Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 9

Love Never Regrets By Roana Cyrus Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The Place of Peace of Mind 

Penn was a strange person. He was a science student and always appeared indifferent to everyone. However, he always followed Nate around and liked to hang out with students from the art class. Even at the graduation party, he came to the art class to join in the fun. Because of his aloof and arrogant demeanor, the students from the art class, including Serena, were hesitant to approach him.

Penn was not familiar with them, so he just sat in a corner and never participated.

That day, Serena was actually in a bad mood. Something had happened at home, and she’d gotten into a fight with her mother over her college applications. So she sat quietly, ate snacks, and drank some c***ktails. In the second half of the night, she was so sleepy, she fell asleep on the sofa in the corner.

When she woke up at 5:00 a.m., most of her classmates were asleep, and she, surprisingly, woke up in Penn’s arms.

Penn hadn’t done anything. He’d just leaned back on the couch and fallen asleep normally. She had probably used him as a teddy bear in her sleep and leaned into his arms, wrapping her hands firmly around his waist.

That morning, time seemed to freeze. She was at peace smelling his fresh scent and hearing his regular heartbeat. She and Penn had no previous interactions, but after that morning, she remembered that smell and heartbeat for a long time.

Without disturbing anyone, let alone Penn, she secretly got up and left the karaoke bar, so from the beginning to the end, Penn did not know

Chapter 9 The Place of Peace of Mind

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that he’d been used as a teddy bear all night. From then on, she cut off all ties with her past after experiencing many changes at home and later went to college in New York.

The reason she mentioned Penn to Blair was that she happened to read an article about him in the media, and she joked that he was her high school classmate and they had a sleeping relationship.

In fact, the only thing she remembered about Penn from high school was the night at the karaoke bar. To her surprise, Blair remembered.

Afterward, Blair took the phone and r steriously waved it in front of her eyes. “Jenny sent Penn’s WhatsApp to me to make up for it, and I added him twice before he got through.” Blair felt her WhatsApp had become a bit more valuable with him in it.

“What do you need him for?” It suddenly felt like the whole world was trying to contact him.

“The news of Better Future Technology Company’s acquisition of Hands-Free Intelligent Technology Company has been spreading in the industry for a long time, and once the acquisition is successful, there’s bound to be a lot of hiring. As long as I can negotiate a partnership and subcontract some of my business, not only will I be able to perform well this year and next year, but I’ll also be promoted to partner.”

As far as Serena knows, Better Future Technology Company was cooperating with nearly a hundred headhunters at the time, and their human resources department would usually compare the ranking of the headhunters they worked with every year. Of the top ten, except for one local company, the rest were all internationally renowned consultants, showing that the human resources department was either not willing to reuse local consultants, or that they simply preferred international ones.

Blair’s headhunting company’s main project was real estate, and it had

Chapter 9-The Place of Peace of Mind

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no advantage over electronic technology, so it would be almost impossible to get Better Future’s cooperation.

“I had a hard time getting in touch with their HR department, but they sent a small assistant to send me away, so I thought I’d contact Penn directly. As the saying goes, it’s easy to see the king of Hell, but it’s hard to deal with the little devils.”

Serena thought Blair might have some misunderstandings about Penn. This man was not an easy-to-see king Hell, and she kindly reminded, “That’s his work number, and his assistant usually handles it. He’s not exactly straightforward to talk to.”


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