Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 8

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Demons

After a whole day of looking through materials, Serena’s friend, Blair, heard that she was going to Boston on a business trip the next day and invited her to cat hotpot. When she arrived at the hotpot restaurant, Blair had already ordered the food and was waiting for her. As she arrived, Blair was flirting with the shy male waiter and making him blush, but he quickly walked away wh.. he saw Serena.

“Trying to get his number, I see?” Serena teased.

“No, he said the restaurant has its rules and he can’t give out his number.” Blair didn’t care much. She simply liked to tease and flirt

whenever she could.

“Thank goodness he gets to escape your clutches.”

Serena and Blair went way back. From sharing the same dorm and bunk in college to graduating together, they were practically sisters who could talk about anything.

Blair had just ended a short relationship, and Serena wanted to offer her some comfort. However, Blair seemed alright. She had never been the type to get attached to men and had always maintained that men were like disposable goods-good to use a few times, then disposed of after a while. All that mattered was her own happiness.

Blair’s job was as a headhunting consultant. At work, she was 100% serious and professional as well as very popular with customers. She also had a hidden identity as an online celebrity blogger with millions of fans. Her bold Blair Quotations were very popular among her fans, and she received countless submissions every day. She selected representative submissions to answer with screenshots and

Chapter 8 -Demons

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occasionally opened a live voice broadcast with hundreds of thousands of people listening online.

“Serena, is it okay for you to go to Boston alone on a business trip? Do you want me to go with you?” Blair was very loyal to Serena.

“No, I’m going with Emma and Nina.”

“I’ll leave my cell phone on 24 hours a day, so you can call me anytime.”

Serena laughed. “I grew up in Boston.

hat could possibly happen?

Jenny is in Boston anyway, so don’t worry.”

Blair got angry when she mentioned Jenny. “Don’t mention her to me. You guys had dinner together when she came to NY a few days ago, and you didn’t even invite me!

Serena explained, “I didn’t call you because it was a Boston High School reunion. Don’t you hate these kinds of reunions?”

Blair was her college classmate while Jenny was her high school classmate. They didn’t know each other but became close friends

because of her.

“It depends on what kind of reunion it is. If I know Penn is going to be there, I’ll crawl there if I have to. I really want to meet him.”


Suddenly hearing this name from Blair, Serena froze and nearly got burned by the hot pot soup.

“I heard from Jenny that he was the one who gave you a ride home from your get-together?”

“Yeah.” Serena was afraid that if she said one more word, Blair would

Chapter 8 – Demons

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see the truth. After all, Blair was very sensitive to these things. She didn’t have to hide the fact that she had lost her first time to Blair. After all, Blair would be happy to hear it, but there was another person involved, and she needed to respect his privacy.

“And did he remember that you had a one-night stand?”

Serena almost spat out her drink.

What one-night stand? Did she have a camera in her house?

“High school graduation,” Blair reminded.

“Oh.” Serena breathed a sigh of relief.

The so-called one-night stand was a joke that Serena often made. When they graduated from high school, the class president Nate organized a graduation party, and after dinner, more than ten good friends went to KTV to sing and play all night. Jenny dragged Serena along, and Nate and Penn were also there.


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