My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 201

My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 201

Chapter 201

Upon seeing Esther, who possessed an air of beauty, height, and leanness, Megan Immediately looked down upon her

In Megan’s mind, Esther was an unfamiliar face in high society gatherings, suggesting she couldn’t be an important figure Megan even perceived her as someone who was kept as a pet. canary by some men

“So you’re this brat’s ”

Felix appeared as if he were about to charge at Megan, but Esther held him back “Felix, remember, don’t argue with idiots. You’ll lose your grace.

Esther settled down on the genuine leather sofa with Felix cradled in her arms. She cast a cold gaze upon Megan and her son

Before arriving, Esther had reviewed the surveillance footage She had clearly witnessed the entire sequence of events, where Megan’s chubby son bullied Felix Esther felt relieved that despite Felix not having attended school before, he wasn’t the type to be bullied without standing up for himself. He fearlessly tought back

“Miss, after reviewing the surveillance footage, it was this boy who took my son’s pen. My son requested its return, but he refused and even pushed my son In a way, my son’s actions can be seen as self defense.”

Megan couldn’t help but sneer upon hearing Esther’s words “Girl, you’re talking nonsense. With our family’s ten houses, five cars, and three companies, do you think your cheap pen could impress us?”

There was a wicked glimmer in Esther’s beautiful eyes as she responded casually, “That’s no ordinary pen.”

“It’s just a pen. How expensive could it be?” Megan scoffed, displaying her bias. “I’l compensate you with ten of them. But you must apologize to my son! We won’t ask for medical fees. You won’t be able to afford them, given how shabby you look! Just get out of the kindergarten!”

Neither Esther nor Felix wore brand-new seasonal clothing or prominent brand logos. Both were adorned in custom-made, high-quality attire not publicly available from any brand. The pair of sports shoes on Felix’s feet alone was more expensive than everything Megan wore.

“Miss, I want this boy to apologize to my son.” Esther’s cold gaze landed on the chubby boy’s arrogant face as she spoke slowly, emphasizing each word. “Taking something without permission is considered stealing. As an educational institution, your prestigious kindergarten must address such thieving behavior.”

“Who are you accusing of stealing?” Megan’s face flushed with anger, and her chubby cheeks. trembled. “Over a pen…”

Esther retrieved her phone and handed the teacher a photo of the pen, casually stating, “This pen was a gift for Felix when he started school. It’s a limited edition, one-of-a-kind, made of platinum and adorned with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. It features 840 diamonds totaling over 20 carats.”

Having never encountered such a pen before, Megan promptly denied its existence, exclaiming, “That’s impossible! Don’t try to deceive me with some street stall item!”

Esther reclaimed her phone from the teacher and placed it on the table before Megan. “The purchase receipt and the valuation by collectors are all here.”

Esther didn’t intend to be confrontational, but Felix was not the one at fault, and he didn’t need to apologize.

If the other party displayed reasonableness and apologized after their child did so, Esther would also ask Felix to apologize. However, when faced with an unreasonable woman who referred to Felix as a little brat, Esther would protect her son until the end. No one could bully her child!

Megan casually glanced at the phone screen, and her eyes widened. Before she could say anything, the chubby boy in her arms interjected, “That pen is mine!”

Megan stared at her son, Timothy Marsden, in astonishment.

Timothy appeared oblivious to his mother’s reaction and confidently declared, “I didn’t steal the pen. He did! He’s the real thief.”

Timothy pointed at Felix, behaving like a spoiled child who believed his parents would support him no matter what.

Esther finally understood how spoiled children came to be-it was a result of their parents’ indulgence.


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