Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 349

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 349

Chapter 349: The Monkey Business 

Considering the two kids are there, Serena takes them home and catches up with Darcy later. 

Darcy stands on the side of the road with a cane, tall and tall like a tree, 

and beckons to the ear behind him. 

The black car slowly stopped in front of him, the window rolled down, and two strange wild faces appeared in the front row. 

“Mr. Kirby, make it easy for us to find him.” 

He spoke with a sense of danger. Darey searches for these figures in his head, especially in the back seat, has been silent, wearing a well-fitted black suit man, although wearing a suit, but with a bit of wild pride, can not hide, especially exposed on the wrist outside the suit, is a dragon 


It’s Leander! 

Scott had shown him a photo of Leander, but because Leander has always valued privacy, the photo Scott secretly took was blurry and could not see the features, but the stripe on his right wrist was a sign of his identity. 

Darcy, of course, can’t claim to know them, but after stopping the car, he points to the driver in the driver’s seat with a look of anger 

“What do you mean? Followed me all the way.” 

Well, he knows there’s a lot going on, because the car they were following was Serena’s, so at least they can’t bother her. 

The man in the passenger seat threw him a picture 

Chapter 349 The Monkey Business 

“Know him?” 

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Darcy takes the photo and squints at it. Is it Mr. Scar, tied up and bruised, dead or not? 

He tugged at the picture and said, “Isn’t that Mr. Scar? I owe my brother my life. Are you looking for him, too?” 

The man in the passenger seat pulls the picture away and doesn’t answer his question, but the man in the suit in the back seat, aka Leander, nods at Darcy and without another word, the man in the driver’s seat hits the gas. pedal and thunders off. 

Darcy was left standing in the street, chilled. Leander found Hartford. Is he looking for him?Or is it something else? He had never dealt with a drug dealer, and was not sure what Leander was really thinking. 

But that’s not the point. The point is that they followed him to the front of the kindergarten, which means they saw Serena and the baby, and that’s the thing he avoids. 

He immediately called Scott and said, in short, “Leander is here.” 

“I know.” Scott obviously already knew. 

“What does he want to do?” 

“I don’t know.” 

Scott’s response makes Darcy want to start a rant. 

“I don’t give a fuck if you know what he’s doing in Hartford, but you have to stop them from getting to Serena.” 

There was a long silence on the other end of the line before Scott answered 

“I can’t stop him, but if you want to protect the Miss Woodsen family, you 

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Chapter 349 The Monkey Business 

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need to stay away from them first. “Because Leander came after you.” 

Darcy heart a shock, people are suddenly pulled into the vortex, and he is the center of the vortex, escape can not escape.It took him 18 generations of scolding Scott for dragging him into this mess to get some relief. 

When he promised Scott to go to Yunnan to find Mr. Scar, the changes had been irreversible. Or even earlier, in the Gulf of Mexico, when Ted was shot, maybe fate had changed. 

He was the one who thought he could live a normal life, love someone, but he ended up hurting someone else. From a distance, he sees Serena’s car coming towards him to drop off the kids and pick him up. 

What a silly woman. 

He stood on the back of the street lamp post to avoid her view, and called her, telling her that he had gone home and did not need to pick him up again. 

He’s afraid Leander’s people are still around, and he can’t involve Serena in any way. 

“Well, you also go to bed early, don’t come to pick up the children tomorrow morning, haven’t decided which kindergarten to go to.” 

Serena took his phone call while driving, not looking at the side of the road as if he was really home. 

“Okay, Serena, you stay safe.” 


Because each has something on his mind, he hung up the phone without talking too much. 

Serena has always been principled and strong on the issue of children, she specially circled the relevant breach clauses of the kindergarten 

Chapter 349. The Monkey Business 

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agreement, and then took photos to send to the mailbox of the principal, the meaning is clear, since the principal wants to let the children drop out, then it is bound to bear the responsibility for breach of contract, which she will not back down. 

Then began to find the kindergarten again, saw a circle, can meet her requirements are few and few, can not help but some upset. Carl is very careful to build his Lego, very small particles, he can actually follow the instructions to complete the construction. Next to Marcia is a little heartless, completely unaware that he has been arrogant, despised, very seriously in the painting, but also hum out of tune children’s songs. 

Ann had expected to like Carl over Marcia, but she couldn’t let it go.I wonder how Penn would have felt if he had known his mother’s attitude. toward his daughter. 

Without telling Serena and Penn, Ann went to the kindergarten to meet. the children. She did a lot of calculations, but she ignored the fact that the monitoring system of the kindergarten was owned by Future Better Technology Company and Penn’s love for the children. Every day, he opens his two children’s class to watch videos. 

This morning, after the meeting returned to the office, he easily opened the surveillance video, and did not see the figure of two children, thinking that they were late, and did not care. When you’re done with work, turn on the surveillance video in the afternoon, and when you still don’t see the kids, call Serena. 

“Why didn’t the children go to school today? Are they sick?” 

Serena sneers over the phone, “Why don’t you ask your mother why the kids didn’t go to school today?” 

‘What do you mean?Penn frowns. 

“Literally.”Then he hung up. 

Penn immediately calls Ann and prompts her to turn off her cell phone.He 


Chapter 349. The Monkey Business 

immediately called NY’s home landline, and the nanny answered 

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“Penn, are you looking for Candy? The nanny’s voice was distinctly guilty. 

‘Where did she go?His voice was cold and he did not hear the nurse’s reply, so he strengthened his voice and ordered, “Answer!” 

“Candy went to Hartford to watch the kids. “The babysitter wasn’t afraid to keep it a secret, so it looks like this Candy catastrophe again. 

“How long have you been gone? 

“Two days ago.”As the nanny was answering questions. Benedict Humphery suddenly yelled at her behind her 


This sound was so angry that the nanny quickly hung up the phone and trotted to the kitchen to cook. 

Penn, no less furious than Benedict Humphery, hung up the phone and headed straight for the airport. His mother hasn’t seen Serena in years, so she doesn’t know what to say. His relationship with Serena is so fragile right now that it can’t withstand any twists and turns.


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