You Marry My Mother 

And Nate, what’s all this about? 

“Oh, do you think Jenny Bass has a problem in her mind and needs to go on a blind date according to her condition?” 

When Penn heard that he was doing this for Jenny Bass, he didn’t care. He was the one who chased him, and then he was the one who rejected him, and now seeing him finally start a new life, he can’t let go, which normal girl is willing to accompany him so much? It serves him right to be single. 

The two have grown up together and are so familiar with each other that Penn doesn’t have to say anything. One look. Nate immediately knows what his mental activity is, and instantly sits up straight and contradicts. him 

“You say, who is divorced and still obsessed with his ex-wife?” What is even more shameless is to rob his ex-wife’s children.” 

Penn was not angry when he poked at the pain, saying, “We are different, and I am committed to the future with Serena. “How about you? If you want to be with Jenny Bass, then go for it. If you don’t want to be with her, there’s no place to be angry. 

Onlookers are confused, two people talking about each other’s problems have a mirror in the heart, and when it is their turn, they are confused. 

Nate is upset. Intellectually, he knows they’re not right for each other and he’s over it, but knowing she’s going on a blind date and getting married is still a little hard. 

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no 

“Do you think Candy would be okay with Serena’s kids?” 

“It’s not up to her.” 

His expression was still stiff when he spoke of his mother. He had given her the case of relations and the honor she wanted in order to prepare for 

Chapter 344 Will You Marry My Mother 

11 291 Mouchers 

the future. Whether it’s Serena or the kids, she takes it or doesn’t take it. 

Ann does not dare to be as reckless as before. First, older Mr. Humphery is gone and she has retired. Now it is different from the past, and she recognizes the fact that the so-called family glory or her personal scenery can only be continued by her son Penn. 

She was well-informed. Penn went to Hartford to fight a custody case, and soon word got back to her. When I heard the news, it was a whirlwind, 

A custody battle? 

A dragon and a phoenix? 

Is that Serena? 

These words, which she had never dreamed of, knocked her mind blank. The only thing that’s left is the idea that Serena really haunts us, and she’s really good at it, sneaking a baby in order to keep Penn tied down. No wonder Ken was so easy to agree to a divorce. 

This kind of thing, she has seen many times in the circle, how many small three take the compensation fee but do not fall… The fetus, but hide to give birth to children, and when the child is big, the door to split the family property. Now want to go these crooked girls can really too many, to say that the marriage law is fair, there are unfair, the children of the third with what to rob the property of the children? 

Look at all these dirty things in the circle, and finally the wife bites her teeth and swallows it with blood, it’s really bitter. 

Next to the nanny did not agree, carefully refuted 

“I don’t think Miss Woodsen is like that.” A man looks decent, not greedy. 

“Not such people? Why didn’t you say you were pregnant? I secretly gave birth to it myself. Now it’s haunting our Humphery Family.” 


Will You Marry My Mother 

The nanny sighed, “Candy, you mustn’t say that in front of Penn.” 

We don’t want any more problems with this hard-won mother-son relationship. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be the one to lose 

11 288 Wouchers 

Ann was stunned, yes, just a excited, and could not help but complain. 

She is now severely menopausal, and she relies on drugs to maintain her mood, but occasionally she can’t control and let negative emotions take the upper hand. After taking the medicine handed over by the nanny, she took a few deep breaths, as if those words had not come from her mouth, she was calm and elegant 

“Pack my bags and have the driver come and take me to the airport.” 

The nanny was surprised. “Candy, where are you going?”


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