Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 4

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Party A

At John Kennedy International Airport, Penn skillfully parked the car. He got down from the car and strode toward the security checkpoint, one hand dragging his suitcase while the other held his suit jacket. His entire person exuded an exceptional aura of elite status, and passersby couldn’t help but steal glances at him.

He had long been accustomed to being the center of attention everywhere he went and was preoccupied with talking on the phone to Eric Crawford, the director of the company’s technical department.

“Our concept product, which was scheduled to be released over the weekend, was stolen, and the other side got the jump on us and released it tonight.”

“New Vision Company?”

“Yes, they released the concept product tonight, and other than its different appearance, all other features and core competencies are the same as ours. I have no idea who actually leaked it to them.”

“Well, I’m going abroad to discuss the concept with Jane. Keep an eye on things here, and if necessary, send a letter to a lawyer.”

“Good. Where were you tonight? I called a few times and no one answered.”

“High school reunion,” Penn said calmly.

But Eric Crawford exclaimed, more shocked and incredulous than hearing that his product had been stolen by a rival company, “You went to a high school reunion?! You?! A class reunion?! And you were so engrossed you couldn’t answer your phone?”

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His series of questions received only a one-word response from Penn. “Hmm.”

Serena hadn’t slept a wink, but she’d caught the subway to work early in her usual black professional outfit and red heels, which had become her trademark. According to Blair, few people could wear standard professional attire so alluringly. Serena was accustomed to her remarks and did not take her words to heart.

It was Monday, meaning there would be a regular meeting. Her boss, Emma Thompson, a partner in the firm’s M&A group, was going over the progress of the project with the la..yers under her supervision.

Serena, as an associate attorney, was the jack of all trades of the project team. She went wherever she was needed. Neither leading attorneys nor in charge of projects, she was in charge of recording the main points of the weekly routine meeting.

“Okay, next, let’s discuss the latest project. According to industry sources. Better Future Technology Company plans to acquire Hands- Free Intelligent Technology Company…” Emma Thompson said, opening her PowerPoint.

Serena took one look at Penn’s profile on the PowerPoint and thought she was hallucinating, her brain scrambling as if she had been bombarded. She thought the two would never cross paths after the previous night. After all, the population of New York was in the millions, meaning there was literally a one-in-a-million chance of a second encounter.

The attorneys in the room listened intently, and when Better Future Technology Company was mentioned, they knew it had to be a big bid for a stag gering amount of money. Serena quickly adjusted from her shock and listened carefully.

Serena’s Justice Law Office was one of the top law offices in China,

and the recruitment requirements were always strict. You either had to be from Ivy League universities or famous law schools overseas, and most of them started with a master’s degree. She graduated from New York University, and although she belonged to one of the leading schools, law was not a strong point of the university. Additionally, when she graduated from undergraduate school, she was in a hurry to work because of economic reasons and did not go to graduate school.

Prior to that, Serena had no experience in law firms, but she had been working as a law clerk in a company f three years, and when the company was acquired, she followed up all the legal procedures one by one. The company she was working for at the time had only three hundred people, and she was the only one in the legal department alongside a part-time lawyer advisor who came once a month, which could be said to be negligible. So she figured she had enough experience to hold her own.


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