Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 348

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Being Followed 

Serena doesn’t know what’s going on, speeds up to kindergarten, which is a surprise for a mother, especially when the teacher doesn’t explain anything. When she got to the kindergarten, she saw that everything was calm, except for a banner hanging at the gate “Welcome leaders to guide”, everything was normal, and her tight heart relaxed a little. 

Just come all the way here. and you’re worried about whether the kid got knocked, or whether someone from Penn came to rob the kid? All kinds of bad thoughts are going through my head. 

“Mom, do you know what a bad effect this has had on our kindergarten today?” 

“The child who is usually very good, today it is as if he is under evil.” 

“Other leaders kindly give him candy, he is not only not grateful, but also scold the leader is a bad guy, you say this is a normal child to do?” 

“No matter how busy you are at work, you should also take time to manage the quality cultivation of children.” 

Today in their own jurisdiction of the garden let the city leaders lose face, the garden director has just been the boss of the headquarters on the phone to scold the dog blood, now have gas all scattered in Serena this, also did not pay attention to the wording. 

Serena, for her part, has always had respect for her teachers and the principal, but when she heard the principal use these extremely negative words about Carl, her instinct was to defend her child. 

“Is he suddenly acting like this because he has been wronged?” 

It’s not that she’s protecting her, it’s that she knows that Carl’s not an 

Chapter 348 Being Followed 

unreasonable kid. 

248 Vouche 

Head of a leng, did not expect the parents not only did not have a little reflection actually also blame on the kindergarten, the voice immediately elevated 

“The leader of the other class, bully a child of your family to do what, kindly give him candy, and wrong?” 

“You parents can’t indulge your children like this.” 

Serena: “If Carl was unreasonable today, I would like to take Carl to the leader’s house and apologize. “But if he is right, please ask the principal to apologize to him and I request to see today’s video footage. “There’s always a proof. And what she taught Carl from a very young age was not to initiate trouble, but not to be afraid of it. She stood up for him today, is to set an example, he is right not to bow. 

“Go to the leader’s house and apologize?Do you think this leader is just someone you can meet?”The principal is not a snob, this is the truth, that is Ann, not ordinary city council leader. Originally, Ann’s visit to their kindergarten is a great thing, which can be used as enrollment propaganda, but the result is so messed up, don’t look back to the kindergarten to button an unqualified hat. 

Serena hears the principal say this, and vaguely suspects that this leader is most likely Ann. Face immediately bad, again stressed that she wanted to watch the surveillance video. 

Of course, the principal refused, originally called the parents to the kindergarten is a few words of education, because the impact is really bad, who knows that the parents not only do not admit the mistake, but also want to bite back. 

Oh, he is such a big leader, can not bully your child? It’s ridiculous. No wonder the kids are ridiculous. 

“Carl’s mom, since we have different educational ideas, I’m afraid our 

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Chapter 34 Ring Followed 

238 Nouchers 

kindergarten is not suitable for both children to continue to study, today we will check out the procedures. “The principal originally had gas in his heart, plus he also wanted to give the leaders of the Municipal Education Bureau an attitude, to know that Ann rarely came down, the leaders of the Municipal Bureau all attached great importance to them, chose their kindergarten to investigate, and the result of a little kid let Ann lose face, which is how big a thing.It is said that when she left, her face was livid. 

The head of the garden clearly drives the two children away, Serena’s heart is distressed, two children are treated like this for no reason, can not love dearly? But she did not show it on the face, but her attitude was firm 

“When we entered the park, the park agreement was signed, and the park shall not terminate the agreement under any conditions when we are not at fault.” Since you said so, then we will pay 5 times the tuition fee according to the admission agreement, you are ready. If we don’t go through with the deal, we can see you in court.” 

She’s all about rules and evidence. 

After saying that, just as school time arrived, she turned to pick up the two children, leaving a face of stunned principal. 

When I received the children, I saw that they were listless and came out with their schoolbags. Especially when Carl saw her, his eyes suddenly turned red and he ran to hug her and buried his face on her shoulder and cried secretly. Her heart was about to break. 

How wronged is this? 

Although Carl is very sensitive to people’s emotional changes, his personality follows Penn, he is not the kind of child full of emotions. He will not observe people he does not know, but it may be a blood relationship, so he can catch Ann with a slight disdain, and then make such a scene. 

Serena listened as he leaned on her shoulder and said, “She bullied 

Chap 341 Bong Folk 


It was that look of disdain and disgust that the little boy felt keenly. 

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Can you imagine Ann’s eyes are like a knife, even she feels pain, let alone the child? 

But she didn’t want to let the adult’s resentment affect the child, so she reassured him, “No, the grandmother is not against Marcia, it is just her personal habit.” 

Anyway, I don’t know if I can comfort the clever Carl, but I finally coaxed Carl. There Darey also rushed to the kindergarten to pick them up, to see him come, the two children’s mood finally better. 

Darcy was going to take them out to dinner, but Serena wasn’t in the mood and wanted to go home and review the enrollment agreement and find a new preschool. 

“Good,” said Hermione. Darcy doesn’t know why, thinking about going home and asking for details, anyway, in Hartford, no one dares to bully their easy family. 

In the middle of the car. Serena notices a black car following her from time to time. She doesn’t pay attention to it at first, thinking it is a companion, but after several green lights, she is fast, the car behind is fast, she is slow, the car behind is slow, obviously following her. 

Her first thought was that it was either Ann or Penn. 

Darcy spots the car, too, and his brow creases imperceptibly. After about two minutes of driving, he suddenly said 

“Serena, I’m running into something, so drop me off at the front corner.” When I get out of the car, you drive straight ahead and don’t look back.” 

? Serena doesn’t know, so… 

Chapter 345: Being Followed 

‘Is something wrong? 

288 Vouchers 

“That’s Scott’s car. I’ll meet him. “He told a lie that would convince Serena. 

“What else does he want with you?I’ll meet him with you.” 

“No, there are two other children in the car. You go first.”His expression was serious, his manner more determined, and he refused her company.


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