Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 6

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – He’s Angry

It turned out that the WhatsApp account he gave during the get- together was his work number, which was usually managed by his assistant. It made sense. With his status, he naturally wouldn’t have time to deal with useless interactions.

Serena hesitated for a moment before replying, “This is Serena. Can you tell Mr. Humphery that I’d like to spe with him about


“Yes, I’ll convey your message for you,” she answered perfunctorily before hanging up.

Serena didn’t have any more hope for this. Her behavior could seem like pestering to Penn, and who would want to be pestered by the person they slept with? Especially a man like him.

At 10:00 p.m., just as she was about to fall asleep, Penn’s video request came through, and she answered in a panic.

“You wanted to see me?” He was in an office, and it was surprisingly daylight outside the window, making her realize he was out of the


“Well,” she suddenly stuttered, not knowing for a moment if she should get up and go change into a formal set of clothes and come back to the video, or if it would be better to just talk in her pajamas with her hair down.

“What’s up?” He looked busy, typing away furiously at his computer, only glancing at her from the corner of his eye.

“Here’s the thing. I heard that Better Future Technology Company is

Chapter 5 He’s Angry

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buying Hands-Free Intelligent Technology Company, but the lawyers for the partnership haven’t been decided yet. Emma Thompson from my Justice Lawyer Office has a lot of experience, can you arrange-”

“Is that what you called me for?” Penn interrupted her, gently closing the computer at his desk and looking at her squarely.

For some reason, Serena felt that he was angry, and she hastily tried to explain, “Don’t worry, Emma has worked on similar projects before-”

“Serena Woodsen!” he called her namely, interrupting her again before continuing, “If I remember correcuy, you’re still an assistant attorney?”

“Yes.” She nodded, wondering why he was asking that question.

“So, your so-called Emma had an assistant attorney come to talk to me? That’s how sincere she is in wanting to work together?” His voice was calm and unhurried, his face expressionless as he stared at Serena in the video.

Serena instantly had a sense of shame. She had thought…

What did she think?

That Penn would at least give her some face?

She thought he’d at least take her seriously.

However, at the moment, Penn was wearing a suit and was meticulously dressed, looking like a business elite with a professional expression, while she was wearing pajamas and looked every bit sleepy. A deep sense of shame and frustration surrounded her. What the hell was she doing?

“Sorry for the intrusion,” she apologized. She was the one who broke the rules of the game. The two had nothing to do with each other. How

Chapter 6 He’s Angry

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could she have entertained such fantasies because of a moment of tenderness the previous night?

She’d been too naive.

Penn heard her apology, frowned, and regarded her silently. He didn’t hang up, but Serena couldn’t bear the feeling of disappointment and ended the video call. The palms of her hands were sweaty and she was very embarrassed.

As rumored, Penn really was an extremely difficult person to get along with. She’d misunderstood him just because of how gentle he’d been the previous night, the whole time very considerate of her feelings, with a gaze as tender as water, as if they had known each other for a long time and last night was only for loving her. Even when he hurriedly left, he smoothed out the wrinkled sheets for her, folded and put away the scat tered clothes, took out the garbage, and cleaned up her room spotlessly. She was even moved at the time. Wasn’t this man too much of a gentleman?

At this point, she suddenly realized that he’d probably done it out of caution in a bid to avoid leaving traces in her home. After all, his identity was at stake. If a woman he went on a date with tried to blackmail him, his reputation would be damaged.

In the end, Blair, her strategist, was right: don’t take a man’s words and actions in bed seriously, just listen to them. As a rookie, if she couldn’t play the game properly, she should stay away from men in the future.


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