Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 5

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Let Me Try 

Initially, she approached Emma to fight to be assigned to one of the group’s regular attorneys to follow the project.

She remembered Emma only looked up at her at the time, rapidly firing a series of questions in an icy voice. “Looking down on running errands, are we?”

“Who in the team didn’t start off that way?”

“Your experience in corporate legal affairs is of no use to us. Whether you’ve worked for three years or ten years, here, remember you’re just a newcomer, a newcomer who starts everything from scratch. Understand?”

“If you don’t have the patience to take the time, get out while you can.”

Serena was scolded till her face turned red. She opened her mouth but couldn’t say anything to refute it. She had been a bit too hasty, and she didn’t even know Emma’s temperament and preferences before rushing to get resources. An attitude like that would only give others the impression that she was impetuous and unrealistic.

Since then, she stopped talking about entering the project and had been at the disposal of the M&A lawyers, honing herself and waiting for opportunities.

Emma continued her PowerPoint presentation.

“The biggest difficulty we’ve encountered so far is how to approach Better Future Technology Company.”

The lawyers in the room had no business experience with Better

Chapter 5 – Let Me Try

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Future Technology Company, nor did they know Penn personally. They hadn’t received an invitation to bid, so they didn’t even know who to hand their bids to.

“From some media interviews, Penn Humphery isn’t a very aggressive person. When talking about technology and products, he speaks rather eloquently, but when it comes to other aspects, he remains tight-lipped. It’s said that he has no friends in the industry.

“Influenced by him, their legal department is also cautious and so far, hasn’t worked with any law firm.”

“Penn himself is said to favor overseas firms. After all, Better Future Technology Company is a foreign company.”

Serena kept hearing Penn’s name and her heart couldn’t stop pounding. She acted impulsively without thinking and volunteered, “Emma, can I try?”

The entire room fell silent, and everyone looked at her with suspicious


She explained, “Penn graduated from Boston High School, and I was in the same class as him, so we might have a mutual acquaintance.”

In fact, at the dinner the previous night, after Jenny’s repeated requests, Penn showed his WhatsApp QR code for everyone to add, and she did so out of courtesy.

“Okay,” Emma replied simply and perfunctorily, not believing that she could reach Penn at all.

The other attorneys also did not take her words seriously. Not to mention classmates in high school, even college classmates could choose to ignore you.

Chapter 5 – Let Me Try

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After Serena said those words, she felt some regret. After all, they’d just been physically involved the night before. Although she had. intended to never meet him again, she would have to see him talk business. It would seem to him that everything from the night before had been planned and premeditated by her, that she had sold her body for business purposes.

But right now, she couldn’t care less. She wanted to make a

breakthrough in the law firm, to be able to enter the project exercise. Another embarrassing reason was that she urgently needed money. One of the big reasons she switched fro… corporate law to a law firm was because of economic reasons. Unfortunately, she had been here for half a year and still hadn’t been involved in any project.

It was only after she arrived home from work that she dialed Penn. His phone was answered quickly, however, a pleasant female voice came in a moment after. “Mr. Humphery is in a meeting. May I ask who you



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