My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 202

My Husband Wants Me Dead By Spring Sprout Chapter 202

Chapter 202

Megan hesitated briefly but ultimately decided to follow her child’s words. “My son said it was your son-‘

“Ma’am, the pen is in your son’s pocket. We can easily determine the owner through an investigation,” Esther replied, holding Felix securely. “If you don’t trust me or the kindergarten, we can call the police right now to resolve this matter.”

Megan retrieved the pen from her son’s pocket and realized its value when she saw the string of zeros on the purchase receipt.

“You claim this pen belongs to you. Where is the evidence?” Esther’s porcelain-like face turned cold, and she spoke in a firm, composed voice. “Hello, police? I would like to report a crime!”

Not wanting to waste any more words, Esther immediately called Bradley after contacting the police.

“Darling, I’m at the kindergarten. Please send a lawyer.”

While Esther was on the call, Megan also contacted her husband. “Honey, our son is being bullied at school!”

Soon, the police arrived, and Esther explained the situation while the police reviewed the surveillance footage. It was confirmed that Timothy had initiated the conflict, and Felix had only defended himself.

“Whose pen is this?”

Felix and Timothy raised their hands simultaneously.

“It’s mine!”

“It’s mine!”

Wearing gloves, the police officer carefully examined the pen, which was worth a fortune.

Esther showed the police officers a screenshot of the purchase receipt, and they glanced at Megan, who stated, “The receipt is with my husband.”

Just as she finished speaking, Barry Marsden, Timothy’s father, stormed in with an angry expression on his face.

“Honey, quickly. Tell the police that this pen belongs to our son.” Megan winked at her husband repeatedly while saying that.

Barry looked at Megan and then at the pen in the police officer’s hand. Without hesitation, he lied, “Officer, this pen indeed belongs to my son. As for the purchase receipt, I have unfortunately misplaced it.”

Megan looked at Esther triumphantly and said, “This could have been resolved with a simple apology, but you had to involve the police. Was it really necessary?”

Esther smiled sincerely. “Parents are their children’s first teachers. My son doesn’t lie, and 1 would never encourage him to tell such an easily exposed lie. Proving the true owner of the pen is simple. Just shine a light on the diamonds in the dark, and we will know.”

The Marsdens panicked, all three of them claiming, “The pen is ours!”

A police officer used a flashlight to illuminate the diamonds, and the name “Felix” was reflected on the wall. In an instant, the three of them became flustered!

Barry was the first to speak, “Do you know who I am? I’m a shareholder of the Warner Group. You-”

“You’re a shareholder of the Warner Group?” Bradley entered the office with a commanding stride, his gaze cold and unyielding as he focused on the unfamiliar face before him. “I have never seen you at any board meetings.


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