Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 345

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 345

Chapter 345: A Leopard never changes its spots. 

“Go to Hartford and see my two grandchildren. “She specially emphasized the two words grandson, at this time there is nothing to talk about 


“Candy, you’re going to Hartford to see the baby. Do you want to tell Penn? I’m afraid he won’t like it. “Babysitter’s trying to stop her from getting into trouble again, and it’s not like it used to be. 

“I’m not going to eat them, I’m just going to see them, isn’t Penn over there fighting for custody?”If not, they are my own grandchildren, aren’t they?”It was also full of disdain for Serena’s two children. 

A lot of things in the bones, hard to change. 

The nanny sighed, thinking Candy, you really can’t change…. Oh, no, a leopard never changes its spots. There’s no way anyone can save you. 

“By the way, don’t tell Penn about my trip to Hartford.” 

“All right.” 

The babysitter really misunderstood Ann this time, and although she was extremely uncomfortable, she felt that Serena had promised me a divorce, and then left me with such a hand, which was tantamount to stabbing me in the back. But there was nothing she could do about it. Just to check it out. It’s not too much. 

It’s a little too much to hold your breath, or you can wait until Penn brings. the kids back. She went to Hartford very carefully this time, not to disturb anyone, let alone the children’s kindergarten, but directly to Serena’s law firm first to find her. 

At the time, Serena was meeting with a client in a conference room, 

Chapter 345: A Leopard never changes its spots 

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which coincidentally was a custody case. It was Darcy’s mother, Ms. Woodsen, who introduced a friend of hers, Mrs. Wu. 

Mrs. Wu’s husband is also a prominent figure in Hartford, and Darcy’s father is a business partner, but the difference is that Mr. Wu’s affair is as well-known in Ilartford as he is. From young play all the way to middle age, often walk in the river, where do not wet shoes? 

This is not, last year got pregnant a girl, at that time in order to calm the matter, Mr. Wu gave the girl 1 million, one is to beat. The cost of the tire, the second is as a spiritual compensation, the girl took the 1 million and disappeared. 

Mr. Wu also did not take it seriously for another young girl to continue to play the world, and the result last month, this girl suddenly came to the door with a baby and said that Mr. Wu’s son, to find a family. Mr. Wu’s side could not hide. so it came to Mrs. Wu’s side. 

Mrs. Wu is different from Ms. Woodsen, Mrs. Wu is a career-oriented woman, usually Mr. Wu outside mischief, as long as he has a sense of proportion, do not bother her, do not damage the interests of the family, she turned a blind eye to it, but now get a person’s life, more than a child with her son’s family property, that is another matter. Thinking of a lawyer to consult, Ms. Woodsen introduced her to Serena. 

“Does that Miss Sang have a paternity test to prove that the child is Mr. Wu’s?” 

After hearing Mrs. Wu’s story, Serena quickly gets back to work. 

“Yes, but she took 1 million to go, is to let her go to flow.”The medical expenses and emotional compensation, since taking, is to admit that the child has no relationship with the Wu family.” 

Mrs. Wu hates women who don’t keep their word. 

“Why did she take a million dollars and pretend to agree, but hide and have the baby?”Is coveting our Wu family property, thinking of bringing 

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Chapter 345 A Leopard never changes its spots 

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children back to compete for family property, without effort, give birth to a child, immediately have hundreds of millions of assets, the heart is not enough snake swallow elephant!” 

Mrs. Wu said with emotion again, now these young girls, really more and more shameless. 

Karen, who is taking the statement, also feels the same, and is even outraged, and is stared back by Serena. 

Serena waits for Mrs. Wu to calm down a bit before she continues 

“Yes. no matter how Mr. Wu and this Miss Sang agreed on the use of the 1 million, but once the child is born, the naturally formed blood relationship is permanent and cannot be removed by legal procedures.” This means that this child has the same rights and obligations as any of Mr. Wu’s other children.” 

It’s hard, but it’s an objective fact, and Serena has to make Mrs. Wu understand that. 

The words in the conference room, intermittent spread to the outside office hall, Ann heard that this is Serena’s voice, the heart can not help but sneer, ah, no wonder the original willing to agree to divorce, but secretly gave birth to the child, the original people’s heart. The power and wealth of the Humphery Family and the Future Better Technology Company are immeasurable. How clever she is! 

In the conference room, Mrs. Wu was shaking with anger 

“What then?Is it so dumb to eat, out of thin air a child to disgust me?” 

“Mrs. Wu, what is your real demand?”Serena’s trying to help her figure it out. Because from the conversation just now, she was keenly aware that Mrs. Wu’s anger was not about another child to rob the family property, but about being cheated. 

“Serena, to tell you the truth, I have a prenuptial agreement with him, the 


Chapter 345 A Leopard never changes is spots 

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company was given to me by my mother’s family, it is my personal property, and after the marriage, all business proceeds are my personal property, not counted as community property. “He is in the company, on the surface, but in reality, is a wage worker. She doesn’t know the truth about him and thinks she can split the family with the child. I tell you, she won’t get a penny.” 

“I am a businessman, the most pay attention to integrity, since given a million should keep faith, hit the child, don’t appear again, this back to hold a child back to threaten me, step on my head, when I am good bully?” 

Serena gets it, thinks about it, and gives her advice. 

“First of all, this $1 million belongs to your husband and wife’s joint property, Mr. Wu gave it to Miss Sang without your consent, this act is invalid, that is, you can recover the money from Miss Sang, the law is supported.” 

“Secondly, with regard to the child, since there is no question of future inheritance, it is much simpler. There are two solutions, the first solution is that Mr. Wu pays regular monthly child support to Miss Sang, and he is responsible for supporting the child until adulthood.” 

Mrs. Wu naturally does not want this solution, why to raise children for the little three, when you think of it, you are angry. 

“What about the second solution?” 

“The second solution is that Mr. Wu can get custody of the child, and then it is Miss Sang who needs to pay you monthly child support.” 

Is to do the opposite, so that Miss Sang who wants to take the child to blackmail the Wu family can get nothing, not only to return the original collection of 1 million, but also to pay the child’s upbringing costs every month.


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